Interview – ‘Big Bad’ Dave Mastiff

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Dave Mastiff is a professional wrestler hailing from the Black Country in the West Midlands who is a 300 pound monster. He is one of the biggest and best wrestlers in Europe currently. Mastiff has spent time in Pro Wrestling NOAH and has gone toe to toe with Takashi Sugiura for the GHC Championship. In 2009, Mastiff worked in WWE’s former developmental territory OVW and conquered America. He has faced the likes of Michael Elgin, Big Van Walter, Rockstar Spud and Sami Callihan in his career and has only just started and he is not even 30 years old yet. He faced Davey Richards last night for PCW at the event Fright Night Part 2 recording a pinfall against Richards.
This interview was done before Fright Night so one of the questions was correct as of 31/10/13.

1.       For those who don’t know you, how would you describe yourself?

Dedicated, passionate and straight to the point.

2.       When did you first think I want to be a professional wrestler?

Probably as a small child as most kids who watch wrestling want to. On a serious note when I was 15/16.

3.       Who were your heroes growing up in Wrestling?

Shawn Michaels, Hogan, The Rock. As I started training I took on many more influences.

5.       How was your time in OVW, do you have any stories?

It was an amazing experience and such a rich learning curve. I have plenty of stories involving Halloween at Bardstown Forrest, Steak ‘n Shake, a 440bhp dodge charger and a dwarf called Tim promoting a show in ultimate redneck-ville called Irvine.

6.       How is it working in PCW and how do you feel about facing Richards at Fright Night 2

It’s good. Richards is a fine wrestler and it’s always exciting to take on other talented

8.       What promotion in the UK would you love to work for?

I’m lucky in the respect I do or have worked for the best and mainstays. As far as anything new goes, maybe ICW in Scotland as they’re doing good business right now.

9.       Would you ever work for example in Japan if you were given the chance?

Yes, that’s my goal.

10.   Who has been your favourite import to wrestle?

Lots of guys. Sami Callihan, Michael Elgin, Takeshi Morishima. Most of all due to the amount I learnt and the influence he had in me; Nick ‘Eugene’ Dinsmore.

11.   Do you have any tips for anybody getting into wrestling?

Treat yourself as an athlete, be prepared to work harder than you ever thought you would have to, respect the job, remember the business does not owe you a thing. Finally, enjoy the ride.

12.   What is your dream match?

Vs Shawn Michaels.

13.   Do you have any career goals you want to achieve?

Yes, many. That’s what keeps me motivated.

14.   You have wrestled for many promotions in 2013, which one has been your favourite to work for and why?

I enjoy working for all the promotions I work for due to them all being full of talent and well run.

15.   Who has been your favourite promoter to work for in your career?

I couldn’t pick a best. Could probably pick a worst though.

16.   What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling?

On the whole the plethora of talent is it’s strongest in years. However there is probably an over saturation of promotions and still too many terrible ‘wrestlers’ and cowboy promoters that need terminating.

17.   What is your stance on imports coming over here?

If they add value to a product and are prepared to work then fine.

18.   Which company do you think would suit you best out of WWE, TNA and ROH etc?

The one that could give me the most success.

19.   Could you give links to where the readers can find you?

Search Facebook for ‘official Dave Mastiff’ and @DaveMastiff on twitter. Also check out my sponsors @suplexwrestling

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