Interview : Sinn Bodhi (aka Kizarny and Sinn from the Disciples of the New Church)

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Sinn Bodhi is an Canadian professional wrestler who is billed from Wizard Beach. Sinn has wrestled for both major promotions WWE and TNA in his time (Kizarny in WWE and Sinn in TNA). Sinn retired Jake The Snake Roberts in his final match in LA. Sinn does a lot of Freakshow Wrestling doing a lot of matches normal wrestlers dont dream of such as being taped to a chair and hitting each other with machetes, Sinn does tattooing in Tampa and is a professional tattoo artist in his spare time. He is also a writer, artist and publisher and has done the Fred the Possessed Flower comic book series and with his brother Steven he wrote a comedy horror novel called Between Chapters which was self published in September 2000. Without further a do here is the interview :

1. For those who don’t know you, How would you describe yourself? SB: I am a traveler and student of all things strange. I have earned by moniker “The Warlord Of Weird” I have performed with the biggest Freakshows and wrestling shows on Earth The Carnival Diablo, Jim Rose Circus, WWE, TNA, Guinness World Recorlds, Freakshow Wrestling etc… I have mastered feats unmatched by other wrestlers… Let’s see you’re typical WWE super star drink boiling water with thumb tacks of get BBQ’d in a live electric chair… In short I am a danger, all be it, silly goose!

2. When did you first think I want to be a wrestler? SB: Ever since I was a little itty bitty kid I loved super heroes and wrestling!

3. How was your experience in WWE and would you go back if you had the chance? SB: My experience at WWE was short and thwarted by my being a good little soldier and doing what was asked of me (no matter how stupid) which out question—That is how wrestlers are basically trained… I would definitely go back but I would don’t be hesitant to voice what I could bring to the table… WWE’s politics is choppy water to swim threw…

4. How was TNA for you and how did it feel to return this year?

SB: TNA was my first big break so thank you Jeff Jarrett… I learned how some legends could be awesome and others could be snakes… Thank you Wolfie D (Slash), Father Mitchell, Road Dogg and Shane Douglas for all your wisdom there… It was fun being in a TNA ring again but they are focused on other things is the nicest way I can put it…

5. Would you be up for a return to TNA?

SB: Sure, but I would voice my opinions —same as if I returned to WWE— Me and every wrestler at any company should help the product not strip it of any and everything you can get your paws on… Teach a man to fish and all that Jazz…

6. Would you ever be up for coming to the UK to perform?

SB: I have performed many times long ago in UK and I loved it… I almost moved there in 2006 but at the last minute got hired out of OVW in Lousiville KY for WWE… Thanks Al Snow, danny Davis and Edge! I wrestled a lot for All-Star Wrestling which was a great experience…

7. I heard you and Edge and Christian were childhood friends, Any stories?

SB: Yup too many to tell!!! I remember sitting on the couch with Edge and Christian and some other friends as a child watching Saturday Night’s Main Event… We all watched Jake the Snake DDT Ricky Steamboat on the concrete live!… Those two clowns cried feeling awful for the Dragon whereas I thought ‘Man, I wanna be the guy giving NOT getting DDT’d!’

8. You were married to Stacy ‘The Kat’ Carter, what happened to your marriage and are you still friends?

SB: Well, I’m honestly not sure what happened to my marriage. Seeing as I am a human being with feelings and not just a character in a storyline— AND I’m too far away to slap you… I will remind you that some questions that you ask people are painful…

9. What do you think of Jake Roberts now he is out of the Consequences Crib with DDP?

SB: I think Jake has survived a lot in his life and will now not just survive but rather he will enjoy living. He is very close to me and I only want good things for him.

10. What has been your favourite match in your career?

SB: Retiring Jake in his last singles match in LA was an honor but I want to see him in the Rumble. Wrestling Gangrel while our hands were taped together and armed with machetes was pretty carzy and fun! I love wrestling Funnybone at Freakshow Wrestling… I believe our Carnival Death Match is on Youtube… It takes hardcore to a whole new level with knife throwing, electric chairs, fireworks and way more! As far as being at either WWE or TNA I was much much much prouder of being a part of the New Church than getting stuck being Kizarny.

11. I heard about your psycho circus gimmick, Do you prefer this to just normal technical wrestling? SB: I love variety, it is the spice of life… I like all aspects of wrestling and I am quite proficient at switching geers depending on ‘when in Rome’…

12. What do you think about the current state of wrestling?

SB: I think the guys and girls are more athletic than ever but I think it falls short on the personally side of things… I think both WWE and TNA need to build performers more… For example that’s why a guy like Roddy Piper gets more of a reaction just walking to the ring then most guys get in an entire match…

13. What do you think about Vince McMahon?

SB: I think he is a billionaire that allows million dollar mistakes to have constantly… WWE does a lot of great stuff but they needlessly drop the ball… A lot! Dr. Tom Prichard, Colt Cabana and a long long list of others that fell thru the cracks…

14. Who has been your favourite wrestler to wrestle in your career?

SB: Funnybone, a local Las Vegas based wrestler trained by Nick Bockwinkle… Bone has more skill and passion for wrestling in his pinky then most guys have from head to toe…

15. Any future dates you want to plug? SB: I will be wrestling at the Zombie Walk punk rock show in Longbeach CA this Saturday taking on Techno Destructo formerly of the rock band GWAR. Wrestling Is ART and Territory League is on my to-do-list of chaos! I will be destroying Columbia SC when the Kizarnival comes to town!

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