DVD Review : NGW Destiny 2013



I was sent this DVD by one of my affiliates New Generation Wresting (NGW) and i was so looking forward to watching this here is my DVD review of this show Destiny 2013

1st Match Rumble Roulette

Zack Gibson vs Mark Haskins vs Stixx vs Kris Travis

This match determined the Rumble numbers 1, 10, 20 and 30 and this was fought under tag rules but there is no teams meaning that they can tag whoever they want who are on the outside and they will be allowed in. The competitors in this match told the story, A great opening match showcasing the 4 wrestlers skills in the ring without using too much for later on in the Destiny Rumble. A great piece of trickery by Haskins to cost him the number 30 in the rumble. Haskins used the chain on Stixx but it was in the ring near Stixx so the referee disqualified Stixx from this match making him have the number 1 spot in the rumble. Travis then got the number 10 spot so it was down to Gibson and Haskins, Haskins picked up the number 30 spot by putting his legs on the rope to further cement his victory and give Gibson a slim chance of kicking out.

Match Rating 8/10 Great opening contest

2nd Match : ‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz vs Robbie X

The next match was great on paper between Nathan Cruz and Robbie X (now Robert X). Nathan Cruz comes out with his water boy and has a swig of Jack Daniels Whiskey. Nathan and Robbie battle for about 5 minutes with Robbie being slapped numerous times in the chest while resting on the barricade. Nathan then starts taking his anger out on Robbie when they return to the ring punching him many times in the head hence it being a no contest. The referee tries to stop proceeding but then he gets pushed and the referee pushing him back, Nathan stays there for a second and then starts punching him. Robbie crawls to the back while the referee is being attended to, Nathan then cuts a promo saying he told NGW management that this would be the last time he steals a show for NGW. Luke a man who was attending to the official says “Why are you going round hitting our senior official” The two talk about the fact that both the official and Luke used to be friends with Nathan and then Luke hugs Nathan and says “We are here for you”, Nathan pushes him away and goes up the ramp, Matt Myers comes out and saying He believes that Nathan can win the rumble for the title that night and to put the bottle down and show everyone why he is the Showstealer

Match rating 6/10 Great promo work from Nathan and Matt but a match that i would have loved to see (Nathan and Robbie)

3rd Match Sam Bailey vs El Ligero

On paper this looked to be a great match and it didn’t disappoint. Sam Bailey played heel and shouted at the fans and of course El Ligero played the face as usual and is always the fan favorite. Another great match from Ligero, who showed me once again why he is one of the best in Europe. This was my first time seeing Bailey properly, i had seen clips but not enough to get an overall view on him but i would say without a doubt one of the best in the UK and he gave a fight to Ligero. We got a high-octane masterclass from Ligero with him pulling out some great moves either on his opponent or countering his opponent. Bailey got slapped around by Ligero for the first part but still showed he could keep up with one of the best in Europe. Ligero won overall and in my view this was the best match excluding the main event

Rating 8.5/10

Main Event : 30 Man Over The Top Rumble Match for the NGW Championship.

We get Greg Lambert as the special guest ring announcer. He announced the first two competitors The Heavyweight House of Pain Stixx (who of course got 1st in the Roulette) and Si Gregory.

In this match, We got a host of wrestlers from both the main NGW roster, NGW academy and wrestlers who don’t wrestle for NGW such as Alex Gracie, Jurgen Heimlich and Dave Rayne. We also even got the likes of Paul Ryker who forced himself into the match without even having an entry number and Ryker destroyed everybody. Towards the end of the match it got better and better with the only people left in the ring were the likes of Team GB (Zack Gibson and Sam Bailey), Colossus Kennedy and the Los Amigos (Dara Diablo and El Ligero). We then got the winner of the Rumble Roulette ‘The Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins who after getting beaten up himself, Diablo got eliminated and The Proven completed their first strike by attacking Diablo with steel chairs leaving Ligero vulnerable.

This meant Haskins could strike and he did, Haskins eliminated Ligero winning the NGW Championship in the process. This was one of those mark out moments for me because Haskins is one if not my favorite professional wrestler. Haskins celebrated and that was the end of the show.

Match Rating 10/10

Show rating from me 9.5/10 Great show the only thing was the Cruz vs Robbie X match but it was worth it!

I urge everybody to pick this or any other NGW DVD up. These are well presented and produced and are great for the price, If your just getting in to NGW or haven’t for a while pick some of these up and get any 3 DVDs for £20 including stars such as Winter and Angelina Love pick them up from http://www.ngwuk.com/shop/dvds

Also while your there buy some tickets! Their next show is happening over two nights in Keighley in Bradford and the KC Stadium in Hull. There is still tickets left but act quick because they will be sold out. There will be a street fight main event and Doug Williams ex TNA superstar will be appearing Buy tickets for both shows only from this link : http://www.ngwuk.com/shop/event-tickets

Follow them on Twitter : @NGWrestlingUK

Like them on Facebook as well : https://www.facebook.com/NGWrestlingUK?fref=ts

Follow me on Twitter : @samgthe1st

Want to be affiliated to my blog just like NGW? email me samgthe1st@gmail.com and i will get back to you

Finally i would like to thank NGW for making this DVD review happen! Hopefully there will be more to come!




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