Interview : Mad Man Manson


Mad Man Manson is a British Professional Wrestler who is famous for his crazy personality and he has appeared for promotions such as PCW, 1PW, Southside and DragonGate: UK

1. For those who don’t know you, how would you describe yourself?

Mammal. Human. Male. European. Classy.

2. How was it growing up?

Similar to how it is now but a great deal shorter. Also, things tasted differently. Finally, people weren’t as dumb.

3. When did you first think I want to be a wrestler? I’ve never wanted to be one, it’s just a job that I ended up in. It’s not what I want to do for a living or how I would like to define myself. It’s been good to me but it’s not really an interest of mine.

4. Where did the gimmick come from or is it just your personality

The early stages of character development were largely down to my training in Irish Whip Wrestling in Ireland. The promoter there was very into characters/gimmicks and he helped with the name and gave me the freedom to experiment on shows. Then when I started working regularly around Europe, I developed it into a comedy wrestling character and finally into what it is now, a comedy sideshow act that performs mainly at wrestling shows. 5. What has been your favourite promotion to work for All Star Wrestling is the best place to work in Europe for those wishing to learn the job. On a personal enjoyment level, anywhere that pays me well, gives me freedom and puts me against guys with a similar attitude, I like. I also like to be challenged at times as I have a tendency to do the same old act where possible so it’s nice to be presented with something unusual. For example, Southside booked me in a blindfold match with Joe Conners, which was a good challenge creatively. Ditto when PBW booked me with Grado, it’s nice to use that part of my brain and try and come up with something new. Even if it fails, which it often does, it’s still challenging.

6. Who has been your favourite wrestler to work with? Dave Mastiff is the best wrestler in Europe in my opinion. I love working with him, in fact, I’m working with him tonight in Worcester. I also particularly enjoy working with T Bone, Chris Roberts, Ashton Smith, Joseph Conners, Sam Bailey, Danny Hope and a whole load of others. Once someone gets that the job is light entertainment, I’m happy to work with them.

7. What promotion would you love to work for in the future?

I don’t mind, everyone’s money is the same! Except for PCW, they pay using love and kindness. Also, sometimes, Monopoly money. It’s the secret of their success. 8. What are your career goals? I’ve been really, really lucky and achieved what I’ve wanted to as far as wrestling goes. Which, in hindsight, is more a case of good luck, timing and help than any kind of mass effort on my part.

9. Who is the best wrestler you have seen on the British scene?

Dave Mastiff for me. Honorable mentions go to El Politico, Joe Conners, T Bone and Joey Hayes. These guys are so good because they put that extra level of effort in to make themselves believable, capable and entertaining. They are adaptable, can work pretty much anything they are asked to work and convey a level of believability so that the crowd don’t have to suspend their disbelief to a ridiculous level just to enjoy the show.

10. My blog is called theBritishWrestlingRevival, What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling

Most people will either have a pessimistic look – It used to be so much better etc. – or an optimistic look – Great things are just around the corner! – but, in reality, it’s the same as it has been for many years. A few bright spots -good talents, good promoters, interested crowds – and a few dark spots – untrained workers, play-moters and children treating the job as a game. 11. Who is the best young wrestler in the UK? I like to think of myself as young but sadly I’m as old as the hills. Robbie X has come on leaps and bounds in the last year. I really like him and think he already is a top guy around the scene. I’m not sure if he’s young or not but he’s relatively new anyway, Grado is also brilliant. He is charisma.

12. Who were your heroes growing up?

Probably my Dad and Grandads. In sporting terms, I’d say Mark Hughes, Peter Schmeichel, Eric Cantona. Then people like Henry Rollins, Arnold Schwarzennegger were also influences. I do think that you are more influenced by those people around you in your everyday life than those on a screen/pitch/mp3 though. I feel that people should put less stock into celebrities/heroes and more into their families/friends. I’ve always done so and have reaped many rewards from it. 13. Which wrestler do you think would fit the mould of the WWE or TNA I don’t really know what they look for to be honest, it’s not really my kinda thing.

14. How is the comedy going? I made my stand up debut a while back thanks to a great guy named Chris Brooker and PCW. It was great fun and a very interesting experience to try my hand at something outside a professional wrestling setting. I’m hoping to do more of it should fate allow it. I’m also working on some stuff with the hugely talented gentlefolk of Science Fiction Studios which will be… confusing and possibly offensive but I’m excited about it.

15.Who is your favourite promoter? Anyone who draws in crowds and feeds them quality entertainment. Fludboat, Ben Auld, B-Ri, Dave Sharp, Lionheart and plenty more all seem to understand that presentation is key. They spend that bit more on making their shows look good – good talent (who look the part), good rings, entranceways, venues etc. – and are rewarded by having a quality product to present and show that wrestling can still be a viable form of light entertainment, regardless of geography.

16.Finally, do you want to plug any future dates?

I’m going on a date this weekend with my missus to the zoo and then to a castle. Can’t wait.

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