DVD Review : Tidal Wave Tour – Leeds 26/11/13


Tidal Wrestling rolled into Leeds Cockpit for their 1st tour. This was filmed for DVD and was the only show filmed on the tour. This show included top international talent as well as top British talent including the likes of Adam Cole, Colt Cabana and Chuck Taylor as well as the likes of Mark Haskins, Martin Kirby, El Ligero and Kris Travis! The first copies of this release were received by the first people yesterday including myself who was lucky enough to get a review copy because of affiliation! So without further ado here is my review of this DVD and if you want to buy a copy please use the links below and as always follow myself and my affiliates!

We start out with Andy Quildan (also known as the promoter of Revolution Pro Wrestling) who hypes the crowd up for tonight’s action. Our first match is between ‘Party’ Marty Scurll and The Lion Kid. Both wrestlers get a good reception from the Leeds crowd.

Marty cuts a promo about it not being a fair fight between a lion and a man and he shoves a Lion Kid mask on and says lets make it a Lion Kid vs Lion Man. This match is hilarious as the venue is like ICW’s venue with loads of fan interaction especially with Marty Scurll. Scurll was allowed to have fun with the crowd and that showed throughout the match but they combined both the comedy aspect with some pretty damn good wrestling which made for a great opener to the DVD, There was some hilarious moments including a spot where Scurll had him up in the air for 10 seconds and the referee Chris Roberts slamming Scurll by accident and then taking his shirt off and stunning Scurll as well as Scurll’s rendition of In the Jungle with the crowd as well as him taking the mick out of Technical wrestling saying ‘I can do that technical wrestling!’ and doing a load of ground moves. Scurll ended up winning with a chicken wing submission.Rating 8/10 Great opener which showed both men’s ability in a short time frame!

The next match was a match under the British Bombshells banner. The participants were Violet O’Hara, Lana Austin and frankly one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world Leah Von Dutch. Violet O’Hara was the smallest out of the 3 and when she came out she even had somebody chanting is she 14 but she is a great talent in my opinion and that showed in the match. Lana Austin who i will be seeing in March for Southside is one to look out for in the future, she has had a great year winning rookie of the year for Britannia Wrestling Promotions and she looks like she has great potential but Leah Von Dutch was the best wrestler in the 3 way and that is why she appears for the likes of Shine and Shimmer because she is one of the best and showed why in this match and in the end Leah ended up winning in the end after throwing O’Hara out of the ring and then doing a crossbody onto a grounded Austin and pinning her. This was a great taster for when The British Bombshells start this year as their own promotion and they will be back in February in which it will be Kay Lee Ray vs Pollyanna vs Rhia O’Reilly vs Lana Austin in a Four way in which only 2 wrestlers will be in the ring at a given time. Rating 7/10 like i said great taster and i cannot wait to see this new promotion this year!

The next match was Adam Cole and Mark Haskins vs Project Ego (Martin Kirby and Kris Travis). The match started after them all touching Kirby’s bald head and Haskins being kneed down below and this match was hilarious like Scurll vs Lion Kid as the crowd really got into the swing of the event and included 4 of the best battling it out. They even called Mark Haskins Adam Cole and Adam Cole Mark Haskins. This was a great match and as someone at the show who did a review said it was a great match that i hope gets translated well to DVD well in my opinion. In the end Cole and Haskins went away from the comedy and it went into a good wrestling match with Cole and Haskins winning by Pinfall. They even put each others shirts on afterwards which was pretty funny and you couldn’t tell the difference between the duo. Rating 9/10 Great match in my opinion which showcased 3 of the best in Europe as well as one of the best stars in America Adam Cole!

The next match was Dave Mastiff vs Liam Lazarus. This on the off-set was a bit of a squash match but Liam put up a really good fight against the monster which showed why he is one of the best talents in the country but ultimately Mastiff was too much for Liam and Mastiff ended up winning by pinfall. Liam showed why he is now going to be a part of the main roster in this match and was well supported by the fans. Rating 8/10 Great match in which Liam put up a great fight and i am looking forward to what match Liam will be put in next.

The next match was an international challenge match between ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero and ‘The Kentucky Gentleman’ Chuck Taylor. At the start of the match there was some funny stuff including Chuck elbow dropping Ligero’s cape and then Ligero proceeded to grab one of Taylor’s shirts presumably from the merchandise table and elbow dropped that. This carried on for a lot of the match but we saw a quite a lot of brilliance from both participants. Taylor won with a quick roll-up on Ligero which left him baffled.

Rating 8/10 Great match in which we saw some brilliance.

The last match of the evening was between Colt ‘Boom Boom’ Cabana and Rampage Brown. Cabana came out to an electric reception from the crowd; Rampage Brown came out as the heel booed and heckled by the Leeds Cockpit crowd a position he holds in all promotions in the UK i have seen. The theme carried on like the rest of the matches being funny and it was good it being an age restricted show for that reason they were allowed to be funny. This was a hell of a match and really showed both men’s ability in the ring.  This showed why both men were employed to the WWE at one point. The crowd really loved Cabana throughout the match and all match there was shouts of Colt Cabana! Colt Cabana won with a go to sleep which of course is his best friends CM Punk’s finishing move.

Rating 10/10 Great match throughout which was worth the wait! Showed both men’s amazing ability!

Overall Rating  9.5/10 Amazing DVD must buy for everybody who was either at the event or wasn’t! Nothing let this DVD down and i enjoyed it from start to finish

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