Interview – ‘The American Psycho’ Lance Hoyt

1. First of all, Please give the readers who may not have heard of yourself a quick summary of you and your career?

I’m a 14year performer that’s had the opp to work for some of the biggest Co’s in the World. From TNA to WWE and Currently with New Japan Pro Wrestling!

2. How did you start in Wrestling and who were you trained by?
I started in Austin, Texas and was trained by a guy named Solo Fitala.

3. You have wrestled in WWE and TNA, for both could you summarise your experiences with those promotions and is the door still open for you to return?

It was an Honor to wrestle for both promotions. Being apart of TNAs Early days was Exciting. And getting the chance to Wrestle at Wrestlemania was Awesome! In this biz you never know when that door may open back up!

4. Currently you wrestle in NJPW as part of the Killer Elite Squad with Davey Boy Smith Jr. in Japan, how did the team come about and what would you say sets you apart from other tag teams in Japan?

Well. I had been with NJPW for about a year. Doing good things. But no real direction. DBS was brought into the company. We were paired. We both wanted to Succeed. So we did everything we could to make KES successful. We are different because we are a Next Gen throwback to Tag Teams! LOD esque but with a Speed, Ability and Viciousness ppl haven’t seen before!

5. Would you say your next goal is to win your titles back from Gallows and Anderson and do you have a message for these two men?

As a Tag Team. Our goal is to win EVERY title. To be recognized as one of the greatest teams in history. G&G better be ready. Because now. KES is Angry and More Dangerous than ever!!!

6. What were your first thoughts of Japan when you went there for the first time?

My First Time was back I. 2007 with a small promotion. I was Scared but Super Excited at the same time. Since my time then and especially my time with NJPW. I consider Japan a second Home. I love Working and just being in Japan.

7. Would you be open to coming to the UK in 2014 as the K.E.S or on your own?

Absolutely. We would love to show the UK Wrestling fans the Awesome Brutality that KES can Deliver!

8. Have you got any tips for any aspiring wrestlers?

Find a good School! Work on every aspect to improve! Ability, Body, Charisma, Gear, everything at all times. You can’t advance if you don’t grow!

9. What would you say is your favourite match and why?

Man. I’ve had so many. One of my Favs was in TNA. Working w Abyss. Sacrifice 05. There was a Moment. Right before I hit the Van Terminator. That I watched the Whole audience stand to their feet in anticipation. Then once I hit it. The Reaction was Ridiculous!

10. If you could wrestle one person dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I’d Wrestle Sting. He was the reason I became a fan and then got into the biz! Would be an Awesome Honor!
11.Finally, have you got a message for your fans and where can they find you on social media as well as where can promoters book yourself?

Just want to Say THANK YOU to all the fans. They are the Life Blood of the Wrestling Biz. With out them. It dies. But I have a request for the fans. Stop being so Negative. Find something and Someone you like. Focus on that. Help the business continue and Grow Stronger! You guys can check be out on Twitter @lancehoyt. FB under Lance Hoyt or Instagram at lhoyt77.

Thank you and Watch out for THE American Psycho!

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