Interview – “Dragon” Kyle Masters


Kyle Masters is a professional wrestler from the UK, Kyle currently wrestles for EAW, a company based near me which does shows in Rushden, Yaxley, Skegness and Corby. He is currently in a heel group called the Revolution with Eric Phillips, Chris Tyler, Dan Darkstar and Andy Reign. Tyler and Darkstar two people who i will be doing interviews with.

1. For those who don’t know who you are, How would you describe yourself?

1.I have a question for those who don’t know me, Where have you been!?!?! I am full throttle, hard hitting, say it how it is kind of guy. Don’t let my confidence be confused with arrogance, I can assure you I back it up every time I step in that ring and my bite is most definitely worse than my Bark.

 2. How was it growing up for you?

Growing up for me? is a bit of an odd question but growing up was fine. I grow up in a single parent family which was tough at time but taught me a lot, Taught me how to work hard and push for things you want because someone isn’t just going to give it you.

 3. How is it working with Nick Ashberry at EAW??

Nick and me clash a lot but at the same time I would like to think we both have respect for what each other do. we are both very strong minded and know what we want to do and sometime thoughs ideas are the same other they are worlds apart but over the last few years we have both matured and understand how to deal with each other. All that being said I do love being part of what nick and the guys have produced with EAW and hope to remain there for a lot longer.

 4. When did you think i want to be a wrestler?

I decided to become a wrestler a lot later on than most wrestler I think, I use to hate wrestling during the Hulk Hogan era etc but a friend of main in senior school loved it an convinced me to watch it and after a few time of watching it round his house i started to get hooked, I was having a brief conversion with Stealth in a english lesson one day (yes that right he even wore the mask to school) and he informer me of a wrestling school in kettering at the time and to be honest the rest is history and I have been doing it ever since.

 5. What is your favourite promotion to work for?

To be honest this is kind of a default for me at the moment as I only work for EAW at the moment, that being said though EAW would right up there as it has been my home really for a long time and we as a group have put some much hard work into it, it would be hard to say any other promotion. 

 6. Who has been your favourite person to work with in your career?

I have a few to be honest, and old wrestler who unfortunately doesn’t wrestler any more who went by the name Mooga. There is Stealth who of course I started up with and we always seem to gel well in a match and right up there would be Nero Classic when have had still to this date some of what I would feel to be some of the best matches in EAW.

 7. Do you have any words for Mister Monster heading into the Steel Cage Match for EAW?

Yes many but most I won’t say on here! he may feel has has the advantage going into the cage match on the 6th of october but everything I have said I will do I have. I promised the revolution fan that I will become EAW champion and that is what will happen!!

 8. Do you have any career goals you still want to achieve?

Yes so many, I feel I haven’t achieved a massive amount so far goal wise, I would love to start working for a few more promotions, just keep earning my place and climbing the crazy ladder that is wrestling.

 9. Which company would you love to work for in the future?

Again so many, Southside would be a big achievement for me as well as great companies like LCW, 4FW, PCW and a great new promotion HOPE but to be honest I know I really need to keep upping myself to be able to achieve what I want.

 10. What has been the best match you have seen?

I really couldn’t answer that, I have have seen so many of the years that are all fantastic

 11. Who is the best wrestler you have seen in the UK?

Again just so many I got to see Doug williams at HOPE which was great to see someone like him work but sadly I couldn’t just narrow it down to one person.

 12. What is the Revolution about for the readers that don’t know?

Its all about talent and bring sports back to this business. No silly gimmick and stupid mask/face paint to get you over with a crowd but your ability to in the ring. It is all about the wrestling for us.

 13. My blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival, What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling?

I think it fantastic but just need that injection of money or backing from a big company to give it the exposure it deserves. I read an article on lock up recently by Rob Maltman (it ok Rob you can pay me later) about TNA setting up over here in the UK and I 100% agree with Rob it is what is needed for British wrestling right now.

 14. How was it wrestling against Sabu at a ONS With Sabu in Corby?

I am going to be complete honest here, i have all the respect in the world for Sabu and what he has achieved in this business and he was great to work with but he is not someone I look up so it was kind of just a match for me. I am glad with the way it turned out despite a nice crack in the skull and I was honour to be chosen to wrestle him and an honour to be in the ring with him but like I said it wasn’t a match I dreamt of growing.

 15. Any funny road stories?

Load to many to remember to be honest more of them seem to involve stealth and his driving skills.

 16. Have you got a best match In your career?

Yes myself vs Nero classic back in 2007 an EAW’s retribution 4

 17. Have you got a worst match? If so with who and why was it bad?

Yes any match I lose.

 18. Who were your heroes growing up watching Wrestling?

I have some many now let alone when I was growing up. I watched a lot of amazing red when I was younger as he was a small guy in essential a big guys world and was making a big impact. I then started to watching a lot of Aj Styles and to be honest since I have got older and bait bigger (in size not height obviously) it has been more of the hard hitter likes of Austin aries, Davey Richards and Nigel Mcguinness.

 19. Any dates you want to plug?

YES YES YES. October 6th get yourselves down to EAW at the Pemberton Centre Rushden and watch a NEW EAW champion be crowned.

 20. Who is the best promoter who you have worked for?

I would say although we do clash like I said earlier Nick Ashberry would be right up there. one thing I can’t knock him is the promotion of the EAW shows. he always puts bums in chairs and since doing it full time has had sellout show after sellout.

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and You can watch some of Kyle in action

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