Interview : ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero


El Ligero is a man who has been wrestling for 11 years since 2002, Ligero has wrestled for 130 different promotions in his career and has been considered one of the best in Europe. Ligero also ran 1PW when Gauntley decided to sell the company with a couple of other wrestlers. Ligero hails from Los Sanchos in Mexico and has wrestled some of the best both abroad and over here in the UK.

1. For those who dont know you how would you describe yourself?

I consider myself to be a very passionate person, dedicated to the things I want to achieve, but I think I’m pretty self-depreciating a lot of the time, and I’d like to think I was pretty down-to-earth and approachable.

2. When did you think you want to do this for a living?

Literally as soon as I first saw it.

3. What was the first wrestling match you remember?

WrestleMania 8, Hulk Hogan vs Sid Justice was the very first wrestling match I ever saw.

4. Talk me through 1PW and the role you had in that

Well originally, I was just a wrestler for the company. As time went on, Steven Gauntley started asking for my opinion on various angles, and then asked me if I’d consider being the head booker. The show following that, Gauntley decided to sell the company, and a couple of my close friends at the time/fellow wrestlers decided to give it a shot, and asked if I fancied going into business with them. I always enjoyed booking and writing, but as far as promoting goes, it’s safe to say that I hated it.

5. How many people have you trained in your career?

It’s hard to keep a number because I’ve had a hand in quite a few people, and we’ve had a lot come and go at the training school. Notable people though, would include Martin Kirby, The Blossom Twins, Nathan Cruz and Sam Wilder.

6. What has been your favourite promotion to work for?

I’ve worked for 130 different promotions, so that’s nigh on impossible to answer.

7. Who has been your favourite guy to wrestle in your career?

Again, there’s been so many, and so many that I’ve had what I felt were great matches, that I couldn’t just pick out just one individual.

8. What did u think about the 3- Way Dance you did in Wu Tech

Yeah, I was pleased with it! It was one of those where, Sam Wilder and I are so familiar with each other now, and I’d never wrestled Rik Van Damage before, so I wasn’t too sure how it was going to mesh, but it was a really pleasant surprise, and the crowd seemed to enjoy it.

9. Who has been your favourite promoter to work for?

See a couple of the previous questions haha!

10. Who is the best wrestler you have seen at the moment?

Daniel Bryan, if I’m allowed to say prominent guys on TV. If you mean UK guys, there’s just so much talent out there. But 3 I feel should be seen by more promotions are James Mason, Rampage Brown and Robbie Dynamite.

11. How does it feel to train the you’s of the future at NGW

Yeah, it’s great! Obviously, some people come through the doors and think its piss-easy to become a wrestler, and once they see how much hard work and sacrifice both inside and outside the ring is needed, not all of them come back. But those who stick at it and truly have a passion for it, I’m really proud of. Watching them debut and grow as characters and workers is immensely satisfying.

12. How is it working for Southside?

Very good, yeah! They’ve been around for nearly 3 years now, and have drawn well at every venue they’ve tried. Ben Auld and I disagree on the occasional thing, and there’s the odd thing about the shows I disagree with, but that’s just life, and overall I’ve been extremely well looked after by Ben, given a lot of opportunities, and I hope I’ve rewarded both the promoter and fans with my work.

13. Who is the one wrestler you want to wrestle?

It was always Shawn Michaels or Daniel Bryan to be honest, though I can’t see them popping back over to do the camps anytime soon!

14. How is it working for ASW?

Brilliant, yeah. It’s just such a fantastic learning experience in many ways, and I’ve picked up so much advice from the team over the years. You travel such long distances, and work so hard on the camps, that it gives you such an appreciation for the job, and all those that have come before you.

15. Do you have any career goals you want to achieve?

Yeah, I’d love to be able to work in Japan. I mean, obviously there’s a lot of promotions in the US I’d like to appear for, but Japan is my current goal.

16. Which company would you love to work for in the future

A Japanese one haha! Also, I’ve heard this WWE place is doing pretty well.

17. My blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival, What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling?

I have a very positive opinion on it. There’s obviously a few smaller promotions knocking around where a lot of the wrestlers could stand to try and train/learn more than making fan pages rather than wrestling once every 6 weeks and telling their mates they’re a pro wrestler, but just look at the amount of promotions across the UK that are drawing big numbers and putting on fantastic shows. I think British wrestling is in a very good place at the moment.

18. Are you looking forward to facing Ultimo Dragon and Dean Allmark at Final Fight for PCW?

Certainly. I’ve tagged with Dean so many times, but I haven’t been across the ring from him more than a handful of times, and I’ve only ever wrestled Dragon once, back in 2007, so I’m keen to show a level of improvement since then.

19. How is it working in House of Pain Evolution

Early days, as I’ve only done 2 shows for them, but enjoyable so far.

20. How did you feel about your match at House of Pain Evolution III No Retreat No Regrets?

Yeah, decent. Obviously the draw wasn’t as strong as the debut, but all the stories came together well in the 6-man, so overall I was pleased with the end result.

21. Who were your heroes growing up watching Wrestling?

Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels.

22 .Is there anybody in the locker rooms you have been in over the last few years who could make it big in for example WWE?

There’s a few who I think have the look for them, but what they want might change quite often. One guy I think could well be someone they’ll take a good look at is Zack Gibson. Great look to him, great ability, can talk, can work with anyone. Someone I rate really highly. Nathan Cruz is also someone who has such a fantastic knowledge of story-telling, has great interview skills, terrific facials and just ‘gets it’.

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