Live Wrestling from WrestlingStore (also known as AMerchandise) in Bedford and Hove 24th and 25th October!

Today i will be bringing you a different type of blogpost, I have done show reviews and shows i am going to and that was actually the main reason i opened this blog until of course i did the interviews but i will cut to the chase!

I will be attending an event ran by WrestlingStore (also known as AMerchandise) which specializes in selling WWE , TNA , ROH , Dragon Gate, NOAH, Shimmer and more recently Evolve DVDs, Figures and other merchandise such as exclusive signed posters and 8x10s in Bedford in the 24th October which promises to be one of the best shows this year in the UK.

Held at the Bedford Corn Exchange, a prestigious venue which holds up to 800 events a year including the likes of Lee Nelson and Jason Manford this November.

No matches have been announced for the Hove event the day after which will be held at the Hove Town Hall but they will be announced in due course keep checking for more info.

Both Events matches will take place in a 20×20 ft ring which is the same size which they use on TV!

2 Matches have been announced for the Bedford show

Main Event



Dragon Gate star Ricochet has extended his stay in the UK after he makes appearances for the likes of Revolution Pro Wrestling to face “Party” Marty Scurll, these two have competed on a lot of the shows together over the last 12 months but they have never been able to square off.

Ricochet is one of the best highfliers in the world right now, with such amazing moves as the 630o Splash, the Double Moonsault and a huge arsenal of gravity defying moves, Scurll has an intensity and desire that few can match.

It will be the Dragon Gate star vs the TNA British Bootcamp and Take Me Out contestant in a battle which looks like one of the best main events in a UK wrestling show this year.

This looks like an amazing main event to round this night off! Two of the best up and coming talents in the world square off in what looks like an amazing battle!

British Rounds Match


This is the sub main event which promises to be an amazing match. Having faced off countless times over their storied careers, both men know exactly what they are up against, Williams a near 20 year veteran with major championship experience in Japan, USA and all across Europe, is known as one of British Wrestling’s greatest Ambassadors. Kidd, has been involved in Wrestling for 35 years, wrestling on the legendary “World of Sport” TV show in British Wrestling’s greatest era.

This match will be brutal as they will have to contest 8×5 minute rounds with 2 falls to win, These two men fought in 2008 in front of a small crowd in Worthing, the people in attendance witnessed an unbelievable mat clinic as they watched a dramatic rollercoaster of a match and this October these two men will do it again in Bedford and knowing i will be in the crowd for this match will be amazing!

There is 3 matches still to be announced and these will all be under a 30 minute time limit.

Roster :



Name :: Mark Haskins
Nickname :: The Star Attraction
Twitter :: @mark_haskins

Bio :: The globe trotting “Star Attraction” is back and looking forward to returning to Bedford and Hove, having not appeared in either town for many years due to his TNA Wrestling and Dragon Gate of Japan contracts. One of the most talented UK stars in a decade, Haskins spent alot of 2010 to 2012 under contract to two of the largest wrestling organisations in the world and that only served to polish his skills even further. Truly one of the UK’s finest talents. A champion in just about every company he has competed in and is looking to continue his reign of dominance in Europe before his next overseas contract strips the UK of his undoubtable talents. He is my favourite wrestler currently and i cannot wait to see him live for the first time! Mark will be doing an interview with me soon on the blog as well so even more cause to keep checking!



Name :: Lion Kid
Youtube :: LionKidUK
Twitter :: @lionkiduk

Bio :: Hailing from the new forest, the masked Lion Kid is beloved country wide, having spent large portions of his career abroad, the Lion is glad to be back on UK soil and is planning on making waves. Whether it is competing for Dragon Gate in Japan or for Wrestlestars TV in France the “king of the jungle” is always a contender and if you have never seen him live, you’ll be left in no doubt, this October. Famed for his highflying daredevil style, the master of the airways is looking to rain down some of the most spectacular moves possible in a bid to win each and every match he competes in. His high risk offence includes the Rawring Moonsault press and the spectacular & dangerous Lion Star Press. I have seen some of Lion Kid and he is one of the best high flyers in Europe and i cannot wait to see him live.



Name :: Marty Scurll
Nickname :: “Party” Marty Scurll
Twitter :: @martyscurll

Bio :: Arrogant, Cocky, Lairy, Obnoxious – These are all words that seem to have been invented for “Party” Marty Scurll. A young intelligent Cambridge educated prospect went off the rails after gaining national exposure on ITV’s “Take Me Out” and then as a contest on TNA Wrestling’s “British Boot Camp” on Challenge TV. His transformation has been controversial and disappointed many of his fans. In his mind however, it is the fans, who turned their back on him. When he was ready to face the best in the world, he said the fans became jealous and didn’t give him the support and respect he deserved. So with that said, now all Scurll cares about is making money and partying. At any cost! I wish Marty would have won TNA British Boot Camp and i think he should of won it but their loss is our gain at Bedford on the 24th



Names :: Ricochet
Nickname :: The Future of Flight
Twitter :: @KingRicochet
Website ::

Bio :: Dragon Gate USA’s greatest export, Ricochet has had a meteoric rise through the ranks, both in the USA & in Japan. Within a year of his debut in Japan, he had won nearly every title in the Dragon Gate organisation. Forming the Spiked Mohicans team with CIMA, DG’s most iconic star, they held the Twin & United Gate tag titles at the same time. Undoubtedly one of the best high flyers in the world, his aerial attack is deadly, his speed is unstoppable, and his Double Rotation Moonsault is perhaps the most incredible move in wrestling today. Any one who witnesses Ricochet live will be in no doubt that we have a world wide superstar in waiting! One of the best in the world and a man who i have been wanting to see live in the UK for a very long time so i cannot wait to see him perform!



