Interview : Will Ospreay/Dark Britannico

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Will Ospreay is a wrestler from Britain who is part of the team The Swords of Essex which also includes Paul Robinson. Ospreay has appeared for some of the biggest promotions in the UK currently at such a young age. He goes into two huge matches over the next few weeks for Revolution Pro Wrestling first of all vs The London Riots, El Ligero and Mark Haskins this weekend in which he will be teaming with Robinson and Project Ego (Kris Travis, an interview which will be up soon and Martin Kirby) in an event which also includes Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, ‘Boom Boom’ Colt Cabana, Prince Devitt, Ricochet, Davey Richards and Hiroshi Tanahashi which is at the York Hall in Bethnal Green and a huge match against Ricochet on basically Ricochet’s last appearance in the UK 3 days after i see him live, in Sittingbourne Kent which also includes Cabana and Ultimo Dragon but in my opinion this will be the stand out match but enough about Revolution Pro Wrestling this is my interview conducted with him.

1. For those who don’t know you, How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as the next cruiserweight sensation & taking off from when PAC left off lol

2. When did you first want to be a professional wrestler?

I’ve always loved pro wrestling but every since I watched AJ vs Daniels vs Joe I knew I wanted to do this

3. Are you looking forward to the match this weekend for Rev Pro where you will be taking on The London Riots and El Ligero?

I love the fact that we are returning to York Hall but it will be tough but we are undefeated as a team and even though now we got Project Ego on our side it will be an exciting match.

4. What is your dream match?

Well I have a few. Ricochet which is coming true. Prince Devitt. Aj Styles & Pac.

5. Who were your heroes growing up watching wrestling?

Aj styles, essa rios, Eddie Guerrero

6. What do you think on the current state of British Wrestling?

Honestly more enjoyable then some of the American and Japan stuff.

7. Who is the best wrestler in England (except you) at the moment?

Mark Haskins

8. You have faced many wrestlers in your career, who has been your favourite and why?

Mark Andrews – progress 7 or Ash Draven RCWA

9. Are you looking forward to the match with Ricochet in Sittingbourne?

100% gonna give it everything I got

10. Which company do you think would suit you best out of WWE, TNA and ROH etc?


11. Any tips for up and coming wrestlers who might be just out of wrestling school or even those just starting out?

Be different, don’t copy popular guys. Think of things nobody does and do it.

12. Any words for your two opponents for Rev Pro (London Riots and Ligero and Ricochet)?

Haskins, riots, fake ligero. Please underestimate us cos it’s when we are at our best

13. Who has been your favourite promoter to work for in your career?

Lucha Britannia & PROGRESS

14. Any future dates you want to plug or links/merchandise?

18th lucha. 19th rev pro. 26th FPW. 27th rev pro ricochet.

15. What is your stance on imports coming over here?

Well it gives me a chance to show I stand with them.

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