DVD Review : NGW 5th Anniversary



This event took place on Saturday July 6th 2013 at The Eastmount Centre in Hull, 6 matches took place on the card and the DVD for this event is what i am reviewing today!

The DVD starts with a package showcasing the wrestlers back when they first appeared in NGW to now in 2013 including the likes of Dara Diablo, Matt Myers, Nathan Cruz and Sam Bailey.

The DVD then goes to Stixx and Dave Mastiff the first match of the evening. Mastiff plays the heel being booed and heckled by the crowd.  Mastiff normally plays heel so it doesn’t  change in this one. Stixx plays the face and the crowd goes nuts. A little stat for you as well this match was the main event of the first event Genesis 2008.

Mastiff gets the initial collar and elbow tie up but Stixx gets out, They then have a shoulder block contest which ends up the duo bumping in to each other countless times with no one getting the upper hand until Mastiff gets a boot at the end and then Stixx comes back as does a scoop slam.

After this the battle of the big men continues with both of the men getting offence. Stixx and Mastiff do not cut corners and beat the crap out of each other. Mastiff has most of the offence but Stixx was still fighting. Stixx then comes back with a blackhole slam but Mastiff does come back again. Stixx hits a spear on his second attempt and then securing the 3 count.

We then have a video package for Caz Crash (member of the heel group The Proven) vs  Dara Diablo (member of the Los Amigos with El Ligero) hyping the feud and the up and coming match. Caz Crash was accompanied by Scott Adams and Sam Wilder the other members of the proven to a heel reaction from the crowd but not as much as Mastiff earlier. Dara Diablo was circled by The Proven but he kicked them losing the chairs but the numbers game was applied and he was beaten up and fed to Caz Crash. Caz Crash got a 2 count within the first 30 seconds. Diablo got back into the match using his high flying moves against Caz Crash. Things got more even as Adams and Wilder were sent backstage. We got back and forth for a long while with both men having equal offence but I would say that Crash was the man most on top of the action basically not letting Diablo get up and beating the crap out of Diablo including a few illegal moves on the ropes. You can never count out Diablo out though as he kept on coming back from whatever pain Caz Crash put him through! Even when Diablo botched a moonsault with Crash getting out of the way he still kicked out. Diablo tried to use the chair but was taken off him, when the ref was putting it away Diablo was distracted as well as the ref. Diablo turned round and was whacked with a steel chair and got the 3 count and removed the evidence so the ref didn’t never knew!

The next match was Nathan Cruz, one of my favourite British wrestler’s vs. Matt Myers who I will be interviewing very soon! A video package aired showcasing the feud before tonight’s match. Tonight’s match was billed as a One More Time match between the two! Nathan Cruz comes out to a mixed reaction from the fans and comes out in his normal Showstealer attire and gimmick instead of a Screw Indy Wrestling shirt and Jack Daniels. Matt Myers comes out to a face reaction and a standing ovation from the NGW faithful.  They start with a collar and elbow tie up with Nathan Cruz getting the upper hand and driving Matt Myers into the turnbuckle and then hits him with a chop. We then go to another collar and elbow tie up and Matt Myers gets a chop doing the same as Cruz. We get a third one that ends up with a wrist lock from Myers with Cruz getting the reversal and turning it to a forearm wrist lock. After this it becomes really fast paced with both wrestlers trying to execute moves and both getting reversals. Instead of another tie up there is a kick to the stomach with Myers reversing and doing a crossbody to Cruz off the top rope.  I would say this is my favourite match so far with the amount of fast paced wrestling and these two gel really well in the ring together. It wasn’t just another normal wrestling match where the heel gets some offence then the face comes back they both got equal offence and equal reversals. Myers put everything on the line including getting a moonsault which landed on his feet. Myers spilled into the crowd after trying to kick Cruz into the guard rail which showed once again the equal reversals with this match. That is the good thing about NGW they have matches that grip you with these sort of wrestlers who gel in the ring together such as Myers and Cruz and Ligero and Haskins. The crowd was mixed as I said before and there was a split with those who want Matt to win and those who want Nathan to win. Matt Myers was put through hell and back but would not lose to Cruz and Cruz was put through the same and that is what made it so good! Nobody knew when the three count would be achieved. It ended up a disqualification as The Proven came out and beat up Matt Myers including handcuffing him to the ring posts. Strike 2 was administered on Nathan Cruz by The Proven and Matt Myers look on helpless as The Proven assaulted Nathan Cruz with a Shield/Nexus style beating but they didn’t just do one move each they did about 3 moves each on a helpless Nathan Cruz. Nathan was knocked unconscious by them being landed into the turnbuckle but they kept going.  Crash cut a promo saying ‘I told you I would administer strike two tonight’ Crash then went onto talk about Cruz cutting a promo about Rampage Brown and where is he and then Brown returned with the old NGW title piledriving Nathan Cruz in the middle of the ring!

