Interview – Joey Ozbourne




1) First of all, please give the readers a little background about yourself?

I’m Joey Ozbourne, I’m originally from Telford, in Shropshire, but now live in Norwich, Norfolk. I’ve been wrestling for 6 years in May, predominantly in the last two years for WAW, SWA, LDN, EDW and AllStar wrestling.

2) When did you first start wrestling and who were you trained by?

I first started training in October 2007. I was trained at Future Championship Wrestling in Dudley, by Kevin O’Neil and Lee Massey (Marc Hogan/Heavy Metal Mass). I made my debut on 25th May 2008 at an FCW show in a loosing effort to Saul Adams, the FCW champion at the time.

3) Any advice for any up and coming talent?

Keep your head down and remain humble, at some point you’ll have a “breakout” year. Some wrestlers get an ego and think they’re the best thing since sliced bread, when in actual fact, they’re the pits. Shake hands with everyone in the locker room, even if you don’t like them, if they don’t wanna shake your hand then stuff them, they’re just unprofessional and jealous. Always be respectful to the people who came before you, never steal another persons signature move without asking first if they’re using it on the show.

4) Who were you heroes growing up in Wrestling?

Hero growing up was probably The Rock. My move set, let alone attire has reflected him more than once…ahem…

5) What is your favourite promotion to work for in the UK currently?

I don’t have a favourite, I like all the regular companies i work for, for different reasons. Be it crowd interaction, the guys on the roster, even the journeys and who I’m on them with. Each companies different, but each companies a hell of a lot of fun.

6) At the last SWA show, Lord Graham Thomas came out and interfered in the title match I believe and you last the title as a consequence, Do you think you will be facing Joey Sanchez in a rematch anytime soon and do you think there was a reason for LGT to interfere?

He’s had issues with me dating back to the start of SWA. We had an altercation on Feb 8th of this year, which still resolved nothing, so on April 5th, we’re having another match. Hopefully this’ll be the final time i have to get back in the ring with this muppet. I’ll be watching Joey Sanchez vs Doug Williams at SWA Inception 3 on April 5th with a lot of interest. I’d love to beat Doug for the SWA Championship, but there’d be no sweeter revenge than taking the SWA Championship off of the man who took it from me in the first place, Joey Sanchez. I’m back to being a fan favourite in SWA now, but I’m more than willing to bring back a dark streak if it means walking away with gold, regardless of whether or not the fans like it.

7) You are the number 1 contender for the WAW title, do you have any words for Marco and how do you think it will feel to win the title from him?

Again, Marco Marinelli is another guy who can’t keep his trap shut or nose out of my business, he’s had the WAW British Light Heavyweight Championship for just over two years now. He doesn’t know who he’s messing with and what measure I’m actually willing to go for to win the Light Heavyweight Championship. For me to win that championship would be a major accomplishment, greats such as Jimmy Ocean have held this championship. To have my name in the history books next to the greats of yesterday, carrying the belt into the future, would be a major honour.

8) What do you think of the current state of British wrestling and do you think that 2014 will be the year British Wrestling will finally get a TV deal?

I think British Wrestling is as strong as it’s ever been since the Golden Age. I’m pretty confident that at some point this year, we’ll finally see a weekly slot devoted to British Wrestling.

9) How is it working in EDW, LDN and SWA and what sets them 3 promotions apart from other promotions in the UK?

You’ll have to refer back to question 5 for the answer to this one!

10) For promoters and fans, what sets you apart from other wrestlers for potential bookers and fans that see you on a card?

First and foremost, i look like a wrestler, from my physical make up, to my attire. I don’t look like someone who walked in off the street and brought a pair of shorts and kick pads from highspots. I’m a versatile wrestlers, I can work anyone from a cruiserweight to a heavyweight and still have a good match. I can go anywhere on the card and do the proper match. I’m told that I’m one of the best for opening a show, because I can treat the match like it’s a main event, but still do enough to allow others to follow the road i’ve paved for the rest of the show. The rest? That’s for a booker to book me for and a fan to come and see.

11) What are your goals for 2014?

I’d like to further my career, go abroad and hopefully get on the radar of a certain american company.

12) Would you ever work abroad and what promotions would you want to work for if you went abroad?

Partly answered above, I’d like to work for as many as possible. it’s all about experience, right?

13) Who has been your toughest opponent so far?

Roy and Zak Knight. Two of the very best, if not the best in this country.

14) Any dates you want to plug?

See question 15

15) Where can the fans find you on Social Media?

Twitter @TheJoeyOzbourne Facebook: (for dates)

If you go and view Joey’s social media links above that would be great as it would be supporting one of the best up and comers in the UK today and somebody who in my opinion is a one to watch this year in the UK!

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