Interview : ‘Delicious’ Danny Hope


Danny Hope is a professional wrestler from Wigan who has wrestled for companies such as PCW, BCW and the now defunct One Pro Wrestling. Hope is part of the tag team The Models with Joey Hayes. Danny is one of the highest rated wrestlers in the country working with some of the best the UK has to offer including the likes of El Ligero, Red Lightning, Wolfgang, Kris Travis and Martin Kirby and was also in a Royal Rumble match for PCW which included the ECW Hardcore Legend and Former WWE and TNA Wrestler Tommy Dreamer.

1. For those who don’t know who you are, How would you describe yourself?

That handsome guy on shows who wears tassels and Mickey Mouse glasses.

2. What did you think of your debut for PCW?

Well it was kind of my ‘re-debut’ as I had already worked for them but I loved it, was great to work with Noam (who is a fantastic talent) and I loved night two being able to bounce off 3 other characters like Ligero, Dean Allmark and Sam Bailey was really enjoyable and the PCW fans made me feel more than welcome.

3. How is it working with Steven and the team at PCW??

The whole team at Preston are really great to work with and very professional. It’s nice to work for a promotion and promoter that appreciate what i do and invest some time and money into my character.

4. How was it growing up for you?

Growing up was great for me, I have an amazing family who have always been there for me and looked after me and gave me anything I could wish for.

5. What is your favourite promotion to work for?

I work for some great promotions that look after me well including PCW, Infinite, AllStar, HXC to name a few but I think my favourite at the moment is Futureshock.

6. Who has been your favourite person to work with in your career?

Without a doubt Joey Hayes is my favourite person to work with. My favourite people to work against are Project Ego, when all four of us are in the ring together it’s always a bit special.

7. When did you think i want to be a wrestler?

Well I’d always watched wrestling growing up but I played football since I was 4-5 years old. I played for Blackburn Rovers as a school boy and signed for Rochdale from the age of 13 til 18. When I got released from Rochdale I didn’t really have anything so searched for wrestling schools in Wigan and saw an online clip of Joey Hayes wrestling DDL so went down and started from there when I was 20-21.

8. Do you have any career goals you want to achieve?

Yeah like everybody who wrestles I’d obviously love to wrestle for the big companies in America on a smaller scale I’d like for every wrestler on a show to be wearing wrestling gear made by myself and my beautiful girlfriend Elli (we own Kustom KU’n’TS wrestling gear making company).

9. Which company would you love to work for in the future?

Like I said above WWE, TNA etc but in the UK, Scotland is always fun to visit and they put on good shows up there. I wouldn’t mind venturing down south too, there’s a few promotions that I’ve heard good things about like Progress and RevPro.

10. How was it working for the new 1PW just before it became defunct?

I remember it being a complete shambles.

11. Who is the best wrestler you have seen in the UK?

CJ Banks & Jack Gallagher, both wrestlers type of wrestler. Dave Mastiff is awesome too oh and I’ve seen Shawn Michaels at a live WWE event in Manchester, he’s pretty good.

12. Who is the best young wrestler you have seen in the UK?

I’m classing 25 and younger as ‘young’ so CJ Banks and Jack still fit into that bracket also i’ll mention Noam Dar, Nathan Cruz and Zac Gibson all mega talented and still young.

13. My blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival, What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling?

There are some good things about British wrestling at the moment but also still a lot of shit around. Unfortunately I don’t think the shit will ever go away.

14. How is it working for Future Shock wrestling?

I love working for Future Shock, the last 2-3 years have been fantastic constantly putting on great show after great show, developing storylines and wrestlers. Plus Dave gives us a bit more freedom to do what we do, again he is another promoter that has invested in myself (and Joey) and the end results speak for themselves.

15. Any funny road stories?

Loads of road stories but I’m afraid I can’t share any of them.

16. Have you got a best match In your career?

Hopefully there are a few more ‘best matches’ to come but the last match against Project Ego at Future Shock was probably my favourite oh and Manson from the last PCW show, we danced to Beyonce I don’t need to say much more about that match ha!

17. Have you got a worst match? If so with who and why was it bad?

Errr I can’t think of a worst match. No doubt I’ve been involved in a few bad ones but none spring to mind.

18. Who were your heroes growing up watching Wrestling?

I didn’t really have any heroes as such in wrestling, just wrestlers that i loved watching like Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin. Being an Arsenal fan Ian Wright was my ultimate hero.

19. How did it feel to win the BCW Tag Team Championship?

We didn’t expect to win the belts as we were quite new to the promotion so it was nice to be given the nod so early in working with BCW.

20. Who is the best promoter who you have worked for?

Each promoter I’ve worked for has good and bad points so it’s difficult to pick the best. If we are going on purely promoting shows then Brian Dixon for All Star as he has been the most successful for the longest period of time

You can follow Danny on Twitter : @DannyTheHope and you can add him on Facebook by clicking this link

A match from last month where he teams with his partner Joey Hayes to take on Dean Allmark and Max Moran for ASW

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