 The former WWE developmental talent did another piledriver and a submission with Crash shouting down Cruz’s ears saying how does it feel Nathan! Nathan was attended to as you could see he was knocked out cold and G-Man took the cuffs off Matt Myers! Nathan was taken off on a stretcher by the NGW staff.

The next match was a Newcomers Contract match between Paul Ryker who appeared at Destiny as a entrant who was never entered into the match and Ryu Kilik an unknown wrestler who I have never heard of. From the start Ryu chopped Paul which made him angry and you could see the size and the strength difference from the offset but Ryu held his own in this match and was really impressive with high flying ability and technical ability evident. Every single time Ryker went for him he used his quickness to reverse. This match was a battle of Speed and agility vs Strength and the duo both had that in abundance which made this a great match overall! Stixx came out when Ryker was on the top rope and Kilik got a quick roll up and earned himself a NGW contract!

The next match was a handicap match between Team GB (Sam Bailey and Zack Gibson) and Colossus Kennedy! Team GB get a heel reaction from the crowd and then Bailey cut a promo about the fact that they are undefeated and Bailey’s mic skills were really good! Colossus Kennedy came out after this to a great reaction to the crowd. They were really behind Kennedy, Team GB started mauling Kennedy but Kennedy came back as soon as they started absolutely decimating Team GB. Kennedy was just about to win but the ref’s leg got pulled. Team GB tried their hardest to get back in and started laying into Colossus but the ref told Team GB they could not have two wrestlers in the ring at once so it turned into tag conditions for GB. It didn’t work for GB and having 2 people did not matter and Kennedy was fine on his own. After two super kicks to the face, Kennedy was knocked out so Team GB ended up winning against Kennedy showing everybody that Team GB could do any sort of match.


It was then the main event between two of my favourite wrestlers El Ligero and Mark Haskins. El Ligero got a huge reaction from the crowd and why shouldn’t he is one of if not the best face in Europe today. Mark Haskins was playing the heel in today’s match a role he normally plays in all major companies. Haskins was being arrogant as usual and that’s one of the reasons why he is so good.

Ligero drove Haskins into the corner after the first collar and elbow tie up and Skins drove Ligero into the corner on the second one! Haskins went for a chop but it was a bad mistake as Ligero slapped him about 5-6 times. Haskins did a snapmare and got Ligero into a chin lock putting Ligero into pain. Ligero tried to break it with a leg scissors and the two traded pinfalls and as G-Man said on commentary they are putting on a clinic which is true to life with this match. Ligero showed his high flying agility after this trading of pinfalls and submissions. After Ligero chopped Haskins,  Haskins spat in his face. Haskins smashed his face into the steel ring post and trapping his arm on the guard rail. He continued to work the arm of Ligero. His arm went through so much pain and you could see it as he was shouting! He refused to let go of the injured arm and kept going for the arm. Haskins was being his normal smug self when Ligero was recovering. Haskins showed a masterclass on how to dismantal somebody’s arm. Ligero refused to give in though and fought back into the match including a hurricanerana and the fans got even more behind him. Ligero jumped into the crowd and you could tell he was on the edge of the ropes as he nearly fell off and you could see it. They went back in and they kept having equal offence and they kept kicking out of each others moves! Haskins was distracted and Ligero smashed him into the corner with a dropkick. I was surprised Haskins came back from it. James Tyler the ref got a superkick as well when Haskins got out of the way of Ligero’s incoming superkick. As he was down, Rampage Brown came down and beat the living hell out of El Ligero. The Proven then came down and beat up El Ligero as well as Mark Haskins and they got the ref in to get the three count basically giving Mark Haskins the win for him to retain the title. Luke Ingomelds then get beaten up by the Proven and then Caz Crash sarcastically said ‘Sorry for ruining the 5th Anniversary’. The next shows repercutions got told of including the reveal of the anonymous GM of NGW and that NGW is on stand by.  Stixx and Dara Diablo then came down and everybody exited the ring and The Proven left out of the side door which signalled the end of the show.

Overall score : 10/10

This promotion keeps getting better and better and this show showed it, I thought that Destiny was amazing but this was even better. Great matches from start to finish and if you are able to get down to NGW or even buy the DVD’s you are in for a treat. I cannot wait for the next instalment as and when I am sent it and when I get sent DVD’s I always put NGW on top of the pile as I know it will be the one I want to watch and the production values  were amazing once again and I would happily NGW are the best for production in the UK

I would like to thank Rich from NGW for sending this out to me! Please go and support NGW at the links below!

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