Interview : “Mr GMSI” Brian Cage


Brian Cage is an American professional wrestler who was on TNA Gut Check losing to Jay Bradley (Ryan Braddock), He also was signed to WWE twice with DSW and FCW the former developmental territories. He wrestles in PWG as a singles and tag team competitor and is in The Unbreakable F’N Machines with Michael Elgin!


1. For those who don’t know you, how would you describe yourself?

THE REAL WOLVERINE! WHERES JACKMAN AT?!?!?! I’m the multi-move paragon, the all around best, the F’n machine Mr GMSI himself, Brian Cage

2. How was it growing up for you?

I had a fantastic childhood. Didnt have a lot of money but had 2 brothers and great friends and even greater adventures and mischievous atmosphere. Good times.

3. When did you first think you want to be a wrestler

When I was 10 years old. Never stopped believing

4. Talk us through becoming friends with Chris Kanyon

I originally met him at a raw back in 2001. It was during the alliance angle when Kurt came down and sprayed them with milk. I had a “who better than Kanyon?”sign, and he saw it and came back out after the show and Gave me the “who better than Austin?” shirt he presented that night. I was so ecstatic when I saw him coming back out as we where exiting Arco Arena, I ran back down the steps blasting threw man, woman and child and right into the safety rail which he grabbed and kept me from eating dirt.

5. How did you start the MWF promotion?

Originally MWF was my “backyard” fed that I had organized at my town house complex called Manzanita Gardens(manzanita wrestling federation) in Chico, CA. As we moved forward and trained an became a legit business, i didn’t want to change the initials so we hyphenated the m with event.(Main-Event wrestling federation) Best times in my wrestling career hands down. we where like a family/brotherhood

6. How did it feel to beat Kanyon at both shows for MWF?

Like I just got kissed on the mouth from RACHEL MCADAMS!!! it was a fantastic feeling and still and all time favorite moment not only in wrestling but in life.

7. How did it feel to leave home to go to Atlanta for DSW?

It was scary, really scary. I had never been there nor lived outside of Chico. I didn’t’ really have any plans or transportation or certain course of action. And I was leaving my 6 month old son. Very trying time for me.

8) What was it like wrestling such wrestlers as Kingston, Slater, Clay and Ryder in DSW knowing they are in the main roster now?

had a great time wrestling all of those guys, and they where all professionals and stand up guys. Its funny to the general WWE fan to tell them i’ve worked with those guys, and I’m glad I got to. Very much enjoyed my time in Deep South and in Atlanta. I miss it every now and then.

9) How much of an honor was it to you to take the Mortis name from Kanyon

Huge honor! Even more so for him to text me after seeing a match as me portraying mortis “ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC JOB AS MORTIS! PLEASE KEEP DOING IT”

10) Were you shocked to get the call from WWE?

It was an email but yes it was perfect timing too!

11) How was your experience in FCW?

FCW was a blast and even better than DSW/SOOOOO much better.

12) What did it feel like to get released by WWE?

udderly dreadful. was expecting to get a raise and called up and got the complete polar opposite. was devastated and didn’t see it coming. nor did anyone else in FCW nor did they agree with it.

13) Do you think that the Night Claw would work in the WWE?

It would have been fun and a neat way to debut and hopefully sale a good bit of merch, but in they end think it would have fizzled out and I would have become myself.

14) How did it feel to appear in Asia?

That was a super fun trip, and my first international exp. Great times, and fun to get to pick the brain of so many talented individuals like Raven, Holly, Billy Gunn, Disco, Eugene, Etc

15) Are you looking forward to coming to the UK to appear for Southside with Michael Elgin?

Very Much so! have never been to the UK and I love destroying people with Elgin so whats there not to look forward to?!

16) How did it feel to be managed by Paul Bearer in NWA Hollywood?

It was fantastic and an honor as well. He was such a great guy, a real sweet heart, and I miss him but know he is in a better place with his wife. Glad I got the opportunity to work with him, he was great at what he did

17) How is it working with PWG?


18) Who made up for you and Elgin to be the Unbreakable F’N Machines?

That would be me! We almost didn’t team up at DDT4 and I told Super Dragon that he had to do it. “we’d be the unbreakable fucking machines!” he loved it.

19) How was the Gut Check Experience for you?

Great, it couldn’t of gone any better unless I won of course!

20) Have you had any more contact with TNA after Gut Check

Yes I’ve stayed in contact with them throughout the year and was hopeful to have gotten picked up by now, but it has yet to happen obviously.

21) Who has been your favourite promoter to work for?

Hmm that can be a tough one. Maybe Pete Doyle From MWE or Fern Owens from Dungeon Championship Wrestling. Both just super nice guys that treat everyone great! Though Preston City Promoter Steven Fludder doing a hell of a job

22) What has been your favourite promotion to work for?

PWG undoubtedly

23) What are your career goals that you still want to achieve?

#1 Go to Japan. And would love to sign with ROH/TNA/or DGUSA

24) Any funny road stories?

I get this question a lot, and i know I have plenty of fun times and trips but always draw a blank…maybe not detailed but talking with Paul London until 3 am at a loves truck stop outside our hotel in Oklahoma was a pure riot. That guy is hilarious and has stories for days!

25) Any future dates you want to plug?

Sep 14th in Salt Lake City, UTAH I make my debut there with Fighting spirit pro Oct 6th I face Davey Richards in Indiana for Fighting Spirit Pro

Nov 2nd Im in Quebec for North Shore Pro Wrestling

Plus more but those are the bigger shows/new places for me.

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