Interview : ‘The Sicilian Psychopath’ Tommaso Ciampa




1.       For those who don’t know you, please describe yourself?

I am 28 years old – and I am living my dream. It’s pretty fair to say I am a family man first, and pro wrestler second – but insanely dedicated to both parts of my life. 

2.       How did you get involved in Professional Wrestling?

I’ve loved it ever since I can remember – I was in large part a WWF-only fan as a child growing up. I only started watching WCW during the NWO invasion angle. I started my in-ring training as soon as I graduated from high school in 2003 at age 17. And my first live show was January of 2005 after training with Killer Kowalski’s Chaotic Training Center.

3.       You wrestled in WWE for a little bit earlier on in your career including an appearance as Muhammad Hassan’s lawyer how was this experience for yourself?

The lawyer angle was absolutely surreal from start to finish. I got a call that day to head over to the arena for a possible tryout (but at the time had no idea what I was trying out for) – all I knew was that I needed to have a suit on. I arrived to the arena along with a couple of other local independent wrestlers, and we were basically kept in catering until Johnny Ace was available. The food was tremendous! Johnny Ace chose me at complete random based solely on appearance. And the next thing I knew I was being introduced to Stephanie McMahon – who literally took me on a personal tour of the backstage area for nearly an hour. She was to this day one of the nicest people I have ever met. The day was filled with crazy experiences – from the personal tour, to reading a script in Vince’s office in front of him, the writer, and HHH – to doing a live in ring walk through with the Undertaker – it was nuts!!! Still a very cool memory to this day. 

4.       You are currently the ROH TV title holder beating Matt Taven to achieve that title win, how did it feel to win the title from Taven?

Winning the TV Title at Final Battle has been to this day the best moment in my ROH career. And since that moment, I feel that I’ve been on an absolute whirlwind. Every single ROH event has become more and more significant with my goal being to have the most memorable TV Title run in the company’s history. I made it clear from the day I won the Title – I have huge plans with it – and defending it overseas is just the start!

5.       You are coming to my home country of England in March including a first ever TV title defense in England an event I will be attending myself, what are your thoughts on the UK tour and do you have any words for the fans or Kris Travis especially ahead of this event and other events on the Tour?

I watched a promo/interview that Kris Travis conducted – he appeared to me to be a disrespectful, arrogant snot nosed punk. I’ve watched him perform – he is very talented. But his mouth seems to be overcompensating for his in ring abilities. And I can assure you that both Travis and the fans of England have never seen an athlete with my intensity live – they will all be in for a treat.

6.       You of course wrestle in Ring of Honor how would you say this is different to WWE and how has your experience been in Ring of Honor so far?

Ring of Honor is by far the most exciting roster in the world. I truly believe that with all my heart. The best athletes in the sport call ROH their home. And I think it’s fair to say that ROH is far ahead of the pack in “creating stars”! I’ve never been on the road with the WWE so I really can’t compare the two. I only know how my own experience was at OVW’s developmental. You cannot really compare developmental to ROH though. One is a wrestling based company, while the other is an entertainment business. Both are absolutely amazing at what they do.

7.       In 2014, what would you say your goals are in Wrestling and who would you like to face especially?

I want to make this TV Title reign the most memorable in company history. If I could have it my way – 2014 would end with the ROH World Champion Adam Cole taking on the ROH TV Champion Tommaso Ciampa at Final Battle. Aside from ROH, my 2014 goals consist of making the absolute most of Germany and England, continuing to work for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and to continue to work for new and different places both in the US and overseas. I want to travel all over the place and continue to test my craft against the best in the world.

8.       Which wrestler on the ROH roster would you like to take on next with your ROH TV title on the line?

I seem to be tied into Taven, Lethal, and Young for the time being – so my first goal is to put an end to this feud. As soon as you become a champion in any sport, you instantly have a target on your back. I am sure every guy in that locker would love to be the next TV Champion. I’m happy to prove myself against any and all challengers. As far as guys in ROH that I would love to meet in the ring – Kyle O’Reilly, Steen, Hero, and AJ come to mind.

9.       Finally, where can the fans and promoters find you?

I have a Facebook page –

I’m on Twitter – @projectciampa

And my email for promoters is –

10.   Have you got any dates you would like to plug?

The next two months are crazy busy – ROH has our Anniversary show this weekend in Philly on Feb 21st. Then I’m in England and Germany from Feb 28th until March 17th – capping off the trip with the WXW Carat Cup. Then when I return home I have a busy weekend in MA 3/21 for Chaotic Wrestling for their biggest show of the year – 3/22 for ROH in Dayton – and 3/23 for Beyond Wrestling in Providence, RI – plus so much more! Oh, and of course I’m excited to head to New Orleans the first weekend of April for two incredible ROH shows

Thanks very much to Tommaso for agreeing to take part in this interview and i would like to thank him for getting the questions back as soon as he did thanks for being so professional!

If you want to view the promo done by Kris Travis ahead of his match with Ciampa (which i will be live at) you can go to this link:

If you could please follow Tommaso using the links above and if promoters are reading this and want to book Tommaso please use the email above!

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