Interview : Mister Monster


Q-1 First of all, please describe yourself?

A- I am the UK’s only official ‘Horrorpunk Wrestler’. Horrorpunk is a style of music and a lifestyle that encompasses the love of everything horror and horror music. I am a ‘Superhuman Monster Show’ that will stop at nothing also I have a huge love for everything hardcore…a style I call ‘Horrorcore’…my own brand of hardcore.

Q-2 When did you first think I want to be a wrestler and who were you trained by?

A- I was a 10 year old Monster and it was 1987. I was round Uncle Monsters house who had this thing called “Sky television”, I had seen an advert for Wrestlemania 3 with Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant. I asked if I could stay over on 29th of March and watch it live. Whilst watching it I saw Randy Macho-Man Savage vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. In that match I fell in love with wrestling and wanted to be a wrestler. I found a wrestling school and was trained by the late, great Norman Baish, where I wrestled from the ages of 11-15 and then about 16 years later returned to wrestling and trained at EAW. But never once in that 16 year gap did I ever stop watching or loving wrestling.

Q-3 For readers who may have not heard of you please tell them what UK Wrestling’s astro zombie means?

A- The term “Astro Zombie” comes from the 1968 movie “Astro-Zombies”. It is also the name of one of my favourite Misfits songs. I think it describes the sort of wrestler I am…I’m an ‘Astro Zombie from Outer Space’……not like any other zombie or wrestler!

Q-4 How is it working in Extreme American Wrestling?

A- I love working for EAW. Nick Ashberry gave me the chance to unleash the Monster within and we haven’t look back. I remember saying to him when I told him about my Monster concept…”I will change EAW forever! Your ECW and I’m your Sabu”, I never thought EVER that the EAW crowd would truly except this crazy Monster. However they did! They are opinionated, caring, loving, crazy, loyal, loud fans and that’s why I love them! We have a great roster with some fantastic talent and some of them I now call amazing friends.

Q-5 I heard on an interview with Rob Maltman a while back that your hero was Sabu, you wrestled against him and with him in a team, how was that experience and how did it feel to wrestle with one of your idols?

A- Wrestling Sabu was the most an unreal experience I have ever had. Sabu is my wrestling hero! There is no other wrestler out there that can say their wrestling idol doesn’t have anything to do with the wrestler they are now. Being face to face in the ring with someone you have watched on tv and only dreamed of being is an amazing thing.

Q-6 You recently lost your EAW title to the ‘Dragon’ Kyle Masters, will you be trying to regain this title in 2014?

A- Yes I did lose my EAW title to Kyle Masters in a cage match even though The Revolution cheated by catching me before my feet touched the floor letting Masters win. The problem with getting my title back is that I have 5 people in The Revolution I have to deal with. So I guess I’m just going to have to take them out one by one till I get back what is rightfully mine…..The EAW Heavyweight Championship.

Q-7 You put yourself through physical pain with your hardcore aspect, do you like doing this to yourself and what would you say has been your worst injury from Wrestling?

A- Yes I do enjoy doing this to myself. I love anything and everything about it. Any true hardcore wrestler would understand. If you didn’t like it then you wouldn’t do that to yourself. There is something about sitting in the laboratory coming up with ideas that have not been done before or monsterfied versions of ones that have.

Q-8 Who would you like to wrestle next on the EAW roster?

A- I would say Andy Reign. Out of The Revolution he is the only member I have not faced and beaten…YET! Me vs Andy Reign in a…mmmmmmmm let me think….A Monsters Brawl Match which is an EAW version of a fans bring weapons match. Dan Darkstar has to be my ultimate foe, we have had well over 30 matches in every sort of style and gimmick there is. Lol! I know and EAW fans know that if monster steps in the ring with Darkstar something is going to happen!

Q-9 Who would you say is the best wrestler in Europe today?

A- There is a lot of amazing talent coming out of Europe and breaking though to the big leagues especially with wrestling being as big as its ever been so it would be hard to name just one.

Q-10 Where can fans find you and promoters book you also have you got any dates and matches you want to plug?

A- I would like to plug EAW in general. We have lots of dates this year so please check our website for details or check out my youtube page amazingmistermonster or my facebook page mister monster uk wrestlings astro zombie. I would also like to say about the comic and graphic novel I will be staring in wrote by Mario Covone and going to print Winter 2014. It is called “Imperfect World”, its going be a really great book! A tale about wrestlers vs zombies! So keep an eye out on my pages for updates!

Thanks to Monster for agreeing to do this interview and If you would go and view Monster’s links including EAW a great promotion that is home to Mister Monster as well as a top crop of British stars such as Max Angelus, The Predators, Battle Squad Awesome and LJ Heron just to name a few as well as viewing his YouTube and Facebook which are the places to find out what he is doing next inc. more info on the comic book that would be great!

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