Name :: Dave Mastiff
Nickname :: Big Bad Dave Mastiff

Bio :: One of the roughest and toughest heavyweights in Europe, Mastiff has faced off against every major European name and alot of the main foreign stars to have competed on UK soil. No matter his opponent one thing they are remark on, is just how tough, agile and destructive this man is. Having fought for Major world championships and a former Revolution Pro Heavyweight champ he’s experienced beyond his years, having spent time in former WWE developmental group OVW in the US has only strengthened his resolve and determination to stay atop of the European scene. Depending on his mood he is either a major fan favourite or despised by the fans, who knows how he will feel in October… I am looking forward to seeing Mastiff demolishing whoever is put in front of him, Mastiff is another wrestler who i will be interviewing as well soon!



Name :: Stixx
Nickname :: The Heavyweight House of Pain
Twitter :: @Stixx_1

Bio :: Never has a nickname been so fitting, the Heavyweight House of Pain. One of the most destructive forces ever in British Wrestling, and we did say EVER! The mountain of a man is only interested in dishing out the pain and suffering. No remorse or regrets. Has been known to lose matches purposely just to inflict more damage on his opponent after the bell. One of the most dangerous wrestlers in Europe right now and has set his sights on leaving a wealth of carnage in October, so friend or foe, if they happen to be stood across the ring from Stixx, it’s on! Another amazing wrestler on this card and a certain favourite of mine and i am lucky to be ringside for whoever he is facing and also to be doing an interview with him!



Name :: Doug Williams
Nickname :: The Anarchist
Twitter :: @DougWilliamsUK
Website ::

Bio :: Seen as the modern day Ambassador of British Wrestling, Doug Williams has just about done it all in Professional wrestling, from a full time multi championship career in Japan for Pro Wrestling Noah to Ring of Honor’s Pure Wrestling Champion to becoming a New Japan IWGP World Tag Team Champion with TNA. Not to mention a former multi time X-Division and Tag Team champion in TNA Impact Wrestling too. Williams is revered and respected by his peers, fans and opponents, the quintessential technician between the ropes, the 20 year veteran has just recently returned to the UK after spending the majority of the last decade in the USA and Japan and is such to bring the absolute best out of anyone he steps in the ring with. I missed out on seeing Doug live at EAW on the 1st of September so to see him live finally is going to be amazing as i am a huge fan!



Name :: Noam Dar
Twitter :: @NoamDar

Bio :: Having faced world wide stars like AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, and former WWE Star John Morrison, Noam Dar comes with quite the reputation, in the past 12 months he has battled the likes of Zack Sabre Jnr, Dave Mastiff, Doug Williams, DG:UK Stars Mark Haskins and Lion Kid. At only 19 years of age Noam also competed for Dragon Gate UK promotion where he continues to shine and despite his relative inexperience Dar seeks only the finest competition and relishes the chance to test himself against the best this industry has to offer. He has signed on to compete in Bedford and Hove, despite being injured at the time, purely down to the fact he doesn’t want to miss out on another opportunity to face world class opposition. After seeing the Styles match i was looking forward to this even more, An amazing talent and one of those people who if he goes to WWE or TNA in the future i will be able to say i saw him live in Bedford!



Name :: Martin Kirby
Twitter :: @MKirbyProEgo

Bio :: Easily one of the top all rounders currently plying his trade on UK soil. Marty Kirby is rapidly developing into a complete package. Mixing a fun loving attitude with an impressive skill set with a fierce desire for self betterment has brought many titles and stand out performances. One half of the multiple time Tag Team Champions “Project Ego”, Kirby is also a very accomplished singles competitor and has signed up for the Bedford event without a clear idea of who he will be facing. That said he isn’t short of confidence and will be sure to give any opponent a run for their money.

Martin Kirby is only Appearing at Bedford. Another wrestler i have been wanting to see live and also to be one of the people at the only show he is appearing at on these two on this tour is great!



Name :: Johnny Kidd
Nickname :: Mr Smooth

Bio :: With 35 years experience in Pro Wrestling, “Mr Smooth” has seen in all in British Wrestling. Kidd was involved when wrestling was at it’s peak in Britain – during the much famed “World of Sport” era, on Saturday afternoons. A silky smooth mat tactician, earning the moniker “Mr Smooth”, Kidd displays the skills and techniques of a past era where there was less flash and more substance. His arsenal of moves and reversals are something to behold and one that many a competitor will have never seen, let alone faced off against. Dubbed by fans and peers alike as “Wrestling’s Mr Nice” Kidd’s talent is only surpassed by his class. People of Bedford will be in for an absolute treat on the 24th…

Johnny Kidd is only Appearing at Bedford. We will be in for a treat absolute legend in my opinion from his World of Sport days to now! He is also appearing alongside a stacked card including the likes of Chris Masters, Awesome Kong, D’Lo Brown, Bob Holly and Jushin “Thunder” Liger for PCW

For tickets for the Hove Town Hall show you can buy them direct from AMerchandise :

For the Bedford show which i will be attending order them from this link :

The tickets are £10 for over 18’s (Adults) and £8 for Child tickets (Under 18’s) and you can save money by buying the family ticket which is for 2 adults and 2 children and will cost £32!

Thanks for reading and i will be putting up more interviews soon!


Twitter : @samgthe1st


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