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Tommy End is a wrestler perhaps best known for wrestling as one half of the Sumerian Death Squad along with partner Michael Dante. The team held the tag straps in Germany’s Westside Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) promotion until this past August. A native of Holland aside from Germany, End has toured all over Europe and overseas in the United States and Japan. In addition to being a tag team specialist, End has made his mark as a singles competitor. He wrestled in the finals of wXw’s 16 Carat Gold Tournament with El Generico and won it in 2013 beating Zach Sabre Jr.
He is the current WXW World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion.

1. For those who are unfamiliar with you, How would you describe yourself?

As somebody who doesn’t fit your standard, doesn’t comply to your norm does however know how you feel and perceive him to be and uses that – Anti Hero.

2. What was it like growing up in Holland?

Relaxed. I grew up spending most of my time playing in the street with friends. Turning my attention to martial arts at a very young age, practicing stuff like Kickboxing, Karate, Judo, Pencak Silat etc. Also my interest in conspiracies and all other unworldy things started at this age.

3. Who were your heroes growing up?

Not really heroes, but people I could later fit myself into as a mindset. Benoit, Liger, Brookside, Guerrero and Malenko.

4. What was it like being trained by Mike Quackenbush and Chris Hero

I wasn’t trained by Chris Hero. I have spend time in the ring with him whenever he came over and learned a few things from listening to him, but I wouldn’t say I was trained by him. Training with Quack was hard, Quack demands a lot of perfection and detail in his techniques, staying alert and listening are vital if you wanted to leave the training intact.

5. You were just in Britain for Southside, wrestling Zack Sabre Jr. would you come back?

I will come back, rest assure. I will also comeback with Dante again.

6. What did you think of Zack Sabre Jr.?

Zack and me go way back. We’ve had countless matches throughout Europe. Even tagging as some points. Zack is one of the best guys in Europe, very smart and intelligent human being. He is surely responsible for taking me to the max on many occasions.

7. Who would you like to face on the Southside roster next?

Everyone is a target. Haskins, Ligero, Stixx are all on my list

8. Would you like to work in WWE, TNA or ROH at some stage, If so which one would be the perfect fit?

We’ve actually been in somewhat contact with ROH when we were over in the states last year April. We’ll see how if works out whenever we are back next year.

if I had to choose It would have to be the WWE, but to be honest I don’t think they could do anything with me.

9. You are the current WXW Unified World Wrestling Champion, How did it feel to win that?

One of my greatest accomplishments. I’ve been with that company for over 7 years. I’ve won everything, and the wXw has seen me grow from an undeserving light weight to what I am now, and fortunately enough that is regarded to be the champion. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked my ass off to climb the rankings in wXw.

10. You recently won the 16 Carat Tournament beating El Generico, How did it feel to beat a now WWE Superstar?

I’ve beaten Zack Sabre JR, not El Generico. I lost to El Generico last year in the finals.

Me and Generico have been friends for many years, and I remember when he told me he got signed and we both laughed a little bit because he was just as surprised as everyone. When on the indies I regarded his antics and ways in the ring as the best at that point: there is a lot more coming for him.

11 You also worked with Bryan Danielson how did it feel to work with a now huge star?

Just as any other opponent I’ve worked. However, Daniel is a class act, and even a fraction of his talent is something most of us can only dream off. Inside and outside the ring a true professional and Im glad I had the opportunity to do what we’ve done and can call him a friend.

12. Is there anybody who you would love to face in your career

Liger, but I think I can get in line for that one, haha. At this point I feel me and Fergal should have competed in single competition by now, as well as really wanting to wrestle Doug Williams in singe competition. Doug has always been somebody I have had the utmost respect for and looked up to.

13. Do you like Singles or Tag Team better as i know you have a team with Michael Dante?

To be honest I prefer tag wrestling. I’ve done so much in single competition and I feel that with the Sumerian Death Squad the sky is the limit. We’re are regarded as The tag team from Europe right now, and it shows with the amount of countries we travel too, as well as the feedback we get from the lockerroom, fans and promoters.

14. What was it like working in Japan?

Always a blast. A completely different world if I had to put words to it. We’ll be going back to BJW next year for a number of tours and I can’t wait to get off the plane and hit the mat already.

15. What do you think of CZW?

Despite of what many people think of CZW I love CZW. We get treated really well, the lockerroom is great, the skaterflyzone is an awesome building to compete in. We’ll be back next year and Im already stoked to go.

16. What has been your worst match ever?

haha! there have been many But the first one that pops in is my match with Mark Haskins in Germany. Mark Haskins is one of my favorite guys to see live, such a great and talented wrestler, and also a great friend. That night just didn’t work out for us, Im not sure if it was really anyone’s fault. The magic just was not there for this one. I hope that in the really near future me and Mark get a chance to redo it. It has been over 4 years now I think, and both of us have grown so much.

17. Apparently your quiet on the road but do you have any road stories?

I get this question every time, but I just don’t have any because I am more one of the dad whenever in a lockerroom or during road trips, so nobody messes about around me, so I am sorry I have no funny anecdotes to share. This might also be, and Dante can validate that with picture, that I sleep a lot on the road.

18. Who is your favourite wrestler in America

I do not really regard wrestlers in terms of favorites, however I do really love seeing some of my former colleagues doing great in the WWE. Pac, Ambrose, Redman, Bryan and Claudio are really changing things up and making sure heads are slowly but surely turning back to wrestling. I cannot wait till some of the guys who are in developmental are getting called to the main roster and partaking in making that change. Stone & Callihan first and foremost.

19. Who is your favourite in Germany

Without a doubt John ‘Bad Bones’ Klinger. Axel Tischer and Big Van Walter, who I consider the best big guy in Europe, are also people to keep an close eye on. One of the Westside Xtreme Dojo students Jay Skillet is going to make big waves really soon as well.

20. Who is the best up and coming tag team in your opinion?

The Bucky Boys.

Thanks Tommy for taking part in that interview. I hope to do more interviews in the future, I did this not just because of the fact that he is an amazing wrestler i did it because he has just came back from Britain after appearing at Southside and ICW with Dante

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