Interview : Justin ‘The Hammer’ Sysum


1. First of all, How would you describe yourself?

Athletic, Intelligent and determined, with an innate sense of justice. Oh and modest, don’t forget modest.

2. How did you start wrestling and who inspired you?

I started growing my hair and my friend Pete told me I looked like a wrestler, so I went to the Pro Evolution wrestling training hall five minuets from my house to see if I could perform like one too.

I’m always inspired by people who beat the odds to become successful, in wrestling all of the small guys who were told they wouldn’t make it but got to the top.

3. Tips for any up and comers in the business?

Find a good school or schools. I train at three different establishments under trainers from all styles of wrestling. I’m also attend seminars by people who have been to the top in the business. Several hosted by Newbreed in fact.

I want to be an all round balanced wrestler, I came in with the athleticism and physique and now I am learning how to wrestle. Often kids come in knowing everything about wrestling because they sit in front of the TV watching it all the time, if that’s you then please please please get in the gym and make sure you could take on and beat everybody sat in the audience watching.

4. Do you have any words for James Mason who you will be facing at Home Coming 2?

I have been scouting Mason by watching video’s and talking to some of the veterans of the business. It has become apparent that I have a great task ahead of me but he should know this: What I lack in experience and knowledge I more than make up for in determination and physicality.

5. What can fans expect from Justin ‘The Hammer’ Sysum on Sunday and at any event they see you advertised for?

Explosive hard hitting entertainment. I might just surprise a few people with my ground game too.

6. What are your ambitions for this year?

I would like to branch out from the Midlands & South West to wrestle all over the country. Maybe even overseas.

7. Current state of British Wrestling?

If I’m honest I have nothing to compare it to as I’m so new to the business. I know it was massive back when WOS was on TV but it feels like its on the rise with a bit of a buzz now. There are a lot of promotions out there making it hard for the few that are doing a really good job but those few are very good and as entertaining as anything you will see on TV.

8. Best Wrestler in Europe today?

I have only seen a fraction of the wrestlers working in Europe but from who I have seen, Dave Mastiff stands out.

9. Where can fans find you and where can promoters get booking info?

I’m on twitter @HammerSysum, facebook and live at shows so come out and see me in action.

Promoters can email at or send me a message through twitter or facebook.

10. Any dates you want to plug?

Obviously Home Coming 2 This Sunday 2nd Feb at Spiceball Leisure Centre Banbury

Some coming up:

22nd Feb Merchants Academy Sports Centre Bristol

1st March Capital Venue Gloucester

I would like to thank Justin for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions for me!

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