Interview : ‘The Bandit’ BB Blaze


BB Blaze is a professional wrestler who was trained by the Grimsby Wrestling Academy. He is the current GWA champion and has been since the start of December! He calls himself the only real threat on the GWA roster but he can back it up and he is one of the biggest talents in the UK today! He joins me for an interview today which i would like to thank Real Deal Wrestling for the opportunity for!

1. First of all, how would you describe yourself?
As a person I’m really kind of a lone wolf. I don’t tend to keep many friends and focus on what I want, the less friends you have the less likely you are to be stabbed in the back. As for my in ring style goes I’m very unpredictable, I tend to use a targeted mix of technical in your face style with a high impact, hard hitting array of moves in my arsenal.
2. When did you first think I want to be a professional wrestler?
I’ve tried all kinds of sports ranging from football to cricket, even darts. I’ve watched wrestling all my life, first wrestler who captivated me was Jake Roberts, so I thought to myself if I could give it a go then why not. Back in 1999 I went to a show and I got talking to Doug Williams and Danny Royal, and I said to them how do I go about training, so they pointed me in the direction of Stevie Knight. After about a month or so of texting him, he said ok I’ll train you, I owe my start in wrestling to him.
3. How did it feel to win the GWA Championship?
It was one of the best feelings I’ve had in wrestling, just being able to show everyone who said I couldn’t achieve anything in wrestling that they were wrong and just shove in their face’s.
4. You say you’re the only threat on the GWA roster, how do you back it up?
I backed it up when I won the GWA Championship and was voted GWA’s 2013 breakout star, some may say that’s an arrogant statement but that’s just how confident I am in my own ability.
5. Do you think 2014 will be the year when BB Blaze goes up to Real Deal Wrestling?
I have a good feeling about 2014 over the last year I’ve trained hard and a lot of pieces have fallen into place, already I’m the current GWA Champion and pushing for graduation from GWA. So making the permanent RDW roster is edging closer.
6. Who would you say is the best wrestler on the GWA roster currently (except yourself )?
As I can’t name myself I would have to say Tom Weaver and Reese Ryan for two different reasons, Tom Weaver has the ability to hit you from every angle with his highflying ability, while Reese Ryan has the heart of a lion, he just doesn’t know when to quit. I mean you can beat on him all night and he just keeps coming back for more.
7. What goals do you have for this year?
My goals for this year are to graduate from GWA to the RDW roster and prove to everyone BB Blaze is the real deal, but before that I want to make the GWA the most prestigious academy championship in the UK. GWA state that graduates cannot compete or hold the academy champion, with that being said I intend to defend and retain my championship until I become a graduate of GWA then vacate the title as GWA’s first undefeated Champion.
8. Who is the toughest opponent you have faced?
My toughest opponent would have to be Havok. That guy beat the hell out of me. It was that beating that changed me from being known as Blaze to being known as BB Blaze. For those that don’t know BB stand for Bad Boy, the way he didn’t care what he did to me in the ring and what the fans thought of it made me realise I spent too much time caring about what they wanted and not what I wanted.
9. For promoters, give me what sets you apart from other wrestlers for those who want to book you?
As I stated earlier I have unique style in the ring, hard hitting, high impact moves with a technical background and a twisted mind all designed to hurt and incapacitate anyone who steps in the ring with me. If an opponent shows any weakness whether it be physically or mentally I’ll attack and exploit it like a shark.
10. Any dates you want to plug and where can the readers find you and for promoters where can they get booking info?
I am next in action on January 31st at Lincoln Hospital Club and February 21st at Grimsby Central Hall, any promoters wishing to book me they can contact me at
I would like to thank both BB Blaze and the promotion that provided me this interview Real Deal Wrestling
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