Interview – Alex Colon


Alex Colon is a professional wrestler from Hammonton, New Jersey in America. He wrestles predominately for Combat Zone Wrestling but has wrestled for the likes of Dragon Gate USA, Insanity Pro Wrestling and AAW : Pro Wrestling Redefined. He is the current CZW Wired TV Champion. Alex is part of 4-Loco with Azrieal, Bandido Jr and Chrissy Rivera and in CZW and the independent circuit he is part of BLK Out with Ruckus, Rich Swann, Robby Mireno, Chrissy Rivera and BLK Jeez and is one of the top talents in America today.

1. For those who don’t know who you are, How would you describe yourself?

I like to say my personality is a mix of the best angry men on this side of the world…razor ramon, tony montana and the incredible hulk. I love to win but i love the fight just as much.

2. What was it like growing up for you?

I was raised in a poor family that worked their way up to a more middle class life. I have seen all the hardships most poor children see…the drugs, the violence and the troubles but i cant complain cause my mother gave me the best life she could.

3. What made you want to get into wrestling?

I was always a wrestling fan, my earliest memories were watching saturday superstars on a little black and white tv with a coat hanger as an antenna, and as for what really cemented it for it was catching czw on public access in its realy days. The style of wrestling the presented ( hardcore as well as the junior style) just drew me in.

4. How was it being trained by DJ Hyde?

It wasn’t bad at all, but not to forget Jon Dahmer was also one of my trainers and had a big hand in my training as much as DJ Hyde did but all in all DJ and Dahmer trained me to the best of their abilities. Thanks to them as well as many others who gave me the time of day in order to teach me what they knew is always appreciated.

5. What would you tell somebody who wants to get into Wrestling?

I’d tell them even though wrestling is your dream make sure you have a back up plan ( go to school and get a good education) but always follow that dream and dont let anyone tell you otherwise…only you can make it happen for you.

6. Who is your dream opponent?

Bret Hart

7. Who is your favourite guy you have wrestled against?

Rich Swann or Sami Callihan..cant choose either or.

8. What is the company that would suit you best? (WWE, ROH, TNA etc)

The company i work for right now suits me well (CZW) but of course i aspire for more such as japan and the other big companies of america and europe

9. How is it working for CZW?

It’s great. Everyone in the company is hungry and it makes for a high energy locker room and good environment.

10. Who is your favourite wrestler at the moment?

I don’t know…I appreciate all that so many of the boys in this business give that i cant choose one. There is just too many talented men and women in this business, it’s that hard to choose.

11. Who would you say is the best young guy you have seen?

Most recently i would have to say shane strickland and its easy to say that cause i see him on a monthly basis but outside of that i would say ACH

12. Any funny road stories?

The sad thing is there aren’t too many stories that i could some up in a couple of lines, all i can say is Dave Crist gets naked alot, Sami Callihan falls asleep alot and Rich Swann never stops singing and dancing.

13. What was it like working with Callihan knowing he is in WWE now?

It was good, I learned how to take no prisoners wrestling Sami. It’s better to say i see him as more than a wrestler. He is one of my best friends and someone that i can go to when I am having a tough time.

14. Would you like to open your own academy in the future to train the future of wrestling?

I don’t think so…as a solo person i could not handle all the responsibility and leg work it takes to get a school off the ground and i also feel that a trainer should have a extensive resume and have been somewhere in this business to train others and i have yet do do much of that.

15. Would you come to the UK knowing Southside has a working partnership with CZW?

Yes, honestly i love the UK. I have been there once before and it was a great experience and I hope to visit it at least another time before my time is up.

16. What do you think of Uhaa Nation?

Big and Bad

17. What do you think of the current state of Wrestling?

Wrestling is at another peak in its life…your getting some of the top level stuff on tv and off tv. If you don’t see that than your not looking hard enough. Watch WWE, PWG, CZW, ROH, AAW, WXW, BJW, NJPW, ect.

18. Who is the best promoter you have worked for?

CZW , its easy to say that cause they always took care of me and i have seen them take care of others in the past when injured or shelved for a long period of time.

19. What is the best title you have won?

CZW Wired TV title

20. Any dates you want to plug?

nov. 1st Rockstar Pro wrestling presents Pain on IPPV. also november 2nd CZW presents Night of Infamy

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