DVD Review : NGW Eternal Glory Night 1


On the main screen you have Ryu Kilik and what looks like an entrance set up in a way to an NGW show!

Compared to the other releases you do not get the entrances you get 2 separate videos together which don’t have the music and then a moving graphic with the two competitors on it which I think is a super cool idea and really brings NGW to the next level!

First of all we have Noam Dar vs El Ligero which ironically will be shown on the new BWC: British Wrestling Round Up so it must be good! As usual the entrance ramp and production values were frankly stunning! We have G-Man and British Wrestling legend Alex Shane on commentary which is a nice touch! Of course the fans were on Ligero’s side which is usual in any promotion and especially in NGW where they are behind him 100%! The match started with Noam mocking Ligero with the flag on his shoulders and doing horn actions, Noam Dar got the initial collar and elbow tie up taking Ligero to the ground! Dar then kicked Ligero in the midsection and then used a cheap shot on Ligero! Ligero then got back into the match after Dar’s initial offence! I have to say having Alex Shane on commentary adds so much knowledge (no offence to Geach) to the commentary table and really tells the story of the two competitors in the ring! Dar dropkicked Ligero on the knee and from there Ligero came back only for Dar to start dictating the offence once again including smashing Ligero’s private area into the ring post. Throughout this match and in most of Dar’s matches he focuses on the knees of Ligero! After dropkicking Dar out of the ring, Ligero came back into this match that until now had been dictated by Noam Dar. Ligero won in the end by hitting the C4L on Noam Dar! Great opening contest in my opinion that is worthy of a main event status!

The next match was between ‘Big Bad’ Dave Mastiff and ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams! Mastiff had the strength advantage and that showed at the start of the match as whenever Doug went for a move Mastiff smashed him on the canvas! This match wasn’t just a normal match this was a masterclass and this couldn’t really be done by two other men than Williams and Mastiff! Even though Williams had some offence, Mastiff’s size and strength advantage really showed and really dictated this match! Williams always has something in the tank though and executed the Bomb Scare on Mastiff to beat Mastiff!

Liam Slater (Liam Lazarus in Tidal) then came out with Dan James  cut a promo about the last show and about not making his debut at that show because of the Proven. He goes onto to say he was seriously thinking is this what i want to do and he says it is and that he goes to NGW Training in Hull every week to improve himself! Liam and Dan then call out the Proven and West, Haskins, Brown, Wilder and Crash came out and Rich goes onto to basically say “Who the hell do you think you are making matches this is everything that is wrong with NGW and you are the reason The Control are at war and are taking NGW down” Haskins goes onto say “Many want to step up and challenge the most dominant force in NGW today, Ligero and Diablo run away with their tails firmly under their legs and you two have the nerve to challenge us we should go down now to beat the p*ss out of you now but that isn’t fair so it will be Wilder and Crash vs you two right now!”

Dan James started of by giving his best shot vs Sam Wilder to start off with showing his amazing talent and what the NGW academy can produce! Liam Slater then came into the ring off the tag with a double foot stomp to Sam Wilder! There was then a tag to Caz Crash, running in he was hit by a hip toss tag team move by James and Slater and then an arm drag by Slater! Wilder and Crash then regrouped and had a talk with the other members of the Control which psyched Slater and James up! The Control then came onto the apron to attack Slater and James and Colossus Kennedy came out to help out Slater and James. Rich then cut a promo on the microphone with the summary being later in the night it will be Wilder, Crash and Brown vs Kennedy, James and Slater.

The next match was a fatal 4 way between Ryu Kilik, Dara Diablo, Kris Travis and CJ Banks. Kilik started off with the offence against Banks even though it was very mixed and both men had the same amount of offence. Kris Travis then came in with 2 hurricaneranas to Kilik and Diablo then came in and showed his skills vs both Travis and then Banks. Throughout this portion of the match it was fast paced hard hitting action! The 4 men in this match really showed what the UK can offer in terms of a tornado Fatal 4 Way! Kris Travis won in the end with a tiger bomb only just scraping a 3!

The next match was between The Control vs Dan James, Liam Slater and Colossus Kennedy.

I was really looking forward to this after the events earlier in the night. Kennedy started against Sam Wilder. Wilder tried to get Kennedy off his feet but he failed the same happened with Caz Crash while when Rampage Brown came in he attacked Kennedy but Kennedy came straight back into the contest. Slater and James both came in at different times and they both held their own against Brown. The referee was distracted and James was fed to the other members of the Control. The Control initiated quick tags which meant more pain was dished out to Dan James. Slater came in like a house on fire attacking everyone in his path. Brown though was not amused and took Slater out and Kennedy came in to help Slater out and attacked Brown.  Kennedy hit a double chokeslam on Wilder and Crash but The only member of the Control that could take on Kennedy was in fact Rampage Brown and he beat Kennedy with a Samoan Drop meaning it was a win for the Control!

The next match was between Team GB and the thrown together team of fan favourites Matt Myers and the funniest man in Wrestling Mad Man Manson. It started with Manson and Bailey and Myers made the match more comical as Myers ended up bringing in an inflatable crayon into the match which was swiftly put away by the referee to the delight of Team GB. Manson always puts me into stitches and he showed this again in this match, He was put together with a personal favourite of mine now and one of the most underrated guys in the country today Matt Myers and both men really made the most of it with Manson’s comical stuff as well as Myers high flying style. You can never count out Team GB as they are two of the best male wrestlers in the country and they do show time and time again in NGW that they are on the top of the throne for a reason. This match had it all including a 3 way nipple tweak as well as the referee rolling up Manson and Manson superkicking everyone it is worth a watch I will tell you that! The match ended with victory to Team GB after interference from Manson.

The final match of the night was between ‘The Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins and ‘The Heavyweight House of Pain’ Stixx and it was for the NGW championship. I think these two men are two of the best in Europe and I have seen this match for a different promotion so I know how good these two are in a match with each other. Haskins gets the initial offence after the distraction but Stixx is such a beast and is like Mastiff in terms of strength. He always comes back and when ever Haskins is arrogant and cocky towards Stixx he comes back even harder and stronger. Of course you were always going to get interferences from the Control even in a match of this calibre. It started with Richie West rattling the ropes to distract Stixx on the top ropes and after a while the Control got involved as expected while the referee was distracted but Stixx came back with a black hole slam but Stixx accidently speared the referee meaning the Proven could come in again and help Haskins by smashing a vulnerable Stixx but he wasn’t vulnerable for long as Kilik and Myers came in to help and even the odds in the match. Rampage Brown was called to finish Stixx off but Ligero, Haskins opponent on Night 2 performed a Cariba on Brown. West got involved in Stixx’s pin fail and Stixx was not happy which prompted him to try and knocked West out providing the distraction and Haskins got Stixx with a low blow to retain the title

Rating 9.5/10 – Amazing DVD as usual from NGW, The great storyline continues and I cannot wait for Night 2 as this gives me a lot to look forward to. The production values were top notch as usual and they have really out done themselves.

Thanks as usual for New Generation Wrestling UK for supplying me the DVD’s for me to review and if you could please go and support them by buying their DVD’s and attending their shows all details at ngwuk.com

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