Interview : Dynamite Dan


1. First of all, please give a summary of yourself to the readers?

I have been wrestling for close to 10 years, and was trained in the Hart Dungeon. I am based out of Calgary Alberta, and wrestled for many years for Stampede Wrestling in the 2000’s.

2. When did you first think I want to be a wrestler and how did you put that plan into action?

I first thought I wanted to be a wrestler when I saw Stampede Wrestling on TV in 1999-2000 and saw the likes of Davey Boy Smith Jr, Tyson kidd and Teddy Hart. Lucky for me Teddy Hart had a wrestling camp designed for kids, and I started training in late 2001.

3. Your father in law is none other than the Dynamite Kid Tom Billington how does it feel to have such a legend as your father in law and does that explain the name change to Dynamite Dan?

I think its great having Dynamite as a father in law. He is one of the greatest in ring competitors ever, I love asking for his opinions and advice. and yes that is where the name change came from. I am not trying to be him by any means because there is only one Dynamite Kid, but just trying to carry on his legacy as I form my own.

4. How is it working in Canada for you and would you ever wrestle in Japan or America if given the chance?

I quite enjoy working in Canada, there is so much great talent here that no one has seen or heard of. I have wrestled in the USA before and it was a great experience and I would love to go to Japan.

5. What has been your favourite moment so far in Professional Wrestling would you say?

There have been a lot of great moments for me, but most recently it would have to have been winning the RCW Tag Team Titles. It was the day before Bronwyne and I got married, and I got to win the titles with a very good friend of mine, Pete Powers. It was such a great moment for us in the ring afterwards.

6. Have you got any tips for any up and comers who are coming up in the business?

Get proper training!!! I can’t stress this enough, go to a reputable trainer. Other than that, be prepared for a lot of hard work, because it is not easy.

7. You are embarking on your UK tour at the end of February/ Start of March in which you and the Dynamite Doll will be making your UK debut on and in particular you are wrestling for NWA: NBWA are you looking forward to this tour and do you have a message for the fans?

We can’t wait to wrestle in the UK! It will be a great experience for us and I hope the fans will enjoy it as much as we will.

8. Also what can the fans expect from yourself on this UK tour if they haven’t seen you before?

Hopefully they will be impressed with what they see, I don’t plan on disappointing the fans, hopefully leave them wanting more.

9. Where can the readers find you on Social Media?

@Dynamitedan_ on twitter

10. Any dates you want to plug and where can promoters book you?

Hope everyone can make it out on Friday 28th February 2014 and Saturday March 1 while we are in the UK. And for promoters looking to book myself or the Dynamite Doll, they can reach me at

Go and follow him on Twitter at the handle above and if your in the Brackley area get to the NWA: New Breed show on March 1st also including the Dynamite Doll and Davey Boy Smith Jr. This interview is thanks to NWA: New Breed so please go and support them on Twitter : @NWA_NewBreed and Like their Facebook Page :

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