Interview : ‘The Iron Fist’ Frankie Fellasarno

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Photo Credit : Tony Knox


1: First of all, what inspired you to get into Wrestling?

My Great Grand Father was a professional British wrestler back in the 50’s, 60’s & Early 70’s and my Grand Father was a wrestler in the 70’s. This was something that i was very proud of, especially as i was addicted to WWF & WCW from a young age. It made me very determined to become a 3rd generation British wrestler & it was something i wanted to do as a child when i was watching Brian Pillman, British Bulldog, Bret Hart, Kerry Von Eric & Mr.Perfect.

2: When did you start training and who were you trained by?

I started training myself when i was 14 in 2006, its not something i would say was credible but it defiantly made it easier for me when i finally did go and train with a company by the name of BAWA. I used to watch Training video’s online and then practice the movements and bumps on a simulated home made ring without the ropes and turnbuckles. I went to train with BAWA in 2009. This was where i learnt my basics and started to get a feel for the ring properly.

3: Tips for any up and coming wrestlers?

The only tip’s i can really give to anyone getting into the wrestling world or wanting to get into the wrestling world would be, 1: Stay committed, train hard and your chance will come. 2: take every bit of criticism on the chin, accept it and just learn from it. 3: stay true to yourself when finding out who you are in the ring and never do anything you haven’t tried or feel comfortable with.

4: What do you have to say to the participants in the Golden Contract Match?

To anyone taking part in the Golden Contract Rumble, i may not be the most technical wrestler or the prettiest when i am in the ring, but i have the biggest heart and i will never give up until i am on my last breath. For the last 12 months i have had the full support of the crowd and they have worked as a tag team partner in some cases, lifting me up and cheering me through tough times, with them behind me i can not see me giving in or losing.

5: How does it feel to wrestle under the NWA banner?

Wrestling under the NWA name defiantly give it a more pressurized feel because i will alway have in the back of my mind that people like Buddy Rogers, Lou thesz, Pat O’Connor, Ric flair, Sting, AJ Styles, Rob Conway ect. have all wrestled under this name. It is most certainly an honor.

6: What can new fans of NWA: New Breed expect from Frankie Fellasarno at Homecoming 2?

New fans coming to the show on February 2nd can expect to see my hard hitting style which i inherited from my Great Grand Father, I am very popular with the fans and I believe that is because i’m not afraid to speak my mind, I wrestle for the fans and not against them Normally when you are a “Face” (Good Guy) in the ring then the fans will expect to see a lot of clean wrestling and I just am not that kind of guy, I will take any opportunity i get within the rules of wrestling and i think the fans appreciate that I don’t pussy foot around the ring, I just get the job done.

7: Who has been your hardest opponent?

My hardest opponent so far has to have been “Loco” Mike Mason in a Hardcore Match. We went at it for 30 long minutes and he hit
me with chairs, steps, key boards, kendo sticks, barbed wire, nailed me with a staple gun & put my head through a table. Even though i went through all that i still wouldn’t tap out or stay down for the pin and eventually the ref stopped the match. It was this match where my “Frankie Doesn’t Quit” persona evolved from. The ref asked me if I wanted to quit and the next thing I knew, nearly 200 people were chanting “Frankie Doesn’t Quit”. I can not take anything away from Mike Mason though, he gave me hell.

8: What goals do you wish to achieve in 2014?

in 2014 there is a few things i want to accomplish. Firstly i want to win the Golden Contract and Successfully cash in my opportunity to become the NWA: New Breed World Champ. Secondly i want to prove to everyone that has seen me wrestle that I can take the next steps and that i am good enough to perform for other companies and in front of other crowds. Finally, as a personal goal, i would like to face off with Noam Dar 1-on-1, we were involved in a 3-on-3 match last year and he schooled me in the ring. I feel iv grown since then & I would like to prove that against him.

9: Where can the fans find you on Social Media?

Anyone who wants to catch up with me can do so on my facebook page or type Frankie Fellasarno into YouTube, there will be a few bits come up.

10: Where can promoters find booking information?

I wanted to use 2013 to build myself up and get some big matches under my belt, i did that against Noam Dar, Grado, Mike Mason, The London Riots, had some rumble run ins with Andy Wild, Darryl Allen & Rubix Roach. I also had the privilege of training with Kid Kash, Davey Boy Smith Jr, Kay Lee Ray, Noam Dar & Andy Wild. Now that i feel i am ready to branch out to other companies, promoters can find me on my by typing Frankie Fellasarno into Facebook & inboxing me. But I shall be getting in touch very soon with some companies myself.

I would like to thank Frankie for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions for me!

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