Interview : Damian Dunne



1. For those who don’t know you, please describe yourself?

Ha I do a lot of knee related moves and strikes. Nah aswell as that I’m a young wrestler with a quiff and I would like to think a good look.

2. When did you first think I want to become a wrestler?

I just to watch wrestling with my dad as a kid and I was hooked. Kept watching WCW with my brother and then got talking to a lad from school about going to wrestling training.

3. Please tell my readers and in particular the promoters what sets you apart from other wrestlers in the UK today?

I feel I am unique, hard working and I can get a good reaction from the crowd whether cheers or boos. I’m a perfectionist and a professional
4. Any tips for any up and coming wrestlers?

Don’t concern yourself with your name or gear, get proper training, hit the gym and eat well.
5. You are the current Relentless Division champion for Kamikaze Pro, How did it feel to win this title and what do you think this title represents?

It was great to win the title especially against Pete (Dunne) as matches with him always bring the best out in me. The title represents hard hitting, fast paced wrestling for junior heavyweights.
6. Who would you love to face in Kamikaze Pro next?

I would like to wrestle Robbie X again, always a pleasure and a singles with Ligero would be cool. Bringing in Mark Andrews or WIld Boar or any imports always appreciated.
7. You have wrestled for one of my affiliates Pro Wrestling Chaos, how was that experience for you and do you think you will be going back?

I will be back very soon, it’s a great upstart promotion ran by good guys.
8. You are now officially the SWA British Lions Champion, how did it feel to win that and what was your favourite match in the tournament?

It was a good feeling winning it out of the other 3 men in the match. The favourite match I suppose is the one I won it in.
9. What companies in the UK would you love to work for?

Preston City Wrestling, Progress & ICW
10. Dream match for yourself?

Too many to think of but working Devitt or anyone I’ve watched on TV growing up would be ridiculous
11. Best wrestlers in your opinion in the UK today?

Again so many to choose from. I’m biased but Mark Andrews & Pete Dunne are awesome, cj banks is so underrated, Ligero, zack sabre jr, bubblegum etc are top class. Tyler Bate is one to watch in my opinion.
12. You have wrestled for Southside in the past, would you go back?

Without a doubt, great shows and a great roster.
13. Will we be seeing a reunion of the Dunne Brothers any time soon now he is back from America?

It might happen, Pete is making waves singles and teaming with Mark but never say never.
14. Want to tell the readers where they can find you on social media?

Twitter is damodunne87 and Instagram is damo_dunne

15. Any future dates you want to plug?

Great Bear this Saturday 15th, Kamikaze Pro 22nd Feb.

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