DVD Review : NGW Eternal Glory Night 2


We start the DVD off with a singles match between Noam Dar and ‘The Shooting Star’ Kris Travis. It promises to be a huge match between two of the best in Europe today. Dar grabs the microphone and goes outside the ring he holds the microphone up to a man who was sitting on the front row and before the man could say anything. Dar said “Bla Bla Bla Look at me I’m fat and I’m sitting front row at a wrestling show’ which is typical Noam Dar and he has done it at shows that I have been to that he has been on.

He then kidnaps the cameraman before coming back to the ring with a camera taking selfies. Finally Dar gets in the ring and goes to the top rope to shake his hair. Travis does the same mocking Dar which provides Dar the window to smash Travis off the top rope in which he did. The offence from Dar doesn’t last long though as Travis gives a beating to the Scot. Dar comes back though working the leg in between other moves and even acting dirty by putting the gum he was chewing into Kris Travis’s mouth. Both men really went for the win but Kris Travis got the surprise win even though Noam had the most offence of the two men.

These two men should be working for NGW more in my opinion as they bring something great to watch in this undercard or even an amazing main event if they are in the main event.

The next match was between ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams and Rampage Brown. This match was between two men who are in my opinion two of the best in the UK in the past ten years. It is a little weird though as Williams has faced two rather large men two nights in a row but whoever Doug works with and he always proves this time and time again whether large or small he can have a great match.

Richie West gave Doug a proposal to join the Control in which Doug declined. Williams decimated Brown while Brown gave Doug everything he had. In quite a few of Brown’s matches I have seen he always seems to be laidback and accept the beating at the start which makes him even more fired up and this was another example in this match. Brown basically gave a statement of intent in this match by allowing Doug to not really do as much as he would have liked to have done. In the end Brown won with his trademark Samoan Drop which showed once again his dominance at the top of NGW. Throughout the match, Brown wanted to prove why he is a wrecking machine and why he is one of the NGW champions alongside Mark Haskins while Doug showed what he can do with his years of experience in this match.

The next match was between Team GB (Zack ‘Diamond’ Gibson’ and Sam Bailey) vs Britain’s Biggest Tag Team (Colossus Kennedy and Stixx).

In this match, BBTT dominated, this was because of their size and power compared to Team GB and if they were the same size I think it would have been a more even contest! Throughout the match you could sniff that this was the changeover match for the NGW tag belts. In the end, Colossus and Stixx prevailed ending Team GB’s year and a half reign at the top of the NGW tag division and bringing a new team into the fold that I think will be hard to beat for the belts on future NGW shows and they could hold the belts for longer than Team GB did!

The next match was between ‘Amazing’ Matt Myers teaming with newcomer to NGW Ryu Kilik who were taking on The Proven (Sam Wilder and Caz Crash).

This match was a little bit of a backlash from the previous night when Myers and Kilik helped out Stixx and the Proven were involved with beating up Stixx originally. Myers like I have said previously has become one of my favourite wrestlers and in my opinion he is so under rated it is unreal. Starting off with Myers was so fast paced and showed once again those why he is underrated. Kilik also showed his skill and how fast paced he is with both technical skills as well as the lucha skills which are inevitable when you wear a mask.

But the Proven are so brutal and once again they show what the NGW academy can produce and they show a lot of promise as a tag team together and maybe in future they could take on Stixx and Colossus for the NGW tag team titles.

Myers and Kilik got the win in the end vs The Proven in a great match with all men showing promise and what they can do in the ring when given the stage.

The next match was between the ‘Pound 4 Pound Best Wrestler in the UK’ CJ Banks taking on       Dara Diablo.

This match showed how powerful CJ Banks is frankly with a lot of hard hitting chain moves he makes it hard for an opponent to show what they can do because he dominates but this wasn’t the case as Dara was fast paced and showed once again he is a great high flyer but a brawler in his own right. Even though Diablo normally teams with Ligero most of the time, after this match hopefully Dara gets more time as a singles competitor. In the end Diablo got the win with an amazing Death Valley Driver.

Banks is becoming more of a fixture on the roster over the past few shows, I hope he stays around as he is a great addition to the already amazing NGW roster and he showed this with that great one-on-one match with Dara Diablo.

The Main event was between ‘The Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins and ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero in a Street Fight. It started and it quickly spilt out of control, The Control used the Street Fight rules to their advantage by beating down Ligero until Myers, Kilik and Diablo came down to perform the save. This went out to the balcony where Haskins went up and Ligero followed which was followed by Ligero falling 20 feet to the floor. This match also included all the standard street fight items such as chairs and tables and they were used a few times in this Street Fight to reiterate the fact it is a Street Fight and not just a one-on-one. The referee was knocked out allowing Haskins to retain but Luke Ingamells restarted the match after revealing the referee wasn’t sanctioned to officiate this match.

Ligero went on to defeat Haskins with a C4L to become the new NGW champion. The crowd went wild for the fan favourite!

Overall verdict : I have to say both nights were amazing but this night was a little bit better! The production values of this promotion once again cannot be beaten and this weekender showed this! Their roster is full of amazing talent and shows like this utilise this talent to the limit!

Rating 10/10

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