Interview : ‘Superstylin’ Sam Bailey


Sam Bailey is a professional wrestler (not her from the X Factor) based in the North of England. He has wrestled for 7 years and has since wrestled in every major British company! Trained by British Wrestling legend Alex Shane and Declan O’Connor, He is one of the best and most underrated British wrestlers! Sam has been part of our affiliate NGW since it’s incarnation and has since won both major titles in NGW! He is the man who i am bringing you today!

1. For those who don’t know who you are, How would you describe yourself?

I’m The fun loving Fro wearing disco loving Wrestling from the city of Champions Manchester. Who loves nothing more than sharing Manchester’s glorious historical victories with anyone who’ll listen. Mainly a Tag Team Wrestler, being in Team GB with Zack Gibson, Notorious B.A.D with Sean Daniels and formally in WKD with Matt Taylor and Disco Madness with Mad Man Manson.

2. When did you think I want to be a wrestler and Any tips for up and coming wrestlers?

My “I want to be a Wrestler” moment was actually a friend of mine needing a friend to go the Futureshock Wrestling’s training school, I was always a fan of wrestling growing up, but I was much more focused on football or squash. But after my first session I was hooked! it even resulted in me acquiring my first job just to pay for training.

Best advice to anyone starting up is do your homework… google a few schools nearby and see which ones have the best following and have been going the longest time, there are so many upstart training schools that have trainers that can’t do the basics themselves. If you can, message a wrestler on the UK scene (Like El Ligero/RJ Singh for example) and see where he/she recommends. Most importantly, open your ears and listen to everything! you never know how helpful it could be…

3. How is it working in PCW and Futureshock?

PCW is interesting, meeting people on the way down (former WWE names) with people on the way up (Also sometimes former WWE stars and US Indy names) mixed in the the best in the UK today, creates some amazing matches and experiences, myself working with Nigel McGuiness will always be one ticked off the bucket list. but recently it seems to have lacked in any direction and supporting others opinions of the product on Social media seems to have ended my relationship with PCW, which is fine. No bitter pill. wish them the best!

Futureshock is where I “grew up” in terms of wrestling and will always be my home. Having a chance to train with some of the newer stars in the UK scene and throw my input makes everything in wrestling worth it.

4. We have seen you before in LCW, do you think you will be returning in 2014?

I unfortunately never made it to my match in LCW (With Xander Cooper) but i’d love to go down one day, Xander talks highly of the product, so i’d like to add it to my promotions list one day.

5. You have wrestled in NGW since its incarnation, how does it feel to be one of the originals and to see it now in 2013?

NGW was something I’ve watched be “Just another 3 initial Promotion” turn into the best hidden gem in the UK. Their production alone is along with PCW the best around the UK today and I don’t always agree with every decision they make talent wise, they always have a plan, a story, a reason, a resolve. And I love that about NGW. Happy to be included as one of the originals.

6. Speaking of NGW, You lost to Colossus Kennedy and Stixx at Eternal Glory 2013 will you and Zack Gibson be going back after the titles and do you have a message for Kennedy and Stixx?

As a tag team, myself and Zack Gibson seem to have dominated NGW, so we may lick our wounds and await the right moment before taking our Tag Team Championships back… I mean carrying a company on our backs for 400 days wasn’t easy

7. What is your dream match?

Already had them.. v Zack Gibson (infinite Promotions) & Nigel McGuiness (PCW)

8. You have recently wrestled for Pro Wrestling 4 U and HXC and recently lost to Cyanide twice, do you think that you two will cross paths again sooner rather than later?

Cyanide I have wrestled a ton of times, and for some reason people love to see him kill me, so i’m sure we’ll be in a ring again soon.

9. You have recently left Great Bear Promotions, how was your overall time at Great Bear and even though you lost a loser leaves Great Bear match do you think you will ever go back?

Great Bear was great to me, they gave me free reign and allowed me to be as daft or as serious as I felt that day.. (I’ve been CM Bailey and Sam Cena) And I’ll have another look at the contract I signed and see if I can find a loophole to return one day soon.

10. Any future dates you want to plug and where can everyone find you on Social Media?

Check out my Twitter (Not the X-Factor one) @SamBailey58 or like me on Facebook to find out where and when I’m wrestling next! But just support your local promotion, so we can all help to continue to entertain you!

Of course check out Sam’s links! and follow me on Twitter : @samgthe1st

Before i give you my dose of links to use, the blog has been booming and it was 1,000 views a few weeks ago but we are now 2,000 and get about 90 views a day! I would love to thank each and everybody who has supported me or even viewed my blog! You guys rock!

NGW’s next show is on December 21st where Sam Bailey will be taking on Matt Myers buy tickets here :

Tidal Wrestling will have a tour in February, not everything is confirmed yet but here is a link to tickets for Leeds :

Scottish Wrestling Alliance are holding their end of year show on December 21st at the Source Wrestling School and its only £5 if your down there get yourself there, more info :

4FW have their final show of the year tomorrow with some top talent! : You can still buy tickets!

DOA still have a show tomorrow as well, They went through some minor issues with injured talent but it just means a change to the  card and Tickets are still available but the link is broken so i will update the article as of when i get ticket links!

Pro Wrestling Chaos have confirmed their first run of shows for next year, Buy tickets here

Grab your tickets to Real Deal Wrestling, my newest affiliates first show in 2014 with Trent Barreta by going to Grimsby Central Hall on Jan 6 2014 to buy tickets 

Finally buy tickets to a new promotion who have a great card lined up as well as a former WWE Superstar, Thames Valley Wrestling :


I don’t know when the next interview will be but keep supporting me and i will inform everyone when this will be and if your going to Wrestling this weekend have fun!


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