End of Year Review

I decided not to do the awards as i had no nominations, I am going to give my views on the Best Wrestler etc. but i have taken some categories out such as Worst worker and replaced them with Female categories so i hope you enjoy!

Best British Male Worker

Mark Haskins


A lot of people will be arguing about the likes of Zack Sabre Jr. but Zack has not been in the UK that much this year and has been over in Japan for nearly all of his dates. Mark has been working his ass of all year and this has been his busiest year ever in terms of the number of promotions worked for according to cagematch.net he has worked for 20 different promotions and has worked more than 2 matches on average for each promotion. Ever since doing his last dates for TNA which will be two years in a few days time, Mark has just got better and better and better and has showed wrestlers and fans alike that he is a force to be reckoned with on the British scene hence him getting that amount of bookings this year. Mark is a personal favorite of mine and eclipses even the likes of Sabu and Ricochet and all the WWE, TNA or ROH wrestlers i watch. He is a great wrestler and is one of the best heels in the country today! Hopefully if he is in Japan next year he will show the world and not just us that he is meant to be on that world stage.

Best Female Worker


Kay Lee Ray

Kay Lee Ray has had an amazing year at the top of female wrestling and has showed everyone that women’s wrestling is not just a toilet break. Ray ended last year and started this year wrestling on a tour of Japan for promotions such as JWP and Stardom. She has also wrestled the likes of Portia Perez and former WWE/TNA star Awesome Kong also known as Kharma as well as doing a lot of mixed gender matches as well with such wrestlers as Bubblegum and Mikey Whiplash. I predict even huger things for Kay Lee Ray in 2014 so watch this space!

Best Event

A Merchandise ‘presents Live Wrestling in Bedford’


A Merch’s first tour under this banner. The team that brought you DG:UK and NOAH in the UK bring you the same sought of show minus the Japanese talent such as CIMA and BxB Hulk. An event i went to myself was highlighted by Marty Scurll vs Ricochet a match which when it makes it to DVD is a must watch whether you were there or not. Got to meet Ricochet and Lion Kid that night, They are back at the end of Feb which unfortunately i will not be able to attend but i will be attending the October edition if there is one in Bedford that month. Brought the best of British together in a place fit for wrestling as well as the match at the end of his tour from Ricochet before he went back to light up the states and could be on his way to WWE.

Best Match

Marty Scurll vs Ricochet

A match that i talked about above. A never before seen match that i absolutely loved and at the end Ricochet got a standing ovation from everybody which was pretty damn special in my opinion and even my Dad was up on his feet giving Ricochet the ovation he deserved. Great match overall and capped off the great show and wiped the fact i was annoyed that Mastiff did not turn up so we only had 4 matches.
Best Unsung Male Worker


Tyler Bate

It was very close between himself and Ryan Smile but Tyler picks up the acclaim. A great year for Tyler in only his second year in Wrestling, He has wrestled for three of the best companies in the UK today (Southside, Kamikaze Pro and Fight Club Pro) and if this year is anything to go by 2014 will be Bate’s year. A man who i have recently interviewed will be huge over here in the UK in 2014 i can guarantee.

Best import to come to Britain this year


When people heard about the ECW hardcore legend coming to the country everyone went into a frenzy including myself who got the opportunity to meet and see Sabu wrestle live and in person. A lot of people will argue about Liger and Ultimo Dragon but Sabu did do nearly every promotion who was going to offer him money in the country which meant basically anyone within a 30 mile radius of Wrestling would more than likely have Sabu so it gave everyone something special including myself as i did not see Dragon or Liger live.

Best Promotion in the UK


Southside Wrestling Entertainment

A lot of people will say about PCW but Southside has been the most consistent promotion on the British isles for 3 years bringing in some of the best imports and even when they don’t bring in imports their shows shine still. Staging Speed King which is one of the best tournaments in the UK today which is flooded to by people from all over the UK and probably even Europe already for Speed King 2014 they have Petey Williams, Mark Andrews and AR Fox announced which is good enough alone! 2014 will be their year once again and Southside is a promotion that i will be going to see in March but more info later!

Promotion to watch out for in 2014


Extreme American Wrestling (EAW)

The first promotion i visited in 2013 in my travels for their Sabu show, I thought everyone who was on the show was great and were top talents. Since then they have had Doug Williams, Kay Lee Ray, Stixx etc and a ton of House of Pain trainees which is always great to see. I will be visiting EAW a few times hopefully in 2014 and even though they have been around years theybreally got out there in 2013 so they will be ones to watch in 2014!

Best British Wrestling podcast

The Indy Corner

Stu has had a stellar 2nd half of 2013 after the podcast closed in the middle of 2013, Stu basically resurrected the show and restarted it and it has been a joy to listen to ever since. Gives me all my weekly British Indy News when i don’t know it yet and gives me some of the best interviews with the likes of Jim Cornette and Rocky Romero. Was very close between BritWresChat and The Indy Corner but Stu does it all on his own while they all do it together at BritWresChat

Best live wrestling talk show


Total Wrestling Show

Dan and the team have also had a great year. Have had some amazing Total Talks and it is a joy to listen to every single week. Started listening around August 2013 and have not missed a show since then and i always rush home on a Sunday to listen and i always seem to cannot wait until 7 on a Sunday even though i have school in the Morning. In my opinion TWS will have an even better 2014.

Best DVD

NGW 5th Anniversary

A great DVD with amazing production values and frankly a DVD every body should be picking up. Has some great storylines and if you want to read the review please go to the post before this one where you will be able to see that review. WARNING! PLEASE VIEW THE OTHER DVDS AS YOU WILL NOT GET THE STORYLINES!

2013 has been the first year of BWR and i am not slowing up yet. I will continue to conduct interviews and go to shows and hopefully this is just the start for BWR.

Your support keeps the blog going and hopefully i will have the continued support of the MILLIONS of BWR fans!

I would also like to thank the affiliates because without them on board i wouldn’t be able to give you guys DVD reviews and their shares make my blog thrive so thank you to them and i hopefully will be adding more very soon!

Hope everybody has had a good 2013 and i will see you in 2014

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