Interview : “The Showstealer” Nathan Cruz


Nathan Cruz is a wrestler from Hull who appears up and down the country for promotions like Progress Wrestling, NGW and Ironfist Wrestling. He also appears in France for Wrestling Stars and appears for promotions at Butlins holiday camps!

1. For those who don’t know who you are, How would you describe yourself

I’d describe my self as very out spoken, passionate, motivated and do anything possible to make the most of my life.

2. What was it like growing up for you?

Growing up was a lot of fun. My parents never had much money but have always done there best for me and taught me a lot about making the most of what you’ve got. Wrestling being a huge part of my childhood my Mum and Uncle (her brother) in particular have always been extremely supportive of me chasing my dream.

3. What made you want to get into wrestling?

I was always a fan. I always enjoyed making home movies and acting. I was always involved in some sort of sport. It was a perfect mix of both. By the time I was 10, I watched HHH v Undertaker at WM17. I remember from that day I told my self it wasn’t just a dream; I was going to become a pro wrestler.

4. What would you tell somebody who wants to get into Wrestling?

Make sure you understand what you’re getting into. Despite what any moron; who has just watched wrestling tells you, this is a very painful form of entertainment. Bumping hurts. Getting punched hurts. Get a decent wrestling school! Look at the guy who’s training you. Where are they? What have they done? That will tell you.

5. Who is your dream opponent?

Tough choice. As much as I want to say Jericho.. I’d have to say HHH.

6. Who is your favourite guy you have wrestled against?

Either Sam Bailey or Stephen Walters. Both are incredible in there own right.

7. What is the company that would suit you best (WWE, ROH, TNA etc)

Which ever could offer me the best quality of life.

8. How did the Screw Indy Campaign come about?

Few reasons.. Firstly being the way wrestling is these days. This was a job.. Now because so many people want to do it ‘for fun’ it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for people (like my self) to make a living out of it. Paying flights to countries. Skinny lads with no knowledge of psychology, so instead of understanding how to engage an audience they just do high risk. Then defend Indy wrestling came out.. Defend me getting put out of a job? FUCK OFF!! Screw Indy Wrestling

9. Who is your favourite wrestler at the moment?

Don’t really have one. I love watching as much wrestling as possible from different era’s.

10. Who would you say is the best young guy you have seen?

Stephen Walters. Seriously keep an eye on this guy.

11. Any funny road stories?

Tons. None that I can share.. But they was a make shift nappy made out of gaffa tape involved..

12. How is it working with El Ligero?

Why Ligero? He’s very good at what he does. He taught me, so every time I wrestle him its a little thank you and my behalf, but then there’s also that part of me that likes to show him what else iv learnt. There’s a lot of emotion involved lets put it that way.

13. Would you take part in a TNA British Boot Camp sort of thing if you were given the chance?

Yes of course I would.

14. What is your favourite promotion you have worked for?

Progress wrestling in London. Or wrestling stars in france. Both treat me so well. Provide a meal. Just little perks to show there respect. It should be like that everywhere for what we go through.

15. Have you got a best match in your career?

VERY HARD!! If I had to choose. Perhaps Rampage Brown at Progress. The guy is phenomenal. He’s a close friend and has taught me so much and continues to do so. It was the start of the “I’m a Pro” movement. So to go out there with a fellow pro and show everyone “this is wrestling” Get stuck in and Have a great match that was highly reviewed against someone I have tons of respect for.

16. What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling?

Terrible. Far too many lads these days think its about getting your stuff in. No its not! Get a gimmick!! When you weigh 10 stone who gives a toss if you walk out trying to look like scale fighter?! Tell a story. Build drama. Be entertaining and don’t be selfish, ignorant or disrespectful to those who came before you. Listen to there knowledge.. It’ll make your job far easier!!

17. Who is the best promoter you have worked for?

Brian Dixon. Iv got my issues with him. But he gives me 170+ jobs a year.. And at the end of the year treats the team to some money towards drinks for new years eve as we’re usually away on the camps.

18. What is the best title you have won?

Titles aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things. It’s what your piers say about you which are the true rewards.

19. Are there any career goals you want to achieve?

Yeah.. WWE.. Wrestlemania.. Big pay days. The good life from this job. Aim high or fuck off.

20. Any future dates you want to plug?

Il be around for the rest of the summer season on butlins. After that in September il be appearing for iron fist in Stafford, AWW in Wolverhampton, Progress in London, XWCA in Cleethorpes and all All-Star events

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