Interview : Havok


1: First of all, how would you describe yourself?

Dangerous, savage and much, much smarter than you.

2: When did you first start out and what made you start?

I first started training eight years ago. It was purely by accident. I saw a sign for the RDW training school and thought to myself, “Im a big bloke, I can do that”. I started training and made my debut six months later.

3: You have wrestled former WWE superstar Nunzio, how was that experience?

Wrestling Nunzio was a hell of a test. I have never been hit as hard by someone so much smaller than myself! I learnt a great deal from that encounter, primarily that I was more than capable of performing at that level.

4: Do you have any words for Spyda ahead of your Steel Cage Showdown in March?

Spyda has been on a massive streak this year but his mistake was challenging me to a cage match. I thrive in an environment where I can to whatever I wish and while he is a talented wrestler; this will be a fight. Spyda and his fans don’t fully realise what I am willing to do to retain my belt and if I have to seriously hurt another human being to achieve this; then so be it.

5: How will it feel to wrestle on the same show as Barreta and Ciampa?

I have wrestled on many shows with internationally recognised talent such as Barreta and Ciampa. The extra publicity they bring to the event will allow more people to see just how talented the home grown stars really are.

6: You appeared on Big Brother, how was that experience for yourself?

Big Brother was a crash course in becoming media savvy and working for television. Eight million viewers and stories in several national newspapers didnt hurt my profile either!

7: Who would you say is the best wrestler on the RDW roster except yourself?

The RDW roster is one of the strongest that I have ever been a part of and I am proud to represent them as the Heavyweight Champion. The tag division is extremely strong and the former tag team champions, The Hooligans are particularly impressive, even if they are a bit distasteful.

8: You have had quite a few accomplishments in your career, how does it feel to be that accomplished in RDW and other promotions?

My ego is stable enough that I do not feel the need to list my many accomplishments. The next milestone is always the greatest.

9: What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling

British wrestling is at the same time both the best and worst in the world. Public awareness and comparable production could reignite the fire and could create a product that could stand head to head with anything else in the world. I just hope that when that happens my career is still as strong as it is now.

10: Any dates you want to plug, where can the fans find you on social media and if promoters want to book you where can they find booking info?

I can be contacted directly on my Havok facebook page or booked through either RDW or GWA. I can also be contacted on

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