Interview : Davey Boy (from the Bucky Boys)


Davey Boy also known as Davey Blaze and Dave Rampage is a Scottish professional wrestler who has been wrestling for 3 years up and down Scotland and now is making his way down slowly to England wrestling for the likes of House of Pain Evolution and All Star Wrestling and is going to be coming to Southside on the 9th of March. He is part of the tag team with Stevie Boy known as The Bucky Boys which he is most famous for.and are nicknamed ‘Scotland’s Wildest Tag Team’ They refer to themselves as NEDS (Non Educated Delinquents) and drink Buckfast on the way to the ring! 

1. For those who don’t know you, how would you describe yourself?

Well for everyone who doesn’t know I would probably describe myself as a down to earth person, respectful, i would do anything for my friend’s in and outside of wrestling, and lastly i am a very hard working man and will do anything to be successful in my life.


 2. When did you think I first wanted to be a wrestler?

I first thought about being a professional wrestler when i was five years old then of course when i was growing the same as any other boy in Glasgow i got into a gang started drinking and fighting, then we were sitting in this house and a promo video for one of WWE’s PPV came on and i said i want to be a WWE wrestler then got laughed at and was made a fool. Then i got my head kicked in and was in a coma for two weeks in hospital and that’s when i said F*** it am going to prove them wrong and now nearly five years later am one of the youngest hottest prospects in the UK today.


 3. You wrestle predominately for ICW, how is it working in ICW and the atmosphere as its an over 18’s promotion?

Yes myself and Stevie Xavier/Stevie Boy are working predominately for Insane Championship Wrestling. Yes everything is working really well at the moment for The Bucky Boys, The ICW management have gave us so many fantastic opportunities and we have seized every single one of them.  The atmosphere in the Insane asylum is F***ING amazing, from the moment our music hits and we walk out that curtain we can’t hear our self’s think and they respect and love us and if you don’t believe me get your back side’s to Glasgow and watch a show.


4. You are wrestling for Southside in March, have you got a message for the fans and what are they in for? Yes that’s right THE BUCKY BOYS will be debuting for Southside Wrestling Entertainment on March 9th, the fans will be in for a hell of a night and will go home happy and my message is HERE WE HERE WE HERE WE F***ING GO.


5. How did the Bucky Boys start?

three years ago ICW promoter Mark Dallas pulled me and Stevie aside and said ” boys I’ve got this minted gimmick and you both suit it to a T, he said he had this gimmick for three years in a book called The Bucky Boys and would like us to play the role of two NED’s”. And we said ok cool lets do this and now three years later we are the best tag team to come out of Glasgow recently and now England want us. 

6. What is your dream match?

The Bucky Boys dream match would need to be with former TNA superstar’s The Young Bucks, Now who wouldn’t want to see that happen.

 7. What’s the story behind you drinking Buckfast before matches?

Well when we are performing for Insane Championship Wrestling myself, Stevie & THE WEE MAN will tan a bottle of Buckfast between us so we can go out their tipsy, buzzing and ready to smash somebody’s C*** in like a dog eating Beet Root, as Ric Flair said “living the gimmick baby woo”. 


8. When did you get into wrestling (watching)?

I got into watching wrestling when it was the Attitude ERA because my brothers used to watch it all the time so i guess that’s when it started for me.


9. Who were your heroes in Wrestling growing up?

Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock. Batista & Rick Rude.

10. Who do you think is the best wrestler in the UK currently (except for yourself)?

The best wrestler currently would in my choice would have to be Kris Travis.


11. What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling currently?  I think the British wrestling scene today is in a fantastic state at the moment. If you look at company’s in Scotland such as PWE, PBW, BCW, ICW & SWA are doing amazing and then south of the border in England you have company’s like Rev Pro, PCW, Southside, IPW:UK, Infinite Promotions & etc are doing fantastic as well and at the moment there’s a lot of fresh hot talent coming through that every fan should look out for.

12. You wrestled for House of Pain Evolution this year, how was that experience and would you go back? Yes myself and Kid Fite (The Knockout Kings) wrestled for HOP.E and it was my first time working STIXX and one of his lads and really had a lot of fun and the crowd was fantastic. And yes I would go down and work for House Of Pain Evolution again.


 13. You normally only work in Scotland but with you wrestling in the UK does it show that you are just getting bigger ?

Yes I am making a fantastic name for myself working in Scotland because of the high profile company’s we are lucky to have. And then I work in England as well and that also helps me get bigger, am really thankful and grateful for every single company booking me and giving me a chance to perform in front of their crowds.


14. Where can the fans find you on social media?

UK wrestling fans can find me on Twitter @daveyblazeUK & @THEBUCKYBOYS.


15. Any future dates you want to plug?

Yes here for my dates for now in 2014.

January 25: Infinite Promotions

January 26th: ICW third annual square go

January 31st: Premier British Wrestling

February 9th: Tidal International Wrestling

March 1st: Premier British Wrestling

March 7th: Pro Wrestling Elite

March 8th: Tidal International Wrestling

March 9th: Southside Wrestling Entertainment

March 15th: Premier British Wrestling

March 21st: Premier British Wrestling PRESENT’s ROCK & WRESTLE 2

March 29th: Premier British Wrestling

May 2nd: Premier British Wrestling PRESENT’s BREAKING LIMITS 9

May 17th: Pro Wrestling Elite

June 7th: Premier British Wrestling

June 8th: Tidal International Wrestling

July 19th: Pro Wrestling Elite

September 13: Pro Wrestling Elite

October 3rd: Premier British Wrestling

October 4th: Premier British Wrestling

November 1st: Premier British Wrestling PRESENT’s MAXIMUM IMPACT

November 22nd: Premier British Wrestling

November 28th: Premier British Wrestling

November 29th: Premier British Wrestling

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