My Favourite British Wrestlers

1. Mark Haskins (Former TNA Superstar Now stars for such companies as SWE, NGW etc and also created the movement Screw Indy Wrestling)
2. Noam Dar (Has Wrestled with such wrestlers as AJ Styles and was the last One Pro Wrestling Open Weight Champion until its closure in 2011)

3. Kris Travis (One of the best in the country at such a young age, Wrestles all around the country

4. Doug Williams (Former TNA Star, Now on the independent circuit. Currently the PCW Champion)

5. Mister Monster (Wrestles for EAW, Current EAW World Heavyweight Champion)
6. The Predators (Wrestle for EAW, SWE and a host of other promotions, first saw them a few weeks back and they are really talented)

7. Stixx (Been on the circuit for a few years and has gathered a reputation for being one of the best on the british scene)

8. El Ligero (A seasoned veteran on the British Scene, formally owned the revived 1PW until closure in 2011. Is famous for having a great match with El Generico (now Sami Zayn in NXT) in 1PW a few years back.

9. Marty Scurll (Probably along with Haskins the most famous of the bunch, Scurll has appeared on Take Me Out and more recently TNA British Boot Camp and was the only one not to be offered a TV Deal now plying his trade on the British scene once again we hope that he will not leave anytime soon)

10. Martin Kirby (Been on the scene for a while as Martin Kirby and Ego Dragon, Had a great feud with El Ligero in SWE and is part of Project Ego with Kris Travis)

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