Interview : Jonathan Gresham



Jonathan Gresham is one of the last of a dying breed of pure pro-wrestlers. Gresham has competed all over the world from the United States to Japan as well as Asia and all over Europe for companies such as Pro Wrestling Zero-1, wXw & CZW. Gresham really optimizes the word world traveler and i am lucky to have Gresham for an interview today!

1. When did you first think I want to be a wrestler?

I was young, I can’t remember the exact age but ill say somewhere around 8 years old.

2. How was it to appear for ROH on HDNet in the top prospect tournament?

It was a good experience. I learned a lot from that time.

3. How is it working for CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling)?

It was good. I mean it was one of the first places I was able to wrestle a higher level of talent and showcase my skills.

4. You have been announced for PCW and Pro Wrestling Chaos what can the fans expect?

Since the UK saw me last, I have been on several tours around the world testing my skills against some of the best wrestlers the world has to offer. They can expect a high impact and unique style showcase, no matter who I am to face.

5. Who has been your favourite person to work within your career?

There has been many, cannot just pick one name.

6. Who is the best wrestler you have seen in the UK?

Again, there are MANY. Many talented guys in the UK. I actually have had the pleasure of seeing a few of them grow as in ring performers during my time in the UK. The talent pool is so large, so just picking one is almost impossible.

7. How is it work in Japan?

Its different from any other place on earth, that I can say for sure. Its not something that’s easy to explain to be honest. But I do enjoy my time their. Definitely the food, I love the food.

8. My blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival, What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling from the perspective of an American wrestler?

I have said this many times before, I believe British wrestling is and has been on the rise. When the normal American indie fan wouldn’t know much about the British scene say 5 or 10 years ago, I think that’s all about to change big time. Everything is becoming more close when you think about social media and all. I mean its inevitable. A lot of the UK guys will be house hold names to Americans real soon.

9. Would you work for WWE or TNA if given the chance?

Haha, of course.

10. What advice would you give to an up and coming wrestler?

Train hard!

11. Any funny road stories?

Not really, im normally the one sleeping. So I miss all the funny things that happen.

12. Who is the person you most want to work within your career?

Ah, man. These are hard questions. I actually don’t know.

13. Any heroes growing up in Wrestling?

Of course, the likes of Bam bam, Benoit, Mysterio, Hidaka and Ultimo Dragon just to name a few.

14. How is it working in WXW?

It’s awesome. Great company. Great talent and fans. I have learned tons touring with wXw.

15. Any future dates you want to plug?

I will be on tour in the UK/Europe in Jan, Feb and March 2014. If you see my name make sure you come out and support. I will not disappoint.

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