Interview : Matt Jarrett (Promoter of Superstars of Wrestling UK)

jushin kojima devitt

1.       To start off with, please could you give the readers a quick summary of Superstars of Wrestling?

Superstars Of Wrestling started in 2007 after being a professional wrestler myself since 1995, I have been running shows at GL1 Gloucester Leisure Centre ever since always using top talent like Danny Collins , Robbie Brookside , Doug Williams , PN News , Johnny Saint and Skull Murphy.

2.       Why did you want to become a promoter and how has your experience been as a promoter so far?

I’ve always wanted too run shows as for experience when you have guys that have been in the Business over 30 plus years it is very easy too learn and make contacts all over the world.

3.       Could you give the readers a rundown of what the card is for the event on March 29th and who will be appearing on March 29th?

Jushin Thunder Liger v Roy Knight , Rampage Brown vs Satoshi Kojima , Prince Devitt v Luke Hawx and Davey Boy Smith Jr v Ecki Eckstein plus many more top uk names Like Frankie Sloan, Danny Collins , Phil Powers and Marty Scrull plus many more on the show

4.       How does it feel to bring the wrestlers your bringing in such as Jushin Liger and Prince Devitt for this event?

It feels great i first saw Jushin Thunder Liger when i was 10 years old at Cheltenham Town he was on with Rollerball Rocco.I think myself Liger is in the top five Junior Heavyweights in the world.

5.       What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling?

There are now too many Promoters running not very good shows and also there are well too many so called wrestling school’s not run by professional wrestlers, Tho the Business is looking again much stronger.

6.       How do you think you can top Jushin Liger and after this event do you think that this year will be the year of Superstars of Wrestling?

Well i am already in talks with NJPW about SuperClash 2 and also with the WWE threw Robbie Brookside so you might see a bigger Clash next time.

7.       Have you got a message for the fans who are thinking of coming or coming to the show on March 29th?

Yes this will be a great show and you will enjoy this show at GL1 Gloucester Leisure Centre on Saturday March 29th.

8.       What sets your promotion apart from other promotions in the UK today ?

I only use Professional Wrestler who do wrestling for a living also again i get alot of help of Danny Collins when it comes too booking shows

9.       You are a wrestler yourself and you have wrestled ‘The Canadian Rebel’ Starbuck most recently, is it hard doing both jobs as the promoter and a wrestler and how was that experience wrestling Starbuck?

Starbuck is a very good wrestler , That was very hard day as i hurt my neck in that bout tho i will be bringing Starbuck back too uk this year sometime for sure.

10.   Could you please plug your links on Social Media, where the readers can book tickets and any other information you haven’t mentioned about the show ?

Yes please follow me on Twitter @SOFWRESTLING also you can follow Superstars Of Wrestling Uk on Facebook,
Tickets for SuperClash on 29th Ringside £25:00 , Second Row £20:00 , Adults £15:00 , Kids £10:00 , Family Ticket £45:00 Box Office Number 0845 643 4203,Also there will be a meet and great at GL1 on 29th between 2pm and 4pm which is £10:00 per ticket.

If you could go and support them that would be great as the show on March 29th looks amazing! This could be your last time to see Jushin Liger in the UK and the rest of the talent whether they are British like Marty Scurll or international talent such as Luke Hawx are worth the trip just for them alone!
If you want tickets use the number above and i hope as many of you that are reading this can go and support them!

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Also as always please go and follow the people like Superstars of Wrestling who keep this blog going by using the dropdown menu under Our Affiliates and supporting them!


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