Interview : Drew Gulak

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Drew Gulak is a professional wrestler hailing from Pennsylvania. At the young age of 26 Gulak is the current CZW World Heavyweight Champion and has appeared for such promotions as Beyond Wrestling, EVOLVE, DGUSA and WXW as well as the company which basically brought him his fame now CZW. Gulak has just been over here in the UK appearing for Southside Wrestling Entertainment at their show Crossing the Line in September in which he faced MK McKinnan for the title he currently holds and also wrestled for IPW:UK over here. Gulak is a one to watch in my opinion and could end up in one of the big companies e.g WWE, ROH or TNA very soon if he keeps going as he is. I am honored to bring you this interview today!

1 – For those who don’t know you how would you describe yourself?

The politically motivated World Champion of Combat Zone Wrestling.

2 – When did you first think I want to be a wrestler?

When I was 3 year’s old.

3 – Any tips for up and coming wrestlers?

Train hard and listen well.

4 – You wrestled for Southside how was that experience and would you come back?

I loved it and yes.

5 – You were trained by Hero Quackenbush and Skayde how was that and how hard was it?

The most enriching experience I could have ever asked for. The training was very difficult.

6 – You are the current CZW world heavyweight champion how did it feel to win that?

Fulfilling and motivational.

7 – How is it working in CZW?


8 – Dream match?

Ken Shamrock

9 – Favourite ever wrestling match?

Steve Grey vs. Mark Rocco finals of the Knockout Tournament.

10 – What do you think of MK McKinnan?

He’s the strongest real life elf I’ve ever met.

11 – Who do you want to face on the Southside roster next?

Haskins, Kirby, or Ligero.

12 – Which wrestlers do you like in Britain?

You mean besides Tony Spitfire?

13 -Which wrestlers do you like in the CZW roster?

All of them.

14 – Would you ever work in WWE TNA or ROH and if so which one and why?

Yes. All of them. Because I love wrestling.

15 – Favourite promoter you have worked for?

Maven Bentley. The Bens and Martin have special places in my heart as well.

Finally where can we find you and any dates you want to plug? @DrewGulak on Twitter Cage of Death XV is on Saturday December, 14th and it’ll be streamed live at!

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