Interview : Chris Tyler


Chris Tyler is a professional wrestler who has wrestled for EAW and TAW. He is a 3x EAW Light Heavyweight Champion and is the current EAW academy champion and has held it for 730 days. Chris is part of the heel group The Revolution along with Kyle Masters, Andy Reign, Dan Darkstar and Eric Phillips

1. For those who don’t know who you are, How would you describe yourself? I’m ABSolutely great at every single thing that I do. haha, but honestly I would say I’m young, good looking, athletic , educated and enjoy showing off my talent every single time I step into the ring.

2. How was it growing up for you? Well, to be honest I am still growing up! I’m the youngest wrestler on the roster! I know I have a lot more things to learn about the wrestling business. A lot of people think that I’ve grown up with a lot of help from my parents. In a way that’s100% true, they have supported me as best as they could, and I am very grateful for that.

3. How is it working with Nick Ashberry at EAW?? Working for Nick is great. It’s not easy though. It requires a lot of effort, being there all day, but at the end of it all you get to wrestle, and that’s what counts. If you are lazy you won’t make it in wrestling, or anywhere else in fact. I would like to consider Nick as a friend as well as my boss. 4. When did you think i want to be a wrestler? I wanted to be a wrestler about 6 months after I started watching wrestling. I was 10 years old (yes that was only 2006), ever since then I wanted to be a wrestler and now I am!

5. What is your favourite promotion to work for? Easy EAW. I’ve only worked for a few other wrestling promotions. However, I think EAW is up there with the very best promotions in the UK.

6. Who has been your favourite person to work within your career? I’ve worked with Erick Phillips/The chameleon the most in my career. Among them I have had some great matches. We can have a 4/5 Another one that comes to mind, is Stealth. We have only had 3 singles matches together, each one being more amazing than the last. There are many people I have yet to work with, who I look forward to hopefully working with them in the near future.

7. Who were you trained by? There were 4 main people who trained me; Nick Ashbury, Dragon, Stealth and Mr. Monster. They all have given me great advise which I am very grateful for that. If you live in the Northampton area, and are thinking about wrestling, I strongly recommend coming to EAW’s training it’s what started my career and could start yours.

8. Do you have any career goals you still want to achieve? Of course. If you don’t have goals you will go nowhere. My next goal is to expand to other wrestling promotions in the UK. After that my goal will be to go international. Then after that who knows.

9. Which company would you love to work for in the future? Ones that come to mind are; Southside wrestling, ROH, Future shock, Rad Pro, Dragon gate and LCW.

10. When did you first watch wrestling? End of 2006. Was just browsing through the channels and WWE appeared on the screen and I was hypnotised by it .

11. Who is the best wrestler you have seen in the UK? There is so many great talents in the UK. But the best wrestler i’ve seen work for a UK promotion was Davey Richards at futureshock. Watching him wrestle inspired me to be better. If anyone can inspire another, they’re doing a hell of a good job.

12. How does it feel to have been the EAW Academy Champion for so long? 733 days baby!! Haha, it’s the longest time anyone has held a belt in EAW. Saying that it is not thought about of being a great belt.. Hopefully me holding the belt for so long has upped the value of the belt. I won the belt in September 2011, I had only started wrestling 6 months before. When I won it, I was so proud of myself. . 13. My blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival, What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling? British wrestling at this current moment of time, is the best standard it has ever been. There is so many young amazing talents out there. The standard is high and keeps getting higher as more talent emerge to the surface.

14. How was it wrestling against Battle Squad Awesome at Unfinished Business 13 That was a very fun match! It was the first time I had ever worked with Dave Andrews as well as Danny Chase. Dave is a great worker and I enjoyed working with him and hope to have many more matches with him in the future, he has a great future ahead of him. Didn’t really know much about Danny before the match, but he was also great! He easily won my respect. Would love to wrestle Danny again sometime in the future think we would have great chemistry in singles competition.

15. Any funny road stories? Not many. Hope to have more as my career progresses.

16. Have you got a best match In your career? I have two. The best gimmick match I’ve ever had is – “Dual of the champions” against the Chameleon in a dumpster match. It was my first match back after 3 months and it was awesome. My best singles non-gimmick match was at the show “Carnage in Corby” against Stealth. We stole the show simply put. Was an amazing wrestling match. A mark even came up to me 2 months later and told me it’s the best match he has seen in the UK.

17. Have you got a worst match? If so with who and why was it bad? No not in particular. My first few were terrible because I was not ready. I had my first match only a few months after I first started training and watching it you can tell! 18. Who were your heroes growing up watching Wrestling? Again I’m still growing up! So my all time hero is Chris Jericho. He has great matches, promos and a great look. He is the reason I started wrestling in the first place. Also loved Kurt Angles early career.

19. Any dates you want to plug? YES! EAW CAGED WARFARE, October 6th, Rushden!! I’m wrestling Stealth for the 4th time, is a must see and I am looking forward to it!

20. Who is the best promoter who you have worked for? Nick Ashbury.

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