DVD Review : New Generation Wrestling presents Revelations



Matt Myers vs Sam Wilder

Sam Wilder was booed by the crowd while Matt Myers was the obvious fans favorite and he was heavily chanted and cheered by the Eastmount faithful! From the offset, Myers was outstanding as usual and i have been a huge fan of Myers for a while and i could see even more why i am a huge fan of Myers. Both men showed in the opening contest why they are two of the brightest wrestlers on the British circuit at the moment! It finished with a dirty move while the ref was not looking which allowed Sam Wilder to pick up the victory from Matt Myers!


CJ Banks vs Ryu Kilik

Banks came out to who are ya chants from the crowd while Kilik got a really great reception from the crowd. Kilik really impressed me at the last show and i was sure this was going to be a great contest. Banks really impressed me from the offset and showed why he calls himself the ‘Pound 4 Pound’ best in Britain he showed this with a number of holds and his arrogance in general. CJ Banks had the offence throughout the match but Kilik powered through this to show his talents towards the end of the match getting the victory in the end.

After the match, Luke Ingamells came out and apologized for the end of 5th Anniversary. He then talked about a ringleader who was the GM all that time and called him out and stared him in the face. This man was Richie West who is the anonymous GM of New Generation Wrestling. Rich cut a promo about how he took NGW to the next level by bringing in such people as former TNA knockout Angelina Love and that would have never happened if he wasn’t at the helm! This was a very good promo and showed his frankly amazing promo skills that had not be unleashed until now. He then slapped Luke in the face and walked off!

Stixx vs Zack ‘Diamond’ Gibson

Gibson and Bailey came out to a mixed reaction from the crowd with some of them actually chanting for them! Stixx came out to a huge reaction from the NGW faithful and as G-Man (@gmansempire on Twitter) said the roof is literally coming off the Eastmount Centre and that was the truth. Sam Bailey fell over the ring steps which was met by the fans chanting ‘Steps, Steps, Steps’ no connotation to the 90’s group which allowed Stixx to come out with one of the funniest lines i have heard in Wrestling ‘Why don’t you and Bailey put the titles on the line right now against me and the ring steps’. This went back to the original one-on-one which was advertised. Stixx started off with the initial offence and used his size advantage. After a distraction Gibson started his offence and showed why he is one of the highest rated talents in the UK but that did not last that long as Stixx was dictating the offence but everytime Gibson was in trouble his tag team partner Sam Bailey interfered. Even though Stixx look injured he still came away with a victory via a Scorpion Death Lock.

Sam Bailey vs Colossus Kennedy

Next we had the other half of Team GB Sam Bailey take on Colossus Kennedy. Like Bailey’s tag team counterpart he came out to a mixed reaction and Kennedy came out to a huge reaction from the crowd.  The match started after lots of messing about. Bailey smashed his NGW tag team title belt against Kennedy’s head. He pinned him straight away but Kennedy powered out. They used their usual cheating against Kennedy. Bailey had control of the match at the start but Kennedy came back. This match was a little like the Stixx match in terms of the tactics used by Team GB even though Kennedy has offence, Gibson attacks him. This ultimately gives Bailey the upper hand. Kennedy ended up knocking Gibson out and then dominated Bailey winning with a chokeslam. Stixx then came out and asked Kennedy to partner with him to take on Team GB at Eternal Glory Night Two in which Kennedy accepted.

Caz Crash vs Ricky Halestorm

This match was between The Proven’s Caz Crash vs NGW rookie Ricky Halestorm. I think that Caz Crash will be the future of wrestling and if it is the truth you have heard it here first on The British Wrestling Revival! Crash got the heel reaction as expected and Halestorm the face reaction. Crash got the initial offence against Halestorm. This match in my opinion was a showcase of what the NGW academy can produce. Crash dominated throughout and Halestorm had no offence which was a huge shame and this showed Crash’s dominance in my opinion

Los Amigos vs Mark Haskins and Rampage Brown

Haskins, Brown and West came out to a heel reception which was expected but you cannot deny that Haskins entrance music is sick. Ligero came out of nowhere and tricked Brown and Haskins by performing a dive to both men. It started with Diablo smashing Haskins and Brown to Ligero but with Haskins it soon changed to the other way round. Haskins showed me once again why he is my favorite wrestler from the offset. This match even before the bell rang was crazy and out of control there was even two cameras to catch all of the action. Los Amigos had the initial offence until Haskins used a leg lariat after Diablo was distracted and the the Beast was unleashed Rampage Brown! The Control smashed the living hell out of Dara Diablo and he was much in need of a tag. He finally got to Ligero and Ligero showed his speed against Rampage Brown. Haskins took over and smashed Ligero until he finally came back into the fold. It was back and forth throughout the match until Richie West interjected himself into the match which allowed Ligero to get a quick roll up for the victory. After the match The Proven came out and went for Ligero and Diablo. Kilik and Myers came out to help Ligero and Diablo. They tried to leave but were stopped by Luke Ingomells who revealed that at Eternal Glory Night Two it will be Haskins vs Ligero for the NGW Championship!

Overall 10/10 Every single match on the card was amazing and this was another cracking show from the team at NGW! The production values are amazing and they don’t stop at the quality of the matches the DVD inserts and the properly printed logos on the Discs add to the professionalism of the promotion! I look forward to reviewing Eternal Glory Night One and Two which NGW have kindly provided as well so if your looking for a promotion to get DVD’s for or to see live you should be picking NGW!

Thanks very much for NGW for providing me these DVD’s to review as always and if you want to buy NGW DVD’s please go to ngwuk.com/shop and for a limited time you can get any 3 NGW DVD’s for £20 so you get a DVD free and a saving of ten pounds and you can even pick their three latest releases Revelations and Eternal Glory Night 1 or 2 or even older NGW DVD’s with the likes of Angelina Love, Winter, Alpha Female and Sam Adonis as well as some of the top British wrestlers!

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