Interview : Damian O’Connor


Better known to many as Damo, the stout Irishman is a full time professional wrestler and wrestling coach based in Glasgow.

Damo has travelled the length and breadth of the UK to train under various experienced veterans of wrestling. Most recently O’Connor has spent alot of time with current WWE NXT trainer and British Wrestling Legend Robbie Brookside. Previous to that he has learned under Doug Williams, Prince Fergal Devitt, Johnny Moss and many others.

Damo’s style has evolved as he has gotten bigger; developing from a technician into a brawler. He has spent the last few years marrying the two to make his style as brutal and realistic as he can. 

Whether in singles or tags, you’ll be sure to see O’Connor taking it to anyone, regardless of shape, size or style!

1. First of all please describe yourself?

I’m an Irish wrestler, 6 foot 3″ and 21 stone (294lbs) and very hairy. My “style” puts alot of emphasis on realistic looking offence and holds.

2. When did you first start training and who were you trained by?

I originally started training with SWA in 2004, they brought in the likes of Johnny Moss, Prince Devitt and others to train us, I also attended training camps at NWAUK Hammerlock in Kent.

More recently I’ve been training with British veteran Robbie Brookside. Hes a phenomenal trainer, amazing knowledge, I’ve travelled to Leicester and back in a day just to train with him and I’ve been lucky to train with him for two week long camps also.

3. How does it feel to train the next generation of wrestlers at Source?

Challenging but rewarding. Its been a tough road, but I can safely say I’m proud of my achievements so far with the Source Wrestling School. I’ve had some massive success stories: 4 of my lot have been wrestling in Japan, 1 due to go in April. 5 of mine have had WWE tryouts, 1 of which we believe will take the next step this year.

Thats down to their hard work and their ability to listen.

The likes of Nikki Storm, Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, Grado, Jackie Polo, Viper, Lewis Girvan, Joe Hendry and many more have put the work in and are reaping the rewards now.

4. Any tips for up and coming wrestlers?

Find a good school and don’t settle for something because its close to you or cheap. Save your money and buy the best education you can. You’ll thank yourself in later years.

Get in the gym asap. The right look can take you anywhere in the world. The look along with the ability to wrestle will take you to the top.

5. How is it working in the Scottish Wrestling Alliance?

If you look at the SWA the emphasis is on wrestling. In Britain and Ireland, we have a real history in wrestling. We gave wrestling to the world. With the rise of American wrestling, we lost our own identity. There are still some true practitioners, but in general we hero worship America and the American style. Over the last few years SWA has tried to give rise to the British style. Sure, they have the fancy entranceway and lighting, but in ring its about the wrestling.

6. In your opinion, how is Scottish Wrestling different to what they do in England?

Theres not a huge difference between the two countries, theres some unbelievable talent in England and Scotland, but the lads and ladies coming out of my school have a backround in wrestling first and foremost. They can go anywhere in the world and call themselves a British Wrestler.

They’ve been trained by genuine British veterans like Brookside, Johnny Kidd, Drew McDonald and the legendary Kung Fu and we are bringing former World Champions Johnny Saint and Marty Jones in for them next. A genuine backround in British Wrestling will set them up for life.

7. Who would you say is the future and could make waves very soon?

Joe Hendry and Lewis Girvan. I have alot of faith in these two lads. They’ll have different paths, but I see them both flying the flag for Scotland worldwide

8. Who would you say has been your toughest opponent so far?

Mikey Whiplash. He has a multitude of holds that he can subdue folk even of my size.

9. What are your goals for this year?

I am debuting in alot of companies and countries this year. IPWUK and 4FW in England, RWA in Romania and am in talks with a few other companies in mainland Europe.

A personal goal is to raise my own brand and be a bit more selfish with my focus. I’ve spent the last six years focusing on the Source School, now its time to look after myself a little more.

I’ve put alot of effort in the gym this past year and I don’t intend that to stop. I lift heavier and heavier by the day. Im going to be the biggest wrestler in Europe.

10. Where can the fans find you on social media and do you have any dates to plug?

You can catch up with me at the Damian O’Connor facebook fanpage Or on Twitter @BigBeardDamo

I am wrestling for SWE in Ardler Complex, Dundee, Scotland on Jan 25th and ICW in the Garage, Glasgow, Scotland on Jan 26th. Feb 1st I’m with Target Wrestling in Carlisle, England and Feb 2nd over in Ireland with Pro Wrestling Ulster at the Holiday Inn, Belfast.

I would like to thank SWA for the chance to do this interview with Damian and i hope to do more under the SWA banner!

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