Indy Power Rankings for the Week of December 30th, 2013

Here is my last post of the year and the last Indy Power Rankings of this year! Remember to follow the links i use above!


  1. Michael Elgin-He begins 2014 the way much of 2013 was for him…Unbreakable. This weekend he went 2-0 in singles (and 3-0 overall) with an AIW Absolute Title win when he defeated “All Ego” Ethan Page. He also defeated Knight Wagner once again at AAW. It looks like 2014 is once again going to be his year.
  1. Shane Hollister-“The Shug” is now a 2 time AAW Heavyweight Champion after defeating Kevin Steen for the very title that was taken from him several weeks ago. Hollister starts out 2014 on the right track with such a big title win. Could this be the year where he scores his first ever #1 ranking?
  1. Louis Lyndon-Speaking of starting 2014 right, Louis Lyndon may have picked up his biggest win of his career over the weekend as he retained his AIW Intense Title vs. Kevin Steen on 12/27. 2013 was certainly a very good year for Lyndon, but 2014 could be even bigger based on the first weekend.
  1. Lince Dorado-This lucha kitty started out 2014 fast and furious as he picked up 2 singles victories over the weekend. First he went to NWA Florida Underground and defeated Mr. 450 and Romeo Rozel in a #1 Contender Match for the NWA FUW Flash Title. He then went to the Beyond Tapings and defeated Maxwell Chicago. It looks to be an exciting year for Dorado.
  1. Vinny Marseglia-Not only is this his first time ranked in 2014, it’s his first time ranked, period. His victory in the TRP Spindle City Rumble on 12/27 catapulted him into the very first Indy Power Rankings of 2014. If he can continue this type of success, 2014 could very well be his breakout year.


  1. Colt Cabana-A 2-0 weekend for “Boom Boom” lands him in a familiar place in the Indy Power Rankings. First, he defeated Tracy Smothers at AIW on 12/27 before travelling to AAW on 12/28 and defeating Tweek Phoenix. This ambassador for indy wrestling just keeps chugging along into 2014.


  1. Arik Royal-The CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion returns on the very first edition of the Indy Power Rankings in 2014 as he retained that very title vs. Trevor Lee on 12/28. He does not appear willing to relinquish that title any time soon and that is a very dangerous prospect for any of his challengers.


  1. Silas Young-The miserable workhorse of the indies makes his first Indy Power Rankings appearance as he defeated Eddie Kingston in a HUGE grudge match at AAW on 12/28. After some recent success in ROH as well, it’s looking like people are starting to take notice of Silas Young.


  1. Jimmy Jacobs-“The Zombie Princess” said goodbye to Davey Richards at AAW with a big victory over the American Wolf (Pit Bull?) on 12/28. Jacobs has a lot on the horizon in 2014 so starting out with a hot start is absolutely no surprise at all.


  1. Matt Cage-The AAW Heritage and SCW Heavyweight Champion retained his Heritage title vs. Mallaki Matthews on 12/28 as he continued his impressive, yet surprising title run there. A former #1 in 2013, can he achieve that same type of success in 2014?


Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:


Matt Morgan

Stevie Richards

Christina Von Eerie


Jamin Olivencia

Tim Donst


Lance Lude

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