Interview : Taylor Made





1. For those who don’t know you, please describe yourself?

My name is Taylor Made and I been wrestling for 4 years now. I work different gimmicks such as a chav and a guy who loves to go out clubbing.

2. When did you first start training and who were your trained by?

I first started training 4 years ago. Before that I did backyard wrestling with my close friends. Then my cousin told me about TAW then I went to train there and picked everything up really quickly. At same time I started a guy called Nate Nitro stated also and we were at the same level all the time and decided to become a tag team which best decision I could of made. Wouldn’t be what I am today without him and look forward to our upcoming matches for TAW Title.

3. Did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who were you heroes?

When I was young all I mainly remember was The Rock he had everything charisma style. To me he was the man! I stopped watching for a while then watched near mania 24 time again and loved it. Then got into backyard wrestling for a college project my friends was doing and it just went from there.

4. How did it feel to win the TAW title?

To win the title it felt surprising I was not expecting it as I didn’t feel the time was right but now I have it I want to lead by example and behave how a champion should behave by being the first there and last to leave. Not just working a match but helping set up and pack away and doing what’s needed to prepare and pack away for a show. Not only that go to training and work as hard as anyone else. No need to slack because I’m champion.

5. How is it working in Extreme American Wrestling?

I love working with EAW it draws great crowds and I get to work with many different people. 2012 was my best year there with Nate as the Prime Time Crew becoming EAW tag champions and being the tag team off the year and in match of the year!

6. Who do you want to face next on the TAW roster?

On the TAW roster I want to next face Samson but only after I’m done with Nate!! Last year I had a one on one match with Nate both as faces it was never recorded but was probably one of the greatest matches I’ve ever done. So this feud promises to be off the chain!

7. You have two different characters, Taylor Made in TAW and Rude Boy Taylor in EAW do you like having 2 characters and do you think this sets you apart from other wrestlers who just use the 1?

I like having more than one character as I won’t get bored doing the same thing. I can mix it up thus being able to learn a lot more.

8. Current State of British Wrestling?

 British wrestling has some amazing talent and promises to just get better.

9. Where can the readers find you on Social Media?

 I’m on facebook you on this page so you can show the link. I’m PTPTaylorMade on Twitter.


10. What dates do you want to plug?

TAW SHOWS 21st Feb in MK 22nd Feb in Dunstable (vs nate if I’m still champion) EAW First Sunday of every month

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