DVD Review : SLAM! Jam Madeley Mayhem



First of all, We get the title screen which is Eddy Woods with the Slam belt next to the options to the first disc of the DVD.

First match was between the Tri-Country champion Charles Kelsey who was the obvious heel and Layton Cole the face in this contest. The championship was on the line in this one. To start off, Cole dropkicked Kelsey, Kelsey fled from the ring. When he returned he got the initial offence which showed what he could do with his size but this was soon cancelled out by Layton Cole who came back with some impressive arm-drags in which he followed up with a few more impressive moves but this didn’t count out Kelsey as he came back fighting. From here it was mostly Kelsey’s match and even though Cole did come back a few more times even bringing a young lad to beat Kelsey up, Cole then botched a move which was his downfall and Kelsey used this to his advantage to pick up the victory and retain the Tri-Country championship..

We then get a quick promo from Layton Cole after the match basically saying you may have won this time but later on tonight i have another chance to beat you for that belt and i will beat you.

The next match was between Matt Burns and Scott Skyler. Burns came out to a heel reaction from the crowd while Skyler got the face reaction and you knew who the fans liked. Burns started off with the upper hand on Skyler using his size to his advantage. For this portion of the match, Skyler couldn’t get a look in and was absolutely decimated by Burns and even if he tried to get Burns off his feet he couldn’t do it, In the end Skyler did get Burns off his feet and slammed him which made the difference and gave Skyler the victory over Burns.

We then get a promo from Eddy Woods, a really charismatic guy who talks about his 200 day title reign at the top of SLAM and that who ever SLAM have put in front of him couldn’t beat him.

Our next match is between Eddy Woods and El Sombre. You can view this match right now on YouTube thanks to Twin Peak Films (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRo87uvaw8Q). Woods came across to me as a heel character in his promo and he got that reaction from the crowd. Woods then cut another promo about the crowd being ugly. Sombre came out to a good reception from the crowd which i expected. Woods smashed Sombre off the rope to start the match. Woods had the offence from the start and really impressed me in general. Sombre came back into the match and showed some high-flying brilliance but this did not last long as Woods came back into the match and dominated once more. Sombre did have a few spots where he did come back into the match taking over proceedings but Woods overall was too good winning with an RKO when El Sombre dived from the top rope.

The semi main event was a tag team match between Corey Johnson teaming with Adam Idol taking on the team of Jason Maverick and Drew Adams. Johnson and Idol were the heels and especially Johnson who was so charismatic for his entrance. Maverick and Adams acted as faces in this contest. Idol and Maverick were the men that started the match off. Maverick got the offence to start with and this didn’t change when he tagged Adams. Johnson and Idol said to the crowd “If you don’t shut up, were going home”. This was genius and allowed them to perform a sneak attack on their opponents. Maverick and Adams weren’t fazed by the sneak attack and came straight back but Johnson and Idol came back fighting and demolished their opponents to within an inch of their lives, I really liked the combination of Johnson and Idol especially Johnson who was charismatic but could still work. Johnson and Idol put Maverick into a masterclass of pain and misery and would not let him tag no matter what. After pressing for the tag, Maverick finally got it and brought in a really fired up Drew Adams who in the end got the victory.

We then got a promo from Charles Kelsey who was not happy about defending his title twice in one night.

The main event was a 4-man ladder match between Charles Kelsey (the Tri-Country champion) vs Eddy Woods (SLAM champion) vs El Sombre vs Layton Cole. Kelsey and Woods were heels in the match with the latter being the faces. It was fast paced from the start as everyone was trying to gain the title. We didn’t get any ladder action until a quarter of the way through when Layton Cole kicked them to make it hit both men. It was both challengers that stood out the most to me and they dominated the champions. Kelsey and Woods hardly had a look in and it was basically the mentality that the challengers were fresher than the champions. Unlike the other matches you couldn’t pick a clear competitor that had the most offence. In the end though Sombre did get the title but there was no referee there which allowed Kelsey to retain when the referee came out.

Rating 9/10 – Really really good DVD, great action and great production values from Twin Peak Films. I went into it only knowing one of the men in the matches and i came out knowing every single one and i would happily see any of them live in a match or on a DVD again HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Thanks to SLAM and Twin Peak Films for supplying this to me and you can get your own copy for the bargain price of £10 and £1.50 shipping from http://twinpeakfilms.co.uk/ and then clicking shop!

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