Interview : Lana Austin



1. First of all, how did you get involved in Wrestling?

Grew up watching wrestling from an early age, my brother found a school to train at (GPW) i went along with him onetime and loved it

2. You were trained by GPW, how was this experience for yourself?

Were? You mean are? yes i train at GPW ive been their for 2 years and really enjoy it and learn so much 3. You wrestle quite a lot for Britannia Wrestling Promotions including recently a match with Violet Vendetta, what were your initial thoughts on BWP and how do you think your match went with Violet Vendetta?

BWP is the promotion i started my wrestling career at, i started with Valet work to see what its like to be infront of a crowd and to learn more before i get in the ring to wrestle. The match with Violet felt like it went really well, hope i get to kick her arse some more

4. This weekend just gone you wrestled for the 2nd time for Tidal Wrestling against Kay Lee Ray, Violet O’Hara and Pollyanna and from what I hear it was a great match, what were your thoughts on the match itself and how did the crowd react to the match?

I love being part of Tidal wrestling, i love the atmosphere from the crowd, and the chance to get to work with different people. The match i felt went really well, really enjoyed it.

5. At the start of March you will be making your debut for two of the top promotions in the country Southside Wrestling Entertainment and LCW Roses, what are your thoughts on the promotions what can the people who are attending expect from Lana Austin?

yes i am very excited for both these promotions I am happy to be part of LCW roses as its my first all women’s show, so it gonna be nice to experience that. Southside is just gonna be crazy as i will be part of a big match T-bone vs Chris masters so im very nervous but also very grateful to the promotion for letting me be part of their show

6. What has been your best match to date in your opinion?

One of my favourite matches is the 4 way from tidal, but i wouldnt pick a best as ive enjoyed every match and always learning something new

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of women’s wrestling at the moment (both British and American)?

i think its good to see that their are many amazing girls who go out their and amaze the crowd, theirs girls pushing themselves in training both British and american

8. What are your ambitions for 2014 would you say?

Just to keep pushing myself, listening to advise, keep training (wrestling training and fitness training) and to just keep improving 9. Where can the readers find you on Social Media and where can promoters book yourself? I have a wrestling page called Lana Austin on facebook and a twitter account @leeannaustin1

10. Have you got any dates or anything else you want to plug?

Got some awesome debuts coming soon, cant say where at the moment so keep a look out

If you would view Lana’s Twitter that would be great as you will be supporting one of the best up and coming female wrestlers in the UK today! I cannot wait to see what part she plays at Southside on Sunday as well!

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