Interview : Alec Burnitt (Promoter for DOA Wrestling)


DOA Wrestling is a new promotion based in the Cambridgeshire area in Great Britain. Their first show was cancelled but on Saturday, the promotion will finally put on its first show. This interview is with the promoter of this promotion Alec Burnitt! I hope you enjoy!

1. To start off, Would you like to describe DOA and what you want to achieve?

DOA in a nutshell is a family friendly wrestling show with one goal, and that is to deliver great wrestling action every time.

2. When did you want to be a promoter?

I have always wanted to be a booker of wrestling and always found myself looking at wrestling and thinking about how I would get the best out of a character or situation. From there I took what I had learnt in promoting music and applied that to wrestling promotion. There have been bumps along the way but finally we are in a good place and ready to debut.

3. What can we expect from DOA on Saturday night?

Saturday’s show is STACKED! The main event of Zak Knight versus Luke Hawx is to me worth the price of entry. And throw in the fact that its a 2 out of 3 falls match to become our first heavyweight champion and you know its going to be special. The show will also feature 2 fantastic young tag teams in Special Edition and Battle Squad Awesome, and our highly anticipated Adrenaline Cup will get underway.

4. What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling?

I think it is in a great place. The wrestlers have lots of places to work for a start which in turn makes them gain experience quicker. Training schools like WAW and House of Pain among others are producing great talent at a fast pace which is great to see. There is so much talent in this country.

5. What was your inspiration for starting a promotion?

I could be cheesy and say I was inspired by a certain moment or a certain person but truly my inspiration comes from sitting and thinking that I would always regret not trying it. I am not trying to dominate the world of wrestling or compete with the big companies of the world. I just want to put on a great show.

6. Who will we see in the future in DOA?

In the future you will see Loco Mike Mason for sure as he is confirmed for our Adrenaline Cup. You will see the Hunter Brothers aswell very soon. I dont want to give too much away but after his unfortunate cancellation of his UK tour this time around we are hopeful of securing Steve Corino when he heads back to the UK in March of next year.

7. Is it demanding being a wrestling promoter?

It has completely taken over my life. I will be honest I thought it would be demanding but it is overwhelming at times. But in a good way. I really just need the first show to be over haha. Then I can relax a little.

8. What wrestler would you love to employ realistically in the future?

I have been working really hard to bring certain wrestlers in for future shows. My main thing is the right attitude. I have spoken to alot of people who straight away give off the wrong attitude. I would much rather bring someone in who wants to impress and improve with every match. But to name names I am trying to secure former TNA star Tony Nese for a future show and im always on the look out for great british talent.

9. Run us through the matches for Saturday?

Ok. We have Richard Parliament the loud mouthed wrestling politician taking on the current WAW European champion and RQW Tag champion Aaron Sharp in a match that has never been seen before to the best of my knowledge and should be a great match. BOBW champion Inferno Dragon will take on local star Shaun Simmons who competes mainly for Falling Starr Wrestling. These two will fight for the last Adrenaline Cup quarter final spot. In our 2 Adrenaline Cup quarter final matches we have WAW fan favourite Peter Nixon taking on former HOP and LCW champion L.J Heron in a clash of styles and once again never before seen. Second in the cup is WAW 2012 wrestler of the year Skyhawk Alex Young taking on teenage mexican sensation Miguel Ramirez in what will be a fast paced thrill ride! Our 3 championship matches are former British tag team champions Special Edition (Kip Sabian & Brad Slayer) taking on HOP stand outs Battle Squad Awesome (Dave Andrews & Danny Chase) in a first time match to become the first DOA UK Tag Team champions. We are also introducing our DOA Sirens championship and it will contested for by Norwegian Bellatrix star Miss Mina who is in my opinion one of the best female talents in europe taking on the All-American Canadian Addy Starr who is making her UK debut. And the main event as I mentioned earlier is Zak Knight against Luke Hawx, 2 out of 3 falls for the DOA UK Heavyweight Championship. I think that speaks for itself.

10. What exactly is the Adrenaline Cup and what does the wrestler get if he wins it?

The Adrenaline Cup is an 8 man tournament to crown our first Adrenaline Division champion. The Adrenaline Division is our league for high flying, fast paced but technically awesome wrestling. The rules are simple. We will have a 15 minute time limit in tournament matches and if a match ends in a draw then both men shall advance meaning we could see multi man matches in the semi finals and final. The final itself will not have a time limit and therefore we must have a winner and a first champion. The Adrenaline Cup will be an annual tournament and future incarnations will crown a number one contender to the existing champion.

The show is being held at the United Services Club in March Cambridgeshire this saturday. Tickets are still available by phoning 07926432421 or visiting

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