Interview : Tyler Bate


Tyler Bate is a professional wrestler from Netherton, Dudley. He has been wrestling for a year and has since wrestled for Fight Club Pro, Great Bear Promotions, Triple X Wrestling, Attack! Pro Wrestling, Kamikaze Pro, AMP Wrestling and finally appearing for the first time for Southside Wrestling Entertainment at their Day of Reckoning last month on their Supershow weekend in a Speed King Scramble for the title. He is one of the best young wrestlers in the UK and will be wrestling in a 4-way elimination match in the Infinity tournament vs Lee and Jim Hunter and Mark Haskins.

1. For those who don’t know you, how would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a hybrid between a classic world of sport British style wrestler and today’s indy style wrestler.

2. When did you think I first wanted to be a wrestler?

I first decided that I wanted to be a wrestler after one night when my cousin was round mine, he brought the smackdown game round. Since playing that game I was glued to wrestling.

3.  You started you’re in ring career in 2012, how does it feel to be a year into your wrestling career?

It feels great to be a year into my wrestling career, I feel like I have come far in this short time and I only hope to grow.

4. You wrestled at Southside Wrestling Entertainment’s Day Of Reckoning on the Supershow weekend, How was that experience for you and would you come back to Southside in 2014?

Wrestling at Southside was a real treat for me, I got to work with some new people and all the guys down there were brilliant. I would go back in a heart beat.

5. You also wrestle for Kamikaze Pro and have done for two shows, do you want to come back in 2014 considering they have Trent Barreta in March?

Kamikaze Pro are a cool promotion going in the Midlands right now, I’m quite close to the guys that run the joint and I would happily go back in 2014.

6. What is your dream match?

My dream match….. It would have to be to wrestle none other then Kane. Kane is the guy that got me into wrestling and I think he is an absolute boss. It would truly be an honor of mine to be in the ring with such greatness.

7. I have heard people rave about you at Triple X and Fight Club Pro, is the atmosphere different as it’s an Over 18’s promotion and can you do more in these promotions?

Triple X and Fight Club Pro are to very unique promotions. Both are tons of fun to work on and the quality of wrestling is fantastic, I would recommend either to anyone. Fight Club Pro trained me up to what I am today!

8. When did you get into wrestling (watching)?

I started watching wrestling in around 2005 when I was 7-8 years old.

9. Who were your heroes in Wrestling growing up?

My heroes in wrestling growing up were Kane without a doubt, but also people like Rey Mysterio and Paul London because I was just in amazement watching these little guys overcome the big heels with their flips and what not.

10. Who do you think is the best wrestler in the UK currently (except for yourself)?

The best in the UK is Zack Sabre Jr.

11. What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling currently?

The state of British Wrestling right now is just good. Not great but good, but with that I think that the British Wrestling scene will continue to grow into something beautiful haha.

12. Just announced is that you are taking on The Hunter Brothers and you are teaming with Mark Haskins for Fight Club Pro, What do you think about this match and have you got any words for The Hunters?

The match at Fight Club Pro is an elimination 4 way match haha. The Hunters are fantastic workers and majorly underrated in the UK. They helped train me to what I am today and my only words to them are… Good Luck guys!

13. You have also wrestled for Great Bear Promotions, How is the atmosphere there considering it is the other side of the country?

I love Great Bear Promotions. I made my debut there against Chris Brookes who is a tremendous worker, he is another guy that is constantly overlooked considering the talent he has. Great Bear took me in and have given me great opportunities and I will continue to help them and work for them whenever needed.


14. Where can the fans find you on social media?

Fans can find me on social media through my Facebook: or my twitter:

15. Any future dates or projects you want to plug?

Fight Club: Pro the Friday of course, it’s gonna be awesome! & Attack Pro Wrestling are running a 3 day Christmas tour. Day 1 in Bristol 20th. Day 2 in Cardiff 21st. Finally, day 3 in Dudley 22nd of this month. I highly recommend any wrestling fan attend these events, they are filled with awesome talent and tickets are selling so get on it!

You can see Tyler tomorrow (Friday 13th December) for Fight Club Pro at the Planet Nightclub in Wolverhampton!
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