DVD Review : LPW Live in Meanwood


Kira comes out to MC the night of action and starts to hype the crowd up for the show!

The first match of the night was between JD Boom and Dara Diablo. JD Boom came out to a mixed reception from the Meanwood crowd which was a mixture of cheers and boos. Dara Diablo on the other hand came out to a roaring reception from the crowd. I have reviewed Dara’s matches before on other DVD’s and I have nothing but good things to say about him. Diablo got the initial offence in the match and at the start there were some funny spots which warmed the crowd up for the rest of the night which was a good call by the promoter.

In the end a quick roll up after Dara Diablo’s offence for most of the match achieved victory for JD Boom which this win was really badly received by the LPW crowd.

The next match of the evening was between the Metalheads (Axl Lynch and Rex Wylde) who were representing WAW and the Steel City Warriors (Danny Steel and Alex Decanti). The crowd fell silent as the Metalheads came out to the ring with heavy metal music as their entrance music blaring out, The crowd were brought back to life when Danny and Alex came out to the ring. From the offset, The Metalheads first move was to batter them but Danny and Alex came back and impressed the hell out of me. I had never seen either teams before but the Steel City Warriors especially impressed me. This overall was a great contest and showed the talent of both sets of wrestlers in my opinion. The Metalheads did use dirty tactics from the start and to be honest the whole persona of the team from the face paint all the way down to the entrance music showed that they would be playing dirty from the offset. In the end this paid off for the Metalheads and they ended up coming out victorious. They couldn’t celebrate for long though as The Steel City Warriors got some revenge on the Metalheads!

The next match of the night was between The Earl of Excellence Robert Rochester Rose and one of the most craziest men in British Wrestling today and a man who i have previously interviewed Mad Man Manson. RRR came out as the heel which was quite obvious with his arrogance about him. Manson came out with his straight jacket on and the fans really got into and loved his gimmick frankly. Manson waved at everyone just before the match and was his hilarious self. The match started with a bell routine which was pretty funny. Manson i think has never had a proper wrestling match in his life and that is why it is so funny. This was the highlight so far and in my opinion whenever Manson is on the card you are in for a treat. This match left me in stitches and even included a Strictly Come Dancing routine and Manson pretending he was dead a few times! The match ended with a quick roll up from Mad Man Manson and then he nicked the referee’s shirt and then proceeded to draw the raffle which included all of Manson’s usual tomfoolery and all in all this match and the raffle are a must watch!

The next match was a triple threat match between Caz Crash, Nathan Cruz and Kiefer Knowles for Crash’s LPW Cruiserweight championship! The fans absolutely loved Nathan Cruz and were making so much noise for him! Kiefer Knowles was next and he was representing WAW, Knowles was someone who didn’t really get a reaction from the crowd but Caz Crash definitely did and the crowd loved him like with Nathan Cruz so overall you could tell Knowles was the heel! To start off with, Nathan Cruz and Caz Crash started off with Knowles looking on from the ring ropes. Crash and Cruz are two of my favorite wrestlers so i knew this would be good. Knowles finally came in to the ring smashing Nathan Cruz but Caz Crash didn’t fall to him slams. Crash and Cruz double teamed against the big man but when he was out of the ring there was no friendships! The two put on a good wrestling match against each other except seeing Nathan Cruz’s butt crack! Whenever they had finished, Knowles went to pick up the pieces! This was overall a great match and the best match on the card so far in terms of wrestling ability! Caz Crash hit an RKO and retained in the end by pinning Nathan Cruz but after the match Knowles came back and demolished Caz Crash for all he was worth!

The final match was the main event for the evening and it was a Falls Count Anywhere match between ‘The Shooting Star’ Kris Travis and representing WAW Bash! Bash came out with his baseball bat and came out to a mixed reaction from the crowd but obviously he was the heel and Kris Travis came out to a great reception from the crowd and he was obviously the face! Travis as some people may know is one of my favorite wrestlers and is a man i will be seeing face Tommaso Ciampa for the ROH TV title on March 2nd! The match started with Travis punching him in the corner and performing various moves such as an arm drag and a clothesline! Bash dictated the pace outside and for a lot of the time inside but Travis soon came back into the match! This was a great match and even weapons were involved which is really good! Both Men had offence and it showed both men’s talent. This was a great end to a great show! At the end WAW invaded when it looked like Kris Travis would win the match! Bash then cut a promo basically saying to Kris Travis that this would not be the last time you would be seeing him!

Rating 9/10 Amazing event from top to bottom in my opinion! The production values were stand out from the team at iMedia as usual and if you are ever in the Leeds area and think I want to go to some wrestling get yourself to an LPW show you will not regret it!

Their next show is LPW’s Super Saturday Wrestling from T.J’s Woodhouse Street, Leeds LS6 2JH on Saturday 12th April 2014! If you want to buy tickets please contact adambowler1985@hotmail.co.uk or buy tickets from the door for £7 for adults and £5 for children and £20 for a family of four! Already confirmed : Kris Travis vs Bash rematch, The start of the LPW Heavyweight championship tournament with 1 man entered in so far Matt Slater and Triple Threat Match
Saraya Knight Vs Lady Penelope vs. Amy Lee Kramer with lots more to be announced.

If you want to buy a copy of this great DVD contact him using the same email for more information! You won’t regret buying a copy!

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