Interview : Spyda


Spyda is a professional wrestler who has been wrestling for 7 years performing for the likes of RDW, GWA, All Star Wrestling, PFP and various other promotions round the country. He is a former RDW King of the Castle achieving this in 2010. He has wrestled the likes of Kid Kash and Davey Richards as well as teaming with Ultimo Dragon and all of this happened last year. He is the number 1 contender for the RDW Heavyweight Title and will be facing Havok in a steel cage match for the title.

1&2) Could you tell me the readers a little bit about yourself? What were your beginnings in Wrestling and how did you get into it?

sure, I’m 28 years old I have a long background in a variety of different martial arts mainly karate which I achieved my black belt in at just 12 years old and after a conversation with a good friend of mine I was convinced to give professional wrestling a chance and just found that I had a knack for taking the knocks and bumps and bouncing back

3) You will be facing Havok in a steel cage match at Steel Cage Showdown II in March, do you have any words for Havok and how will it feel to wrestle on the same show as the likes of Ciampa and Barreta?

Havok was my very first opponent in RDW at that time he was the Lincolnshire regional champion a title that I took from him after 3 long years of hard work and now here we are 4 years on and he has what I want. Havok is one of the toughest opponent’s I have faced and I know that he will walk into the steel cage with the same fire as I am and im sure it will be a match that is not to be missed, as for wrestling on the same show as top talents like Baretta and Ciampa im looking forward to the opportunity to talk with them and gain knowledge from their experiences that will help me progress my career.

4) You wrestled Davey Richards in 2013, how was that experience for you and did Richards have any words for you after the match?

Davey was a great guy and a great opponent to face especially now that he has moved onto the big stage where most of us aspire to be if he had anything to say it was to believe in what we do as wrestlers and always put 100% into every match

5) You also wrestled Ultimo Dragon in 2013 teaming with him to face Sykes and King Kendo, how did that feel to wrestle with a legend in the business and what did you think of the match in general?

since I first started watching wrestling the Mexican lucha style has been what has grabbed my attention and is something I have tried to put into my own matches and move set , Ultimo was and still is one of my childhood heroes and to have the opportunity to be on the same show let alone in the same match as him was an experience ill never forget

6) In another match this year you faced Kid Kash which some people said was a classic match, what did you think of that match and with you wrestling so many high profile wrestlers in 2013 do you have high hopes for this year?

Kid Kash kicked my ass it was and probably will remain for some time the most physically demanding match of the last 10 years I have been wrestling. I was nervous as hell going in to the match but after earning a handshake at the end I felt I had at least to some extent held my own against a legend of ecw, wcw, wwe and tna and that match for me has been a turning point where I no longer feel like a rookie and I now feel I belong in much stronger locker rooms

7) Who would you say is the best wrestler on the RDW roster except yourself?

I think the best wrestler on the RDW roster at the moment is a tie for me between both the heavyweight house of pain Stixx and The Wonderkid Johnny Storm

8) What do you think of the current state of British wrestling?

I think British wrestling at the moment is going through a growth and change period with a lot of young hungry talent myself included who want to bring wrestling to the forefront of British entertainment again while at the same time push the boundaries of and opinions of those who still cling to the World of Sport era

9) What are your goals for 2014?

my main goals for 2014 are to capture and defend the RDW championship which is a title I have coveted for as long as I can remember and just to ply my craft on the largest stages available in the country and possibly overseas

10) Do you have any dates you want to plug and where can the fans find you on social media?

as for dates to mark down January 24th is Grimsby wrestling academy’s first event of what is shaping up to be a packed year at Central Hall in Grimsby all info on GWA and RDW can be found at You can also follow me at

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