EAW : One Night Stand for Sabu Review

1) EAW Tag Team Championship 
Dan Darkstar & Andy Reign (The Revolution) def. The Predators to retain. 

Great opening match where i was cheering the Predators all the way and so were the rest of the crowd 8/10
2) Career vs. Mask match
Stealth def. A-Star Andy Poole. 
Andy Poole was then fired and forcefully removed from the arena!

Best technical match of the night in my opinion! We were all cheering Stealth and it showed as we put Andy Poole off for most of the match with the chant you tapped out 9.5/10 
 3) Ultra Mark Massa and Super Koji def. The Revolution (Eric, Chris & Kyle) by DQ after the entire Revolution disrupted the match and attacked both Koji and Massa. 
Mister Monster rushed the ring to make the save

In my opinion, good match but was not as good as the other two matches were better


 4) ‘The Thunder’ Tommy Oliver def. Rude Boy Nate (with Rude Boy Taylor)

Good match with some good crowd interaction but everyone was hyped up for the main event so it suffered 7/10
5) EAW World Heavyweight Championship. 
Extreme rules hardcore match. 
Sabu & Mister Monster ended in a draw after the entire Revolution rushed the ring and attacked both the EAW and ECW hardcore legends.

10/10 Great match and to see a ECW Legend that close up was amazing but it got a bad ending but it didn’t matter

Overall 9/10 Great matches but one or two suffered due to the main event but all in all amazing event

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