Interview : ‘The Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins




1. First of all, please tell the readers a little summary about yourself?

I started Wrestling training ten years ago when I was 15. I had my first pro show when I was 18 and since then have competed for every major company in Europe since 2006, plus I’ve been fortunate enough to compete abroad for TV and PPV in Japan and America for Dragon Gate and TNA respectively.

2. When did you first think I want to be a wrestler, who were you trained by and what was your experience training like?

I pretty much knew from the moment I started watching Wrestling at nine years old that that was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. When I turned 15 I looked around for the best possible training I could acquire and found the FWA Academy in Portsmouth who had a track record of turning out ridiculously talented guys. Training was hard, it hurt a lot but I loved every moment of it.

3. You wrestled in TNA for the majority of 2011 and 2012, how was this experience for you and would you go back if given the offer?

It was a great time. I got to surround myself with a variety of highly talented people and learnt a lot from it. I love Wrestling, regardless of where that may be, and depending on the circumstances of course I’d love to go back.

4. You have also wrestled over in Japan throughout the last few years, what were your first thoughts when you went over there and how has the Japanese style help you adapt your own wrestling style even more?

It’s taught me a lot. It gave me experience that I wouldn’t have expected and I feel has dramatically changed my outlook on Wrestling. It was also great to learn about their culture, being in a foreign land for 20+ weeks where the language isn’t even remotely similar really challenges you on a personal level too.

5. You have been announced (as of the time of me sending the questions) to be facing Zack Sabre Jr and Lion Kid with a Mystery Partner at the Wrestling Store presents Live Wrestling shows, What do you think of these announcements and have you got any words for your opponents?

Any time I get to step in to the ring with some one as passionate and talented as Zack is a great day. I love being in the ring with guys who will push you, I think it makes great for competition and chemistry. Zack, in my opinion, is one of the best in Europe right now. No doubt it’ll be an epic encounter. As for Lion Kid, well on a personal level I can’t stand him but on a professional level he’s a premier high flyer. This one is personal and no doubt will be heated.

6. Yourself and Robbie X have been announced to be taking on the Predators on March 2nd at Battle of the Egos 4, Do you have a message for your opponents after they had a message for you?

I heard what they had to say and I understand that it’s hard to come to terms with a loss such as losing a title you’ve held for so long. However they seem to underestimate who they’re stepping in to the ring with. Robbie X may be a small guy but he has a whole lot of heart. As for myself, I’m not just some guy you can just turn up and beat. I’m an elite performer and many guy’s on their best day don’t have what it takes to beat me. Think again if you think this will be easy, or even possible.

7. You lost your NGW title at the hands of El Ligero at Eternal Glory, are you going to be after this again in 2014 as you still have your rematch?

The NGW management have a bizarre mindset and have made it abundantly clear that while they gave Ligero three shots at the title when I held it, they’re going to give me none now he holds it even though I dominated the division for the past year. I have no idea what they’re trying to achieve but apparently some one who comes up short constantly like El Ligero is a better suited champion than some one who constantly delivers in a big match environment like myself.

8. If the readers see you on a card or a poster for a show, what would they expect if they attended?

You can expect the very best. I don’t have nights where I take it easy, I just have one gear and that’s “Go”.

9. You are part of Screw Indy Wrestling with Nathan Cruz, in 2013 you made your first statement of intent, do you think you have achieved your goal so far?

Our goal was to inspire good in others. For people to realise that this is a profession and not some kind of hobby. We wanted to encourage others to act more professionally and to realise that this is a business and not a playground. Many have changed and taken this game more seriously, but I doubt that everyone will share the same views.

10. Are there any promotions that you want to make your debut for in 2014, if so which ones and why?

Gee, off the top of my head I’m not sure. I’ve been really lucky to compete for every major company here in Europe for the past few years. I love Wrestling, regardless of what name is on the banner outside.

11. Do you have a message for the readers and where can they find you on Social Media as well as where can promoters book ‘The Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins?

Sure, thanks for your continued support and if you want to follow me, you can find more info about me over at Twitter – @Mark_Haskins and You can also find me on Youtube on ChannelHaskins Safe!

Please follow Mark on the links above to support the best damn wrestler in the country today in my opinion and find out where he is at your neck of the woods next!

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