Interview : ‘The Dynamite Doll’ Bronwyne Billington


1. First of all, please describe yourself to all the readers?

Answer: I am the eldest daughter of Tom Billington, A.K.A The Dynamite Kid. I was born and raised in Calgary Canada. I am also related to the Hart family and grew up very close to them and the wrestling business.

I am 29 years old and just recently got married. My husband Dan has been wrestling for ten years and trained in the Hart Dungeon.

2. When did you first decide I want to be involved in the Professional Wrestling industry?

Answer: I first to decided to get involved in wrestling when a new promotion in Calgary was having a huge show at the Victoria Pavillion. This is where Stampede wrestling was ran in its hay day. My Dad wrestled there, my uncle Bret, Jim the Anvil, Davey boy Smith, Chris Benoit, Brian Pillman and the list goes on and on.

The promoter asked if I’d like to walk Dan,(mu now husband,) to the ring in honour of my Dad and I of course said yes!

3. As some people may know your father is the legend who is ‘The Dynamite Kid’ Tom Billington, how does it feel to have somebody so big in the industry as your father and do you think that helps you in the business having a legend like that as your father?

Answer: I am very proud of my Dad and where I come from. My Dad is like my pride and joy. I think it does help me having my Dad as my Dad in the wrestling business. People have so much respect for him they automatically cheer for us

4. Speaking of your father, how was it growing up were you backstage at a lot of shows and did you really know about your father’s fame back then?

Answer: I was always backstage at house shows in Calgary! I have pictures of me at the age of 3 with Macho Man and Elizabeth. They were my favourites, they adored me. I was so young then, I didn’t realize how much fame I was surrounded by. Looking back now, its pretty crazy!

5. Your husband is Dynamite Dan and you valet for him and his tag team partner Pete Powers, how does it feel to come out to the ring and support your husband in matches?

Answer: Its amazing! I love being by my husbands side! In life and in the ring we are always supportive of one another and side by side.

6. What would you say are your long term goals for 2014 and beyond in Professional Wrestling as a manager/valet?

Answer: My goals are to travel a bit. Just take whatever opportunities come our way, working for different promotions.Which we are already succeeding in by doing our first UK shows!

7. You are over here in the UK for NWA : NBWA in March, What are your thoughts on this upcoming tour and what can the fans expect from yourself and your husband Dynamite Dan?

Answer: We are so excited for our upcoming shows in the UK! This will be by far the highlight of our wrestling careers this far. The fans can expect a solid match from my husband Dynamite Dan and hopefully enjoy what we do as a Duo! 8. Who is the one person minus Dynamite Dan past or present would you love to manager or valet for?

Answer: Lets say if it were possible, my Dad of course! I’d love to walk Matilda to the ring with me

9. Where can the readers find yourself on Social Media please if you could give them links?

Answer: My twitter is @dynamitedoll84 and I have a Facebook fan page /TheDynamiteDoll84

10. Finally is there any dates you would like to plug?

Answer: Just the upcoming Uk shows you already mentioned. We are first in Wakefield for Uk wrestling on Feb 28th. Then the next night in Banbury, March 1st for New Breed Wrestling.

Hope to see you all there!

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Also if your in the Brackley area get to the NWA: New Breed show on March 1st also including the Dynamite Doll and Davey Boy Smith Jr. This interview is thanks to NWA: New Breed so please go and support them on Twitter : @NWA_NewBreed and Like their Facebook Page :

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