Interview : The Blossom Twins (Hannah and Holly Blossom)


Hannah and Holly Blossom (known as the Blossom Twins) are a tag team from Manchester, England and are currently based in Louisville, Kentucky! Their first match was against Project Ego (Martin Kirby and Kris Travis) one of the top teams in the UK currently! The Blossom Twins started in OVW at the end of 2010 and divided their time between wrestling in the UK and in OVW! The Blossom Twins are most famous for appearing on TNA British Boot Camp along with ‘Party’ Marty Scurll and the eventual winner and the current TNA Chief of Staff Rockstar Spud! Since then they have gone back to the UK then returned to OVW and have been there ever since. They have even appeared on TNA television including Hannah going up against Gail Kim and appearing in a Battle Royal with the likes of Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher at the TNA One Night Only Knockouts Knockdown PPV earlier on this year. At the start of this year Hannah and Holly announced their intentions to take a break from the business and these two ladies are my guests for an interview today!

1. First of all, how did you start out wrestling?

Hannah & Holly: We were 15 going on 16 when we began our training at Furtureshock Wrestling in Manchester. We had been watching WWE since we were 12, researched schools and saved up until we could begin our training.

2. Recently you announced your intention to take a break, what were your reasons?

Hannah & Holly: We have lots of other dreams that we would like to pursue and after both of us getting married last year we wanted some personal time and the time just felt right for us.

3. How was your experience on TNA British Boot Camp and have you kept in contact with Marty and Spud?

Holly: Our experience on British Boot camp was quite simply one of the best experiences ever for us. We loved every minute of it and had a blast. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the opportunities we got through Boot Camp and can’t thank Jeremy Borash and Brian Edwards and the rest of the crew enough.

Hannah: We talk to Marty every now and again. He has been kicking butt on the UK scene since Boot Camp and Spud lives a stone’s throw away from me so we see him all the time. We are super proud of him and love him to pieces.

4. Was it nerve-wracking wrestling in front of Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan at the Impact Zone?

Hannah & Holly: Yes and no. On one hand we really did want to impress them and do a good job but on the other hand we tried not to think about the fact that they were watching and just went out there and did our best.

5. Would you consider coming back to the UK scene after your break?

Hannah & Holly: This year we would like to get back to the UK a lot more as we miss our family terribly. We’re not sure how quickly we would jump back into wrestling though as with being gone so long family time is our top priority.

6. Who were your wrestling idols in childhood?

Hannah & Holly: When we first started watching wrestling we loved Triple H and Stone Cold. Then one day we saw The Hardy Boyz and they just stuck with us and have been our favourites ever since. However, when we got older and started training we very much looked up to The Rockers, Shawn Michaels, The Rock n Roll Express, Trish Stratus, Mickie James and many more. But the Hardyz are still definitely the favourites!

7. Who was your wrestling mentor?

Hannah & Holly: We have been very fortunate to have been taught by so many awesome people, guys like Jim Cornette, Al Snow, Danny Davis, Charming Don Charles, Mike Mondo, the list goes on. But the person we feel who has taught us more that we can imagine and who we feel like we clique with best as far as what and how he teaches is Rip Rogers. Rip is incredible and we love him. We are definitely Rip Rogers girls. Also while in the UK and at OVW we have learnt so much from a lot of the talent and we wouldn’t be the wrestler’s we are today without guys like Chris Silvio, James, Paredyse, Long, Chris Sharpe, Ali Vaez etc. They put us through our paces and really made us step up our game.

8. What was your favourite match in OVW?

Hannah & Holly: We both feel the same with this one. We had a match at one of OVW’s Saturday Night Specials maybe 2 years ago, it was The Blossom Twins and Benny Bray vs Chris Silvio, Lady Jojo and Taryn Shay. The match had been building for a few months and the way the story unfolded on that night was just our favourite thing. We also got to beat up Chris Silvio and that’s always fun! And we can’t forget to mention our recent Ladder match vs Lady Tapa and Taeler Hendrix. That was like a dream come true for us all to show what we could do, those girls are tough but it is definitely a favourite!

9. When you were in TNA, What were your thoughts on the Knockouts division?

Hannah & Holly: Those girls kick butt. They were fun to work with and lovely and we were so grateful that we were able to get the opportunity to work with them.

10. What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment?

Hannah & Holly: We may say it a lot but honestly for two shy girls who had a dream of being wrestlers at the age of 12, we definitely feel that the past 9 years have been one great big accomplishment. We made it happen and feel so incredibly blessed and thankful to everyone who joined the ride and kept it going. From our days at FutureShock to OVW, from Boot camp to Wembley Arena, from A League of Their Own to the Impact zone, we truly loved it all!

11. Do you have a message for your fans and where can the readers find you?

Hannah & Holly: We sincerely thank you for all your love and support, you mean the world to us and we couldn’t possible express our gratitude for all the wonderful tweets and messages we receive on a daily basis, you are awesome! You can find us on twitter @TheBlossomTwins on and please feel free to check out for the latest goings on!

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