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This is my first interview of 2014 and i am happy to announce that it is with one of the best wrestler’s in Scotland Lionheart. As well as wrestling for the likes of ICW, PCW (where he is the current champion), Southside Wrestling Entertainment, PBW and BCW he has wrestled for TNA and WWE in 2011 at house shows in which he wrestled Jeff Jarrett at TNA and Justin Gabriel (for WWE). As well as wrestling Lionheart runs his own promotion Pro Wrestling Elite who have had the UK’s top talent as well as AJ Styles, Robbie E, Magnus and Mickie James. He will be facing AJ Styles at PCW in March at Road to Glory 2014 but Without further ado here is the interview with Lionheart!

1. For those who don’t you, how would you describe yourself?

From a professional standpoint just someone who strives to be the best and give the very best performances I can. I love every aspect of wrestling and will continue to do it for as long as I can

2. Have you got any advice to give to somebody who is training or wants to train to be a wrestler?

Make sure you have a reputable school. Do your research into schools in and around your area. There are a lot of schools around and similar to wrestling companies, some are reputable and professionally run, others are nothing more than a playground for people with egos. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If they are reputable and want to run a good business, they’ll have answers for you.

3. How does it feel to finally get your match and Have you got a message for AJ Styles

I’m very much looking forward to wrestling AJ. I’ve had dealings with him before from a more promotional perspective. So I’m very keen to step in the ring with him myself and prove I can hang with him

4. You were recently in TNA Gut Check, Talk us through this and your thoughts on it

My initial thoughts were that it was a fantastic concept and a great and genuine opportunity for guys like me on the independent scene… I probably don’t have that same positive opinion of it now

5. You have imported such stars as AJ Styles, Mickie James, Styles, Magnus and Robbie E to PWE, From this lineup how do you actually feel about a lot of shows just being full of imports?

This is a common discussion I often find myself becoming embroiled in… Here’s the situation. There are positives and there are negatives. People seem very rarely to be able to see both. Most people who take the time to argue the topic are blinded by their own one-sided opinion. It seems to be either “imports are a waste and we should be focussing on British talent” or “Imports draw the crowds so you need them to get big numbers”… For me both statements are not only false, but narrow minded… I’m of the opinion that if promoted and used correctly, International names can be of a huge benefit to any card, especially when booked to work directly with British talent. It gives that British talent the experience of working with a different style of performer, and potentially puts their name on a more International map (depending on the name value of the import)… On the flip side I do see that long terms it can be damaging for several reasons. I can only go with personal experience from my own shows and other shows I’m booked on. There are one or two companies who are fairly “import heavy” and they seem to be making a big success of it just now… Is that going to last forever? Arguably not. But if it’s making money and giving the British talent some exposure and bigger name matches then, is it a good thing? I think so…

6. You were once involved in a match with Jeff Jarrett, How did this come about and how did it feel to face Jeff?

TNA were approaching their Annual European Tour and part of that tour involved Glasgow. At the time they felt having a local star for the Scottish part of the show would help boost ticket sales and local media. They contacted me about working on the show with Jeff and I was very happy to agree. At the time it was a great experience for me to be in the ring with someone as experienced and established as Jeff and the match helped me gain a lot of exposure on the British and European scene.

7. Could you tell the readers where they can buy tickets and DVD’s for PWE and Any future dates or projects you want to plug?

All information is available on our official website

Follow Lionheart on Twitter :

You can buy tickets to the event which includes himself vs Styles, Papa Shango/The Godfather, Chris Masters, Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett at but there is limited tickets left so act now or miss out!

You can view all information on his promotion at the link on question 7

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I should have some more interviews up next week which hopefully you will all enjoy! Thanks for reading!